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High Five x7 - Server description.
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Author:  Beyondlt [ Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  High Five x7 - Server description.

Opening High Five x7 - September 27, 20.00 (utc+2)*

Start OBT - September 19, 20.00 (utc+2)


EXP/SP - x7
ADENA - x7-x5 (dynamic)
DROP/SPOIL - x5-x3 (dynamic)


RB EXP/SP - x7

SEAL STONE - x5 (amount)
Dimensional Fragment - x5 (amount)
Epaulette - х5 (amount)

Server time - utc+2

Autoloot - no
Offline trade - yes, activated by command .offline, 3 box available.
Game windows (boxes) - only 3 boxes
Learning skills - autolearn till 62, after - manually. Skills HP Boost, Fast HP Recovery, Vital Force, Resurrection, Mass Resurrection, Dryad Root, Acrobatic Move only manually.

Buff slots - 24+12
Class transfer - 1,2 adena/donate, 3 quest
Sub class / Noblesse - quest (donate from October, 7)

Seven Seals - period 2 weeks, start of registration - September, 30
Grand Olympiad - period 2 weeks, start of registration - October, 1
Sieges and TW - period 2 weeks, first siege - October, 12

Start auction and sieges for the clan halls - October, 4
Respawn world RB - 12+8 hours random

Hellbound open from start, level 11

All epic bosses are dead from opening

Queen Ant 24 hours, random+-2 hours
Orfen 36 hours, random +-2 hours
Core 36 hours, random+-2 hours
Baium 5 days, random+/- 2 hours, Baium 82 level, minions 80 level
Antharas 11 days, entrance to the lair is unlimited
Valakas 11 days, entrance to the lair is unlimited

Entry to SoD (Tiat) is changed to 11-45 characters
For Zaken (night) 18-72 characters 55+ level

For Frintezza 11-45 characters

For Freya 11-27 characters

Premium account, runes
Quest items
Accessories and Agathions

Author:  Killavanilla [ Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: High Five x7 - Server description.

For those who thinking to join this server, here is a first step to have a fun game :)

Hey, KillaVanilla (LT) here. Keeping it simple, recruting players willing to play in cp, discord and also we making alt clan for friends who play casualy, to later help them intergrate in pwp/tw/cs etc.

Goal is an interesting, long game accomodating from casual to hardcore friendly players, with helping each other beeing the main focus. We did had fun last time even tho started late in this server, who surprisingly had amazing online, 8k+ on prime. There is much more to say about the project. so if u interested at all - For any info plz private msg here or-


Discord: maike#4900 or Killav#9607

Author:  Herminia [ Mon Sep 13, 2021 5:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: High Five x7 - Server description.

​ Experience gaining and production of high-level equipment is much easier compared to previous chronicles, and is mainly suited for a small group of 3-9 people. Even an ordinary player could achieve a good equipment for his character without spending a lot of time. The server rates are set at x7, in conjunction with the PTS platform, which guarantees long-term stable operation of the server, enables long and pleasant gameplay.

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