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[Update] Global chat and group experience recycling
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Author:  La2Era [ Mon Jan 10, 2022 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  [Update] Global chat and group experience recycling

Dear players! We decided to introduce several important fixes in the test mode:

Chat Recycling​
  • Now all locations, except those marked on the map in gray, have a common global chat (shout, orange chat).
  • In the locations marked on the map, the chat will remain the same, divided into territories.
  • The chat (orange chat) will now be available from level 10 (in order to avoid spam to the whole world).

We will not include the delay between messages yet, in the hope that the players will be able to maintain order themselves.
If the situation changes, we will add a delay.


Why is this done?

If you pay attention to the map, you can see that there are too many territories allocated for low-level players. At the same time, the percentage of high-level players is much higher.
For the convenience of cooperation of new players, we added a general chat in low-level locations and made the start of all races in Talking Island.
The idea is not new and is used quite successfully on other projects, we decided to try to adopt and improve it.

    Recycling character leveling

  • Now the experience gained by the characters has a limit of 1500 renge.
  • Now the difference between the characters who are in the party when pumping cannot be higher than 20 levels. Otherwise, characters with a higher difference will not gain experience.

Why is this done?

We understand that some players will be unhappy for one reason or another and assume all the risks of this update. We are ready for the fact that you will start throwing stones, and in your own way you will be right!
However, we hope for a positive outcome, because over a long distance, this solution will improve not only socialization, but also the economy.

Now the D, C and B grade market will become more relevant for pumping twinkies
Now the vast territories of low-levels will become more relevant and filled

Perhaps this will allow all players to look at this old game in a new way?​

We hope for your understanding! :)

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