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 Post subject: [L2OFF - Ertheia] [x1] Technical OBT launched!
PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:06 pm 
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Dear friends!

Technical OBT server of Ertheia official platform by RPG-Club "Russia" succcessfully launched!
You can find the detailed information about server settings in the respective forum thread >>>

Participation in OBT is a great way to get to know the new chronicles, as well as share the obtained knowledge with other players and get ready for the live server together!
The administration is happy to reward your efforts in exploring and testing the Ertheia chronicles: write guides and tutorials, take part in GM's ingame testing tasks and get special rewards!

1. Guides and tutorials (Races, Classses, Awakening, main instances,  Festival of Chaos, Olympiad, Sieges и т.п.) must be published in OBT Knowledge Base section. Every guide or description in a separate topic. Make sure nobody has already posted similar guide/topic.
2. You can take as a basis the official guides, however all screenshots of characters/locations/items must be taken on our OBT server. All published images must be uploaded to our host with the help of
3. Ingame testing tasks will be published by GMs in separate topics.

1. For every guide/tutorial posted or participation in ingame testing tasks you will receive a certain amount of Points. You may choose to turn them into RURs on your game account immediately or save them for later and spend on special assortment on Ertheia live server.
2. You can get from 100 to 1000 Points. The quality of the content, its design, the quality of screenshots as well as the correctness of the text are taken into acount.
3. Ingame tasks rewards depend on tasks difficulty and are announced by GMs separately for every specific task.

On to exploring the new world!

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 Post subject: Re: [x1] Ertheia Technical OBT launched!
PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:14 pm 
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The Epic Tales of Aden – Episode 01: Dimensional Strangers – Ertheia

Game Files
You can download Ertheia game client(.torrent) on our website >>>

You can also obtain the client through RPG-Club Updater (you can download it here >>>)
Place the Updater files into the folder where you want Ertheia client installed, run Updater under administrator profile, вchoose respective chronicles then run Full Check.
Updater will download and instal all necessary game files.

Account Registration
OBT server uses the main RPG-Club account database.
You may use any previously registered account to participate in the OBT or create a new one >>>.
If your account hs Premium Account activated it will also affect the OBT server and grant you the following bonuses >>>

Server rates
Currently OBT server rates are х1.

Test server Helpers
Special NPCs will be available for your testing needs: Queen of Hearts and Mr. Cat.
They provide following services:

Character development
  • Up to 95 Level;
  • 1st Class Change;
  • 2nd Class Change;
  • 3rd Class Change;
  • 4th Class Change (Awakening);
  • Get Nobless status;
  • Learn all skills up to 3rd Class Change.
Mr. Cat can't change Ertheia Classes, ask GMs for help if needed.

Items purchase

  • Ancient Dye lvl 5
  • Soulshot D, C, B, A, S, R;
  • Blessed Spiritshot D, C, B, A, S, R;
  • Beast Soulshot
  • S80 Armor;
  • S80 Weapons;
  • R Weapons;
  • R Armor;
  • R95 Weapons;
  • R95 Armor;
  • S80, R, R95 Jewelery
  • Elemental Stones;
  • Elemental Crystals;
  • Soul Crystals R, R95;
  • Life Stones R, R95;
  • D, C, B, A, S Crystals;
  • A, S, R Gemstones;
  • Enchant Scrolls D, C, B, A, S;
  • Materials 1lvl-5lvl;
  • Rune stones
Vitamin Items:
  • My Teleport Book;
  • My Teleport Scroll;
  • Color Name;
  • Heavenly Magic Special Box;
  • Feather of Blessing 3-unit Pack;
  • Vitality Replenishing Herb;
  • Auxiliary Stone: Enchant Weapon D, C, B, A, S, R;
  •  Auxiliary Stone: Enchant Armor D, C, B, A, S, R
Clan development
  • Increase Clan level;
  • Get Clan reputation points

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