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 Post subject: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 12:30 pm 
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Hi all people of Lineage2.

Firstly this is for Admin- I am new and I hope I didnt break any rules by posting this topic.(Iv read rules)
If yes, please cotact me I will move it. Just dont ban me or something. Thanks.

What is this about???:

Let me start with history. Approx. 10 years back my friend draged me in world of Lineage 2.
We play on server with many friends almost two years and then server went down for good.
Thousands of work and gameplay LOST 4 GOOD! (8 chars, all 76+)

Than I stop with Lineage 2 and play other games. (ESO, Black Desert, Kabood, Blade and Soul, GW2 etc.) BUT to be honest, those games looks perfect but economy, items, and hard grind is not comparable to Lineage 2.

Lineage 2 has one of best working crafting system, economy sysem, class system, etc. what I know.
I say to myself....OK I am curious if today (after almost 10 years pause) is Lineage 2 still played.

Also I need to say, that if you look on Lineage 2 is OBVIOUS that this game was created for slow progress, grinding and make long way to succes. Thats why I never liked HIGH Rates servers. Its only about PvP bcs. you have almost all in hours! But then what? 75% of fun is out.
The real FUN is makking progress to TOP, meet new friends on the way, and be absoluttly happy for some nice drop or something :)

I searched for some good qaulity servers, ofc. I firstly tryed Official but I quit after 2 days.
(dont wanna say bad things about official here, but if you try it, you know what I am talking about)

Then I meet L2 clasic.EU-was looking good-but client didnt work for some reason.

After this I meet L2Remastered. (Russian server) This is only one which worked for me, I play there even now when I write this. (making Shots :D ) Also this server was been one of the closest to good old Lineage as I know.

PLEASE IAM NOT PRO in Lineage 2 so dont throw rocks on me, I dont know all about chronickles etc. I am just normal guy which is FAN of Lineage 2.


L2Remastered is good server (in the limits) but I feel there little bit its done fot profit. So I am scared if profit of owner goes down, he can closed it off. Thats what make me sad, bcs. I like to pay for good game or donate, but I want the owner of server be 80% FAN of L2 and 20% reason is profit.

Thats my point. Read bellow please!!!!

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 1:04 pm 
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IF comunity of LINEAGE 2 is still alive, and if you like to have perfect server and stop running and searching or be scared that server goes down one day, IAM here to make it done. But I need to cooperate with U all. And we need to make it done together. (for more read bellow content)

So I got IDEA. I am OLD SCHOOL Player and playing games almost from my 6 years. Today I play games almost 28 years.
In the past I did web sites for some of our clans in different games like WOT, ED etc.


I contacted company which is abble to perfectly setup and start of Lineage 2 server with everything on demand. But it will cost some USD, I can spare some money, but I am unnable to run whole server only from my pocket.

I know that everybady have little bit different idea on PERFECT server, so maybe you dont like all, but this is my look on great server:

1. Rates from 2x to max 4x. (to be honest my best play was on 3x rate all, exp,drop,spoil etc.)

2.Based on clasic Interlude (with added good stuff from some other chronickles, but ONLY good stuff)

3. INSURANCE od LONG GOING PROJECT - No wipes, and U can be sure server will run!
(noone want spend half year exp by exp of a character and than loose it by server down pernament)

4. Server with proffesional Maintnance, special Events for players, GM which helping not destroying the game.

5. Server on great machine with great connectivity. (no lags, stucks, freezing, failed connection etc.)

(I understand owner always need some cash for run a server, but I think income from se visuals upgrades like hats, cloacks, etc. should be enough)
Players CANT buy ANYTHING what makes their progress fast.
In the BASICS- EVERYONE (paying player or not) must go same way and make his char by old school famring and exping.


8.PLAYERS should choose what they want implement in the game and what nor. (bcs. players enjoing the game, and they ussualy know what is good and what is only crap)

9. Tight cooperation between owner, GMs and players on server look, funcionality etc.
(similar to EVE ONLINE where devs often discuss with players what they like to, what is good, what is bad etc)

10. English as MAIN language (not Russian or China) with support of other Languages.

Owner of server should pay for server run 3 years in future and show the payment bill to comunity.
So players can be sure that server will run at least 3 years and owner should add every year proof of next pay.
FOR EXAMPLE: If I start server today I will show player bill that server is pay to year 2023, next year I will show next bill that server is payed until 2024...and continuing like this.
SO....if owner decide to close server, ALL players can be sure they still can enjoy 3 years of playing before server goes down.

12. Owner of server SHOUDNT run server ONLY FOR PROFIT. (half of L2 servers today are created only for profit od owner, that all) If profit stop, server stop too.
THATS NOT POSSIBLE. Server should run by FAN of LINEAGE 2 and his MAIN REASON should be to create perfect and stable server for comunity. (with little bit of income as I mentioned above, for server running)
BUT even if NO players buy nothing....server should run.

Guys I can continue but I think you get my point. All what I want is great, FAIR, not PAY TO WIN server with GREAT comunity of old school Lineage 2 players and ofc. all new ppl. to L2 is welcomed too. And I want BE 100% sure if I put hundreds of hours to play, that there will be NO WIPE, NO SERVER SHUTDOWN. Thats all.

I have some contacts and I can arrange perfect connectivity (several GB/s down, and Up).
Also I can arrange good server Machines to run it properly.
But I AM NOT programator and I cant arrange launch and complete setup and maintenance of server by myself. Thats where I must pay Company to do it.

IF comunity of LINEAGE 2 is still alive, and if you like to have perfect server and stop running and searching or be scared that server goes down one day, IAM here to make it done. But I need to cooperate with U all. And we need to make it done together.
Cost for server is ONE TIME only, cash for monthly maintenance is much lower around 200 USD and I can cover this by myself.

SO if U guys want we can arrange it somewhow. And make all what is mentioned ABOVE DONE!!!
I CAN Guarantee to you that there is no reason 4 me to profit on L2 in any way, I got family, house, kids, pool and everything I need.
(well I did one server on my own pc, but its not much fun when U are only alone there, but my own server worked, done it by myself, with all neccesary functions etc.)

Let me know if someone is interested and we can discuss it here or via email, or discord, or phone etc.

I wish all the best to all FANS of LINEAGE 2 Server.

With My Kindest Reagrds, Cortez.

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 4:04 pm 
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Also I want add:

1. Sorry for some mistakes. (eglish is not my native)

2. About cash system in L2.
I believe that all players EXTREMLY like to make original appeareance and look of their chars.
(well we dont want all look same in MJ or Talum :D ) Almost Everyone like to have some cool cloak, or hat, etc.
Thats my point...these mainly visual upgrade shoud be able to get in two ways:
-Buying from shop
-or normally crafting like other items.
DONATIONS ON SERVER ONLY ON FREE WILL. Player should choose if he like to contribute or not.
If he want just play and archieve anything by fair grind, it should be possible!
But contribution NOT give player any advantage in anything above other player.


4. Max. possible clients running on one PC- 2, 3 or 4. (players should decide this in forum vote)

5. Anti Cheat guard - YES, Anti spam guard- YES, Anti DDOS atack - YES, WEB and GAME ACC Security on High LEVEL-YES,

6. ALL PLAYERS MUST DO TRANSFERS (class change quests)(NO BUY, NO EASY WAY) You are good enough to make transfer or play other game. :)



My goal is create most friendly server for many types of players.
-Wanna play only DD and go in party. Why not?
-Wanna play as buffer. (why not? Thanks to limited clients on 2x,3xor 4x times, buffer should find out some place also for healers)
-Wanna enjoy economy? Making shots? Crafting? Spoiling YES,YES,YES. Thats not problem.
-All Raid boss possble.
-All castles, sieges, quests etc. possible!
-Working clan management, party looking window, new modern layout of L2 panels and functions! YES,YES,YES-
-Balanced system for chars? (so not only nukers win as in old L2, etc.) YES! Every class on high level can be dangerous. (ok bishop or PP maybe not that much as others for example but still... :D )
-Did you ask yourself, did some players buy some progress? Or they buy some weapons etc. for real money? NO,NO,NO Everybody must earn it! (or buy it for adenas in marketplace from other player)
-Absolutly NOT purchase of transfers, nobless etc. All must be done in old way :)
-Offline Trade tickets - Yes

Thats only some of points of my IDEA on server (cant remember all here, but my list of great stuff on great server is long :)

At the END------
My point is that if you look for servers there is ALWAYS SOME BUT:
-server is live but its HEAVY pay to WIn
-server is live but not much people playing there (server owner dont do enough to lure players, or there is something bad)
-server is live but high rate
-serves is slow, lagging, freezing
-server is often down
-GM or owner providing benefits to friend or players with biggest donations
-server looks good but there is no Insurance of long time running. (server can went down anytime, like it happen on many L2 servers)
-server is done only for profit of owner
-server have bugs, bad client etc.
-server is only couple days old and already have some 80+ chars? What the hell?
(noone can chief this in matter of days by fair playing, GM or donations must be involved)
-server is good but most players are CN or Russia (Nothing againts Russia or China pople, they are great, but its difficult to speak. English is one of the most common languages, thats why)


OK GUYS if someone is interested to play fair, stable, LOOONG Going project, with everything what you know from GOOD OLD L2 clasic, HERE I AM. WE JUST NEED TO MAKE IT DONE.
AND ITS POSSIBLE!!! (also I think price is not so much big)

Contact me if you interested in some way of cooperation.

As I say- one time pay for complete server start and setting everything up, will be between 1500-3000 USD. (I can cover part of it but not all)
Monthly maintenance aroud 200 USD- I can cover it by myself.

Even If I can run server by myself, I am curious if there is olso others big fans of L2 which like to cooperate.

We dont have to be dependant on companies income and stuff like that.

I dont know if someone will be interested on this topic. But this is my reaction, on facts about today most servers.

Personally I think L2 community is GREAT! (so why not servers :D )

May good spirit be with you, cao :D

With Regards...Cortez.

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 5:41 pm 
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Next to add:

Also I did noticed there is still actually many of L2 servers out there.
I am currently not sure if there is ANY low rate server which is done for gamers with insurance of stability and not maked to make profit, but maked for players to enjoy it mainly.

I was little bit surprised when I find out, that many small companies or people making even many servers just to make it profit for living.... Thats Terrible.

I am aware of company which runs several L2 servers, ONLY FOR MONEY. But they telling players they doing servers for them...its long going server...everything perfect etc....often its just crap.

(if there is any reeeeealy solid servers with all I mentioned above, then sorry, this is only Scenario of people which making L2 servers for living and income.

1. Company or single person make look on market and try to find out GAP. (which is currently maked by not happy L2 players which looking for good,stable servers-I saw tons of topics on forums etc. and talk with people on some other servers)

2. They make server with HUGE ADV. Like....NEW GREAT STABLE SERVER FOR ALL, BEST SERVER EVER! etc.etc. They do BIG promo on web and internet to lure unstatisfied players.

3.They Launch server and often ONLY watching INCOME IN USD by purchases of players in GM shop etc.

4.Server running good, but after some time there is too many OVERtunned characters mainly baised on purchases. (If you buy VIP ACC with bonus exp, spoil, drops etc. All items making Exp. better, than you purchase some equip. You can level up pretty quickly even on low rate. (depending how much USD U spend) -also many servers have optin to buy transfer instead of make it.

5.Those USDtunned player thanks to all what they buy, and all improvement, which is not accesible to player withut money. Ussually starts lead all on server. (own castles, doing best raids, killing noobs or not so high level players just for fun.

6.After some time, many players realize that...they can play for YEARS and still will not have such a good stuff as people which buy it and done everything almost in days! (GM SHOP,WEB INTERFACE SHOP) - not matter

7.Logicaly- not paying players stop play and go elsewhere after some time, when they realize that server is almost or complete PAY TO WIN.

8.BUT ... THEN OVER TUNNED players realize, that its not much funny to play on server where is only active ussualy about 100 or 200 most DONATING people online. And around 100 or 200 not donating people online, whichones do not understand whats happening on server. And its also not much fun to play PvP etc. (its much easier kill normal player, than player which is OVERBoosted by stuff from GM SHOP, VIP ACC, Have best OVERENCHANTED Equip what is possible etc.)

9. Than server starts go slowly down. (sometimes its matter of weeks, months, some stay stable 1-4 years) Ussually it depends how much greedy is owner of server.

10. After this. OWNER of server realize hi make small money on the server, bcs. there is mainly most tunned characters and biggest donators have already what the want. (equip, VIP acces, cloacs, accesories etc.) So there is not reason for those players pus another money in the game.

11. After this point OWNER of server say ussually something like...OK PLAYERS MANY THANKS for Playing etc. but we currently cant run this server anymore and its shutdown in month or two.
(I remember case when one mid server shut down all player just in one day!!! NO warning! No explain nothing. .... One day you play your L2 character and another day is server down pernamently.
(but true reason is that income of owner starts go rapidly down)
Bcs. They dont make erver for FUN or FOR PEOPLE, they do server ONLY AND ONLY FOR INCOME.

12. After they close server, they ussualy start preparing BIG NEW PROJECT to make this whole round again and again have solid income from another opened server. (Scenario is the same, Big PROMO- PAY- AND After income goes down, we close server and open another and again and again...)

ACOORDING to my Search is 49 from 50 servers done ONLY for income.
(practically they dont care about game itself, they only care about GM SHOP, new items, and developing new stuff to make players buy new stuff, and again ....raise the income.)

I believe in tactic GAMERS 4 GAMERS. And this is only about business, there is nothing like gamers4gamers.

My Experience from one of the last server I tryed. Activity was been good. (obviously by GM shop etc. again....server mainly for players with many USD in pocket) but ok.
After some play I decided to find out why server lagging so much.
After my search I discovered that OWNER making monthly SOLID money on server, but he is SO MUCH GREEDY that server run, on very old XEON which was purchased on AliExpres.

Cost of new hardware for server (and no lags for players) was 5x lower than OWNER make by running server in MONTH!!!! OMG!!!!!!!
BUT OWNER is so much GREEDY he dont want spend even a single penny for better hardware etc.
Bcs. He run server only to MAKE MONEY after MONEY goes down, he close server.

I understand this tactics as business man (working in business many years)
But I tottaly CANT accept it as player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that creators of good server should have some income for all the good work, maintenance etc. BUT THIS? Running a server witk 10k+ people on very old harware with lags?

Example (not real numbers only example) Owner of server make monthly income:
around 10 000 USD. And new hardware for game without lags etc. cost 2000 USD.
(but for harware and moving server you pay only ONE TIME!!!!!)
He making 10 000 USD EVERY MONTH!!!

I think U see my point.
Thats why I am pissed off by this tactits. They lure you like they did BEST server only for players. But then you realize its only FOR MONEY. (sometimes owners of game dont even know properly what is Lineage 2, they just have people to run it and make money from it) Thats all.

I know its not happy, but if we like, we can do something about that.

I know its almost impposible, but my dream is create one central stable low rate server, which stands on hard solid ground. Not dependant or income and stuff like that.
Server which is more capable and 100x better and stable than official.

Server where player log in the game and he say..... FINNALY I AM HOME :D

Does anyone have similar vision or I am alone? If I am alone I will drop it. But I believe there is MANY old school fans of Lineage which want something like this.

The End.
See ya, Cortez.

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 6:16 pm 
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One last thing.... VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY BIG THANKS PMFUN.COM for running this pages.
I almost not believed my own eyes where I try type Lineage 2 PMfun in google and he find out direct same pages as we used so much in history. (many years back when I played)

To be honest I know absolutly nothing about owner, creators and other people which done and run this site. But if they do it for players , thats really great project.

This is EXACTLY about what I AM TALKING ABOVE-stable, long going, time proved project.
I just want server on Lineage which have same disposals.


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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 7:31 pm 
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Woow now that's a wall of text :D You do have a lot of good points, and I'm sorry that I don't have time to adress them more specifically right now, but... The problem is always money. Not as much for the running costs, but also for the advertisement costs. It doesn't matter how good server is, unless you can let players know that you exist it's no good - and there're a lot of 'big players' out there who can spend really huge ammount of money on advertising because they know they're getting the money back... It would be very hard to convince people to crowdfund the project with large sums of money which might or might not end up working in the end :?

But anyway I'll try to get time to be more specific on more points some other day :)


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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 10:00 pm 
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Hi Mate :)

Many thanks, yep its my last test if someone is acctually interested to make server not for income (mainly) but for players. (I have nothing against idea that owner or creator of server have some income from it, but it must be only candy on top of cake. INCOME shouldnt by MAIN and ONLY reason for creating server. I think that scenario is bad.

I agree with you today is lot of stuff about money. And if you will have some your comments as you mentioned.

Also I agree about advertisement, but from what I looked, placing server on some search engines and pages which gater info about L2 servrers is not that much. (yep, its not free also, but I think its not imposible)

I little bit disagree on note....not matter how server good is...
Yep, server need some promo etc. thats for sure. (noone want play on server where is online 10 ppl. max :D )
In this part I agree.
But I also think (from what Iv read in forums) that many players and groups in Lineage now each other and almost every player have contact on some another friends.
If server is reeeeally good with insurance of runing for years, than I think good players share this info between themself and also they write it in many forums etc.)

(I think start is the worse, bcs. many players starting only on servers where is enough people already.)
But on the second hand...some players waiting on new good server to be among the first there and they can have edge above others which come lately.

Thats why I think that lure new players on perfect server it should be more easy than for someone who does crap server only to gather money. (fact that server is crap is always show up, sooner or later)

So they put BIG money to adv. to lure many players, but only becouse they know that many trustfull players will go there a give them money back basicaly :)

I think that if someone spent couple hunders of USD on promo, and make official invitation with detailed describtion why is server created, what is difference between this server and others etc. Many players will try it, just bcs. they read it on big forums. (for example here on PMFUN should be server mentioned too, and its free :)

Thats my opinion.

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 10:19 pm 
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Also I want add,

I am trying this bcs. L2 is perfect game, with many smart systems. (Iv seen only couple of games with so much materials, their use, gathering system, etc.) Is the one of the most complex. And also it can be seen, on good server economy never stops thanks to many great systems like shots, enchanting and destroy things, and much more.

BUT I also think that L2 is old game and HUGE part of original players today play other games. (someone want better graphics, someone different fights etc...)

Thats why I think that game like Lineage 2 have approx. 4 - 7 year of life max. Than it will be OVERDRIVEN by totaly new mmmorpg with new systems, complex VR technogies and many more.

From this reason I think its little bit shame that tons of good players are scatered on hundreds servers. (well they play on servers which one started max. 3 years back-again money income for owner of server, or they play on old servers but those daying slowly)

I do not talk here about High Rates, those servers starts and daying almost every day.

But in Low Rate, (I am not sure about it) but according to my search there is approx. about 15 - 50 TOP servers which have almost always online activity 5k people +. (heard that Russian and CN have still some big comunities in L2)
And since I play on L2Remastered now, yep its true.

But in widerange look generally I think that good servers on lineage going down every month.
(for many reasons)
Thats why I say that I think that 3x rate is maximum. Otherwise some players grow up quickly and after that, they go play something else bcs. they are bored by have everything and just do some pvp or sieges.

Thats another of my points...
I think if someone make great server now, he can gather more and more players, which come from closed bad servers. In hope they finnaly find out some great server for play to another couple of years...

But I understand that one must be, real FAN of this game to really think to invest or help with creating server, which is not based on income but based on player fun and enjoy the L2 :)

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 10:39 pm 
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To be honest....

I am just normall hard working guy whichone want enjoy his time prooved game on perfect server with not tons of BUT.....and fear that server is closed after he stops make enough money to owner.

I think in today world of business etc. there is TONS of people for whichones is some hundreds or even thousand of dolars just small coins. (something like 1 USD is for me-just small amount)

Maybe someone of them are FANS of L2 and they just dont have idea, skils or time to make it done.
(bassicly they have only money)

I...on the other side, have contats, skills, and time to make it happen. (also some money, but not that much)

I was working in internet connection central where I can deal perfect server harware and PERFECT connectivity. (GB/s DOWN and UP ) this make potential for server where can play even 30 000 people at same time.

Also I am little bit in contact with company which have rights to launch Lineage 2 servers, they can add tons of great tools for server, setup many important stuff by description of owner, anc cooperate in much more other ways. (like creating tottaly new events for players, stuff in game etc.)

At the end you are is all what stoped my PERFECT LINEAGE 2 SERVER PROJECT.
(but maybe someone, someday say samething like hey broo... I can spare USD its not problem, make the perfect server and I want my name on server or some special future-this can be possible if it will be contributed by one or two big people. )

-Basiccaly I think there is two ways how this can make happen.
1. Someone with money says ok, I have enough money I can share it and make happen something great what tons of people use and they are happy about it. (yep I am naive little bit I guess)
2.Comunity will make this happen. (by tactics- 1 USD is not much for almost everybody, but if 1500 people contribute 1x USD we can make this happen.) :D

But I think chances are low. Everyone just rather find some server, play it and hoping that server stays live.
Well if something happens- I am here. If not- I take it as fail of L2 community that they wasnt be abble to create JUST one great server for REAL Lineage players. (not kids with daddy money, which hopping they buy everything in game by USD and be king of server :D )

Thats my opinion :D

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2020 9:09 am 
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I have always thought about your topic. I think we could crowdfund, this would be an advertisement campaign itself. *edit, I add: I don't know how many money it is needed for the start, and how many to keep the server running montly.

But my concern is: how many people wants to play just for fun and rol. How many, numbers. Does it worths?


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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2020 9:39 pm 

Joined: Wed May 20, 2020 9:33 pm
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Hey there,

I see you’re passionate, that’s awesome. I’ve made a tool to help inexperienced server hosts start their own server. Fully customizable. It’s completely free, you should check it out. It runs on Gracia Epilogue, you can find it by googling L2Homage.

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 7:09 pm 
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Rios- Many thanks for your great view.
Starting money depending on scale of project. There is 3 main things which must be covered.
-Licensed version of L2 must be purchased, and I also think that stuff like, cheat security, account security, web pages linked to server, ddos protection etc. is very good stuff.
If we talk about some optimal setup its about 1300 USD approx.
(licensed version I think have some better future I think, I am not sure how much is approved just download files and run it in widerange)-I think its not matter if someone download it and use it with friends etc. But I think for wide range gaming is license neded.(my opinion)

-Than we need some technical stuff like server, conectivity etc.
I think here we are talking about 500 USD approx. But I think I can mostly cover this one bymyself.

-Also there is Adverstiment. (to let people know about server) This is again depending ob scale of project. (small promo around 300 - 500 USD) Big Promo 1000- 2000 USD.

Well if there is something like fund, I think optimum summary to run server in great quality and some adverstiment is around 2000 USD. (well its not small money- but as I said , almost everybody can spend 1 USD so if we think this way its possible.)
I am not dreamer so I dont think there will be some guy which say...,,hey bro I love L2 but I dont have time to run server, here take the cash and make it done :D´´

But I think L2 community is still big enough. (there is still lot of servers with daily activity 10k + but as I say almost every server is draged down by some crap stuff. My opinion is that good server on L2 should have enough players. (especially with perfect settings, no PAY TO WIN and insurance of looong stability of server) ---what the hell...I want play on server like this on by myself :D :D

So maybe one day soon....

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 7:20 pm 
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BUMBLE- I was looking on your project, what the hell man, THAT looks like of piece of GREAT WORK :)

I am interested in and In my free time I must try it on my pc. (still have my own private server of l2 just for me :D )

I think this tool if really works as descibed can save some USD for systems which bassicly doing the same. (company which offering licensed version of L2 include server start, setup etc. have similar stuff- but thay want money for it ofc. So this can mybe save some USD) :D

MAAAN I want have your skills, why U not run some good server? It looks like you are deep in it :)

Thanks for reply All :)

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2020 11:25 pm 

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Thanks man, I've put years into that tool. On/off of course, it's not been my full-time work.

I don't run a server, I don't have the time to take care of it, develop L2Homage _and_ take good care of my players. And I don't want to run a server that doesn't have an active, caring developer attached.

My passion is making L2OFF accessible so more people can make good servers. Maybe even completely custom servers from start to finish. I know of one project that uses my tool, L2Knight, and they're making good progress and daily updates. It's really cool to see the results come to life.

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 Post subject: Re: What about FANS of L2 make OWN SERVER.
PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 12:19 am 
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Hi mate again. If you again check this out, I would ask you if there is any way to reach you in personal conversation? (like some mesages or something)

I have couple of questions on you. (dont wanna bother you)

Do you think its possible?

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