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 Post subject: What a long living Lineage II server looks like in 2021?
PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:37 am 

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Hey all! I've been reading through the forum and there's heaps of great information and opinions here and I would love to get your input on a project I've been working with my team for a while.

As a Lineage II player and ex admin in some known servers, I'm now trying to understand what a long-living server looks like nowadays. I've played most of my life in low/mid rate servers custom and no custom, so I want to build something unique and long-living.

In my research, I see that there's a huge opportunity for the right server to shine, a lot of players are trying to find a good server similar to the ones that we had in the past (like low rate dex or mid rate honor games/revolution for example).

But seems like the servers nowadays are missing the point, or they are too easy and you play one month in an Interlude and you have nothing else to do, or they are too hard and don't bring anything new, so the players don't get the engagement (actually some of the very hard ones are actually the best because you can play for at least one year)

And there's also the admins who are not putting much effort into maintaining something for the long term with balanced play/donation.

If you sum all those points you have hungry players trying to find a good server and admins trying to create servers but no one is happy. (And I think I don't even need to talk about the official lineage, they've messed up the whole thing)

What I need help with is how can we have a low to mid rate server that is engaging and keeps the roots of the game as a priority. This is what I have in mind so far:

Version: Interlude


    - XP: 12x
    - SP: 12x
    - Adena: 12x
    - Drop: 3x
    - Spoil: 8x
    - Quest: 1x
    - Quests: 3rd job (partial, some items will be sold), sub-class (partial), nobless (almost full)
    - Boss: 1x

The economics of the game

One of the big issues I see is that people missed the point when they changed the game economics, lineage 2 until Interlude was built entirely around farming/crafting and group play, and when items can be acquired via different methods (buying for cheap prices from npcs or donation) Adena become worthless as well as Dwarfs and you end up losing 60% of the game's content.

On the idea we have, Adena and crafting will be the center of the game, even if new items are added they will follow the retail logic and will be only acquired via crafting or raid bosses. So spiritshots/soulshots and all items via craft. Probably there will be some items for the low grades until B to make it easier to craft (still to be defined, would like to hear what you think)

    - Mana potion
    - NPC buffer with 1HR buffs (what do people think?)
    - In my opinion it removes the barrier for individuals to get started and level up by themselves until reaching a level where they need help to craft items to get stronger and doesn't impact the game in a negative way
    - No Global GKs
    - Global GKs change the mechanics and economics of the game as people tend to not move between towns and it focuses the commerces only in giran which impacts competition and selling/buying opportunities
    - Quests
    - 1st and 2nd classes for free via npc
    - 3rd partial - some items will be sold by adena
    - subclass - partial
    - nobless - almost full
    - Custom Armors and Accessories
    - I believe that in order for the server to be alive for 2 years + new content will be necessary and it should be possible to add new items without unbalancing the game if we follow the retail logic
    - Add dynasty with custom stats after 6 months? Craftable via recipes and dwarfs?
    - New hunting grounds as people will get stronger and will be bored of the same places?
    - Is adding tattoos or any accessory with custom stats too much?
    - A lot of servers have tattoos or custom accessories and they are quite unique and fun when balanced


Let's be honest, I'm a 31 years software engineer and we know that in 2021 infrastructure is cheap so we don't need a lot of money to maintain a server online and there are proven ways to get money without unbalancing the game like League of Legends and Dota do with accessories/ skins for example.

Donations should focus on the uniqueness of accessories and things that don't disrupt the game, maybe premium accounts to help people who don't have much time to level up faster but items and scrolls should never be sold.

That's more or less what I have in mind folks! would love to hear your opinion

Last question: Do you think it's still worth it? To invest time and money?

- My answer: Yes, a lot of other mmorpgs older than lineage such as tibia have tons of loyal players and Lineage 2 has as well, it's just what happened with the evolution of the official game that made us lose the point.

Thank you very much!

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 Post subject: Re: What a long living Lineage II server looks like in 2021?
PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:30 pm 

Joined: Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:58 pm
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Just depends what you want - NPC buffer makes live buffers pretty unpopular, everyone plays solo until endgame, etc. But it brings in lots of casuals and makes it much easier to get started.

You need new content, especially at a 12x, people will reach endgame and get bored pretty quickly. I think the idea of just upgrading through chronicles is great, it also helps change up the meta a bit over time. The more you make custom, the harder it is to balance and keep the trust of the playerbase.

I don't play a lot of midrate, so a bit hard for me to suggest too much. I think the server you describe would just be too fast, people will hit endgame in weeks, in full A grade, so you're just waiting on epics/sieges to trigger fights but not a lot else to do. Maybe that's enough and keeps people interested? Someone that understands midrate more would have to answer.

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 Post subject: Re: What a long living Lineage II server looks like in 2021?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2021 8:38 pm 

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A midrate should drop all non epic RBs imho really.
No more easy xp and flying up in lvls only to cry later it was so easy.

I haven't seen a server with a decent drop calc in a while.
If that would work properly I'd set drop/spoil to x12 and exp/sp/adena x8

A server more or less like intended with crafting instead of buying.
NPC buffer could maybe only have basic buffs or lower skill lvl than char buffers.

One can dream... :D

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 Post subject: Re: What a long living Lineage II server looks like in 2021?
PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:37 am 

Joined: Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:33 am
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As a Lineage II player and ex admin in some known servers, I'm now trying to understand what a long-living server looks like nowadays. Stomp that "LIKE" button on this video to keep the series rolling! Find new 2021 L2 servers to play Buffer Custom, Nevits, Treasure Lineage 2 private servers (l2 top)! Get ready for the biggest adventure of your life! Long-term project! L2Gold is an open-source private server, Don't miss opening of new L2 servers today! Here are the highest-quality projects. Servers with star icon "Premium server" have long advertising campaign.

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