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 Post subject: Best quests I know from 61 for easy adenas eax ewx
PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 7:33 am 

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This quests aren't made for lower rates then 5x , (quest item drop min 4-5x) and these are for newbies or people who don't do quests at all.

I won't write low level quests u can find them easy in with help of google.

What will I write is how to get fast exp , Adenas enchants from 61 to 79 when u play any mage , or anything that can AoE archers don't count

Best class for this quests would be sph or sb. glads tyrants , bers good to if no mana potions on server take ee and The chiken for mana u need it a lot.

As for buff newbie buffs are enough if no custom bufer .

Minimum gear avadon +homo acu mages ,other heavy c or pl set with c-b weapon to.

1st quest u can take from 61 in in Aden werehouse , from npc named Klump called Game of Cards.

2nd quests is called Seductive Whispers in Aden blacksmith .

3th is for some blades of weapons in Oren wh never did it don't need it.

Both quests needs 50 quest items each , to try to play , 1st quests is on luck 2nd on amount of quest items.

1st. Quests max reward is 3 ews 4 ewa special items worth of 2,1kkk aden ( it's almost inpossible to get it , but I managed to get it on first week playing l2retail 7x server .) as or other rewards from ead to ewa ewb , its nice Adenas.

2nd quest is about amount of spirit beads (no point going to npc until u have 1k beeds) , max reward 1x will give , 1 ewa 2 eaa 2,3kk adenas.

Quests seems long boring farm , but no fear here's the trick , u just teleport to accient battlegrounds from Aden and just do trains of 4-5 groups of skeletons of level 60+ care they have good stun rate.
Bigger lower mobs for lvl's 68+ are near raidboss closer to blazing swamps + they are closer easch to other.
All monster in there drop quests items for both quests , monsters have 1/2 hp means easy to kill respawn is pretty fast .
In 5x each mob drops 4-5 quests items of both quests , so u need 2-3 groups to star playing for quests , making trains is easy to kill.
U should farm them until u reach 1000 quest items each , then u should go trade them for Adenas ewx and eax .
In 4-5 hours u can make enough Adenas to dress up to full a grade or even to dress up in dynasty based on luck.
Playing on in 10x hellbound server I managed to make around 400kk + dress up in A grade with sph (with no mana pots or full buff ) in first day of playing and doing these quests.
Thanks for reading good luck with quest , remember that if your lucky u can get special gems for 2,1kkk adenas in first try of doing quest.

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