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 Post subject: L2NEO,COM - FIX LIST
PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:30 pm 
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Fixed resurrection ALT+H bug.
Fixed summoning friend ALT+H bug.
Fixed Mental Shield skill.
Some changes in resists.
Decrease stun chance for Hummer Crush.


For now heal not work more 150 z-chord. (Baium bug).
For now balance not work more 150 z-chord. (Baium bug).
Balance skill can`t use if dead or have cursed weapon.


Fixed Rune/Schuttgard siege.
Fixed .menu change pass.
Fixed some nullpointer.
Decreased some m.atk and m.crit.
Cleared server side code.


Fixed bug with varka/ketra about summon taking aggro by monster.
Fixed summoners skills.
Fixed some errors server side.
Fixed karma drop. Last hit can pickup drop.
Skill angelic icon fixed.


For now RaidBoss drop can puckup like retail (Lasthit player for 15sec).
Buy / Sell exploit fixed.
Some changes mmocore. (For players who cant connect.)
For now if you buy nobles from donate shop you will get NOBLES TIARA.


Fixed buffer. Adden flood protection.
Some fix in geodata.
Some change skill land rate.
Shout from 40lvl.
Daimons altar fixed.
Zaken (Only can enter when zaken live).


Fixed Sonic Storm
Fixed Sonic Buster
Fixed Item Skill: Medusa
Fixed Erase land rate (increased)
Fixed Trance land rate (increased)
Fixed Mass Warrior/Mage bane rate (decreased)
Fixed Warrior/Mage bane rate (decreased)
Fixed Gladiator's mass skills
Fixed Hammer Crush stun land rate
Fixed Elemental Summoner pet damage

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