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 Post subject: Re: Interlude x50: Opening September 26!
PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:33 pm 
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Dear friends!
We are pleased to inform you that on Saturday (November 21) from 15:00(UTC +1) the 5x5 GvG tournament will be held at the NEW server!

Date: November 21
Time: 15:00 (UTC +1)
Format: 5x5 groups​

The main purpose of the tournament is to give you the opportunity of having fun. Before we often make such tournaments and will be good back this tradition on Dex servers.
Its will be first tournament for 2 years, so lets call it TEST tournament, with easy rules and good prizes.

If our community likes it, we change regulations in the tournament by your suggestions and try to make it regular.

General info:
The tournament will be held in the Coliseum
In the tournament can take part a group of 5 people (maybe less, if you want)
The application for participation is submitted by the party leader through a message on Discord in Private message to kazama (sample of application below). Join the Lineage2Dex Support Discord Server!
You are able to change the composition of the group participating in the tournament before the end of registration just write about it to my pm. After the registration is completed, the composition of the group can not be changed!
One character can not participate in 2 teams. Only in one

1st place - 15 days Epics to all members in team for choose from - AQ, Baium, Zaken
2nd place - 7 days Epics to all members in team for choose from - AQ, Baium, Zaken
3rd place - 3 days Epics to all members in team for choose from - AQ, Baium, Zaken​

*After choosing prize, you will get CODE, after u can activate it on web to receive u item.

Rules of the tournament:
The tournament will be held according to the Double Elimination system (up to two defeats), if there will be more than 10 teams participating in Tournament, we will use the Single Elimination system (elimination after first loose)
The tournament grid will be published after the registration is completed, and will be updated periodically during the tournament.
Forbidden Use any Elixirs, CP, MP, HP potions
Forbidden Hero equipment and skills
Forbidden Epic/Olympiad jewelry
Forbidden Any argumentation in weapon or accessory
Forbidden Master Works items
Forbidden Any shirts
Forbidden Buff books or other items for buff
Forbidden Leaving the tournament area during the battle (if you leave the zone, it is your problems, the team will continue to fight without you)
Allowed Only self buffs inside group, potions of wind walk, haste, acumen, any scrolls of resurrection
Allowed Gear only till B gr equipment. Enchanted lvl max +3, for dual weapon and full body armor+4. You can use B gr items from starter or newbie packs
Allowed Resurrection of the party members during the battle

The order of heading battles:
We announce on global chat which teams will fight next round
Summon both teams on Arena and GMs check for legit items, u must clean your inventory before battle from forbidden items
Before fights, teams get full restore for HP/CP/Mana and refresh reuse delay for skills
When teams ready, we start count
After you will see START you can start buffs and fight
A duel is considered won if all members of the enemy party are killed
The fight can be stopped and not counted by the decision of the judges
If the team members are late for more than 5 minutes after the start of the tournament, then the Party Leader chooses - to fight with the available group, or to get a technical defeat
A team that does not come to the tournament gets a technical defeat, and the team that was supposed to fight with it automatically passes on
For violation of the rules of the tournament, the group is disqualified without the right of return
Spectators can watch the battles through the Broadcasting Tower and in the fan zones

Sample of application for participation in the tournament.
1. Nick of the party leader
2. Full list of nicks of the party members. Including the leader of the party.

To register team you must send me this application to PM in discord

1. Kazama
2. kazama, riku, nothing, ziva, cata

All Team Leaders must be available on discord in November 21, 14:00 (UTC +1) we will check again if team ready to play. If you not answer that u ready, we drop you from tournament.
After we approve all members of the tournament we will do tournament grid.

We wish good luck to all and have a fun!

_________________ - JOIN US for best L2OFF Experience


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