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Why NOT to write guides
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Author:  QuantumPro [ Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Why NOT to write guides

"The Voice of the Past"

From the diaries of an elven elder...

"Many years I have spent on studying books, and talking to others. Yet, the more I have studied, the more I was convinced, that there is something I am losing...
It was a feeling, as though my soul was trying to call me...
The more I have studied, the stronger that voice inside of me was becoming. Was it the voice of nature?
One day, I decided to answer that calling. I left the libraries, the books, the folks, the noise of the civilization,
the markets of Giran, and Aden.
I headed for the unknown, guided by the unknown.
Something inside of me was telling me to head for the place we elves call the Forest of Mirrors.
For they say, it contains ancient knowledge, carried by generations, and they say it can teach everyone, about everything.

The sun had almost left the skies, as I was traveling though the forests. My legs grew tired from endless wondering without a destination, and I was starting to head for the nearby village.
Suddenly, I thought I could feel something... Something like a cold breeze rushing through my cheeks. And then a shadow... Was it a shadow, or was I too tired, and my mind was playing tricks on me?
And then I heard a cry of thousand beasts! My heart was rushing, and my whole body was telling me to flee! But at the same time I could not move.
I have instinctively hidden under a tree, hoping not to be seen...
But he saw me.
No! He was watching me all the time! It was his voice!
Despite my fears, I raised my eyes to the dark skies.
His eyes were burning with fire, and they were looking as far into me, as deep my soul was reaching!
I thought he could see everything. More I could ever see. My past, and my future.
And then he spoke to me these words:
"I am Saphira, the Messenger of the Future. I have seen all things of this world, and I posess knowledge, that no books could contain.
I know what you seek for, but I will not give you the answer.
Heed my words though!
Remember this fear... as this is what stops the time and soul!
This fear... will deceive the minds of many, and rotten their flesh.
And the more books will be written, the more dead they will be!
For the key to the universe is the spirit...
... and it bleeds with every word written!
You sought wisdom, but your soul was becoming blind!
What the flesh has created will vanish, but what soul bears will stay.
Fear not!"
He kept staring at... no, into me! Right at my soul. I was terrified, yet I could not look away.
And then he laughed! It was a laugh of thousand voices and lands, and everything was filled with it completely!
But I did not understand! I heard his laughing as he was flying away, and when I could barely hear him anymore, he screamed:
"Fear not!"
For weeks afterwards, I was thinking, trying to listen to my soul.
I could feel how small I have become... how pitiful... pitiful...
Could it be this, why he was laughing? We seek wisdom in books, but this wisdom is not there! It never will...
The only truth, is... a look in the eyes... Yes! That must be it! Oh, how stupid we were, how terribly wrong!
Looking at pages, and pictures. Looking outside, instead of looking into ourselves!
The Forest of Mirrors... So obvious! Therefore so hard to notice..."


Many games over many years, thought me a few things.
While playing the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, I learned that more documentation is not always better.
There is a huge website dedicated to that game, and if you ever have any questions, you can just go there and read.
But after a while of playing and using that website, I realized, that the more I read, the less pleasure I was getting from just playing the game. That is because I know the solutions without having to find them on my own.
I realized it was true about every single game I've ever experienced. It is as if you knew the end of a movie before watching it, or you knew how a fruit tastes before even tasting it on your own, or like playing a game using cheats.
I also learned, that the best games are: complicated, challenging, adventurous, and allow lots of variety, and that the game guides are killing it.

So I ask those, who ever thought about writing a guide of any kind for any game:
do not take the knowledge, that lies within a game, to the real world because the players in that game will have less to learn and share between them.
Keep the books of the game closed, and allow players to experience the game in their own way because there is no better, or worse way.
Game is not a mathematical problem, that you need a solution for: it is an adventure. There is only mine, and your way.
Let every soul follow its own path.

Author:  spoilez [ Wed Aug 04, 2021 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why NOT to write guides


Author:  Herlitz [ Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:50 pm ]
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