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 Post subject: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:37 pm 

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Updated High Five

Server is a international Low Rate (5x) private server of Lineage 2.
using L2DC software.

Xp = 5x

Sp = 5x

Party Xp = 1.4x

Party Sp = 1.4x

Adena = 5x

Seal Stones = 3x

Drop = 4x

Drop-”Common” = 4x

Drop-RB = 4x (No epic items)

Spoil = 5x

Drop-Manor = 1x

Amount of Items from Fishes = 5x

Drop-Quest = 2x

Quest Reward = 2x (beside Scrolls, Recipes, Full items)

Quests XP = 2x

Quests SP = 2x

Castle Guard Price = 6x

Hellbound Points = 2x


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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:40 pm 

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forgot the link :)

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:57 pm 

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Very good and stable server...
Just need bigger community.

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:51 am 

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New, quite huge clan arrived. Seems not only 1 clan but maybe more. Join in and have fun.

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:48 pm 

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Gisohtin wrote:
New, quite huge clan arrived. Seems not only 1 clan but maybe more. Join in and have fun.

Yeah in these days 3 or more big clans (20+ ppls) moving to L2mmorpg. And I hope that it begininng :)

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:24 pm 
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Are the files good? Or only skills taht doesnt work well?


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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:18 am 

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NoFreaksAll0wed wrote:
Are the files good? Or only skills taht doesnt work well?

Almost fixed, but there is some problem. Someone have trouble some dont.

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:45 pm 

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update ur client ant 0 problem


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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:18 pm 

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Well i doubt ull find better h5 server.... This server got best develope(1 of L2dc staff members) so if any server got best patches for bugs this 1 is.....
We just need more ppl so we get bigger comunity and have more fun....

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:27 pm 

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community status ?
how many players online ?

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:29 pm 

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200+.... as i told we need bigger comunity

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:43 pm 

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almost half of them are shops and half of the shops last time when i log in was useless shops like: 1 sop for 1 000 000 000 adena.... and many more
i hope server become bigger its good but......

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:57 pm 

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News abuot the community?

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:44 pm 

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still very low population and not easy to start there

they should open a HR server . atm they're wasting l2dc files :(

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 Post subject: Re: L2MMORPG Server 5x - H5
PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 6:27 pm 

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Freya to High Five changelog:
Implemented Sel Mahum zone, still need to finish Cheifs.
Implemented new Olympiad System, its now fully working together with 3vs3 oly.
Implemented Seed of Annihilation.
Update npc stats to 100% retail like from off files.
Update npc skills to 100% retail like from off files.
Update npc elements to 100% retail like from off files.
Update pet stats to 100% retail like from off files.
Update augmentation to 100% retail like from off files.
Implemented retail drop system and updated droplist to 100% retail like from off files.
Added first 2 new seven sign epic quests, next 3 gonna be implemented this month.
Implemented Recommendation System.
System messages updated to HF.
NPC sql filled with new npcs.
Updated npcaidata with missing npcs, also reformatted it.
Added new luxury shop. Now a grade is sellable by adena in shop.
Few packet changes for high five.
Implemented most of High Five skills. (2 left, working on it).
Updated a lot of the skills to High Five values.
Updated multisell in Fantasy isle.
Updated Html of Fantasy isle Paddies.
New spawns in FI and also added html and started multisell for it.
Updated Spirit of Shilen to HF.
Updated rewards for A Clan’s Reputation, A Clan’s Prestige, A Clan’s Fame.
Updated clan level requirements according to changelog.
Adding new Party xp values and penalty.
Added Hunting Bonus Packets.
Packets for mail contact list/friends list/clan mates system.
Fixed Character Selection Info to match HF.
Door update for new oly ids.
Moved clan & squad skill trees from sql to xml.
The service fee required for exchanging a Cubic Piece for a Scroll via the Warehouse Keeper has been slashed in half from the previous fee.
Shiny Cube Fragments, which can be exchanged for Blessed Weapon and Armor Enchant Scrolls, have been added to the list of possible rewards from the Wondrous Cubic.
Cube Fragments can be exchanged through the Warehouse Keeper for the new one-time use Wondrous Cubics and one time-use Refined Cubics.
Added missing html for Wondrous cube to all warehouse. .
Teleports update.
The maximum amount of individual fame points that a character can have has increased from 50,000 to 100,000.
New functions are available at the “Arena Manager” to promote Duel Arena. CP recovery (We already had so just changed price), HP recovery added, Buffs for Duel Arena, Mage Buffs and Fighter buffs, Private Warehouse, The Arena Manager has been relocated outside of the fence for easier access. .
Cleaned up all relation related lists (contacts, blocks, friends) and added a abstract super class for these. It now has a lot cleaner code and should run a lot better than before.
The reuse time of the Wondrous Cubic is reset every day at 6:30 a.m server-time.
Queen ant larva should not be able to move.
Added support for future oly quests.
Added another extension to L2PcInstance for vehicle management.
Made a new L2PcExtension for Subclass management.
Added new skill containers.
Updated moirai robe set bonus should be 5 res and also earth res missing.
Checked light and heavy sets of Moirai they also had missing eathRes the rest was fine.
Skill name updates for high five.
Updated Hard Tanning, Embroider and case Harden to High Five stats.
Moved helper_buffer_list from sql to xml.
Improvements with TIntObjectHashMap for clantable and merchantpriceconfigtable,tested and no errors on startup, clan create etc.
Rush Impact for Titan seems to be learned at 83 aswell and not 85 like it says in patchnotes.
Flame Armor, Frost Armor, Hurricane Armor updated.
Demolition Impact: The skill power was increased and its effect is now applicable to a single target. Additionally, its range was increased from 40 to 150.
Flame Hawk, Arrow Rain and Ghost Piercing updated.
Updated Go to Pasteruedland to freya thanks disKret, malyelfik.
Insane Crusher: The skill power and success rate are increased while the reuse time is decreased.
Tribunal/Judgment: The skill Power is increased and a Hate effect is added.
Ultimate Defense: M.Def. increased.
Removing check for PDam and Blow ssboost depending on weapon type.
Following skills have been update to match retail freya, Magic Resistance Decrease, Decrease P. Atk, Adiantum Round Fighter.
Skill Critical Hit chances should not be modified by critDamEvas modifier, this is only for normal hits, not skills. Moved to own method.
Dread Pool and Hell Scream should have 200 range.
Lightning Strike should have PARALYZE as effectType.
Lightning Shock updated to H5.
Aggression has static reuse, not affected by songs etc.
Update to latest mysql connect, latest eclipse core compiler libs.
Fix for NPE in Priest of Blessing Retail Event.
Skills that have at least 1 effect(debuffs, stun, etc) bypass skill evasion (always do damage).
According to minideed Priest Of Blessing is now always enabled on retail.
Fix for varka / ketra aggro issue + Fix for faction AI.
DA’s , Paladins, Artisans and summoner class servitors get buffs from their owner even if buff is selfbuff. The rest of the classes do not get for their pets such as wolf, kookaburra etc.
Fixed enchant values for bluff.
EXPERIMENTAL Cubic effect range taken from skill effectRange instead fixed value.
Added A Trap For Revenge quest, thanks malyelfik.
Possible fixes “HelpTheUncle” , “HelpTheSister” and “HelpTheSon” quests also some cleaning and finalization.
Fix for NPE into quest Enhance your Weapon.
Fix for barakiel reward into quest Possessor of a precious soul – part 3.
Fix for invisible chest into event Rabbit to riches.
Update ToI to match fully retail spawns.
Update 22_18, Ivory tower area to match retail.
Update startsone spawnsone to match retail.
The price of Pet equipment has been reduced by 50%. (note not all were reduced by 50% it was mostly top grade which got reduced).
Fixed html for weaver npc and update multisell.
Updated Raidboss information to match retail htms + locations.
Updated accessory lifestone to match retail.
Fixed Drumong and Nils missing shoplist.
Implemented number of characters in server list screen.
Fixed Air assault skill.
Added new SkillTargetType for charge skills.
Fixed issue with reflecting friendly skills.
New skilltype target_tunnel for skills which have flytype charge such as Rush Impact.
Changed Rabbit to Riches event to use global drop system.
Fix for players beeing able to use soe when they are sleeping, rooted etc.
Target fixes for rush-like skills, it should be based on CASTER’s front, not target’s.
Thousand skills buff type update.
Cancel skill handler update. Now the calculation is the same as presented in retail. This makes Cancel resistance buffs much more effective. Some Cancel related skills update according to the off files.
H5 Clan Oath bonuses changes, thanks osiride. Heavy: Atk. Spd. and P.Atk. increased by 5%, Light: Atk. Spd. and Critical damage increased by 5%, Robe: MP recovery and Casting Spd. increased by 5%.
Adept Of Taste htm update by Zoey76.
Its now possible to use potions while casting.
Updating Flame Armor to H5 values and trigger skill with off values.
Fix for nobless quest (party onKill barakiel).
Fix to allow learning of linked skills.
Better handling of castWithoutTarget, skill is now casted without any target, and only self effects affect caster. Also fixed Blink, its possible to cast it now without target.
Fix for castWithoutTarget flagging caster.
Dynasty is now s grade so they should be enchantable with lvl 76 stone and fixed 1 skill to match retail ( Haste sub skill).
Fix Aggro AI for Varka / Ketra allied.
Curse Gloom and Mass Gloom updated to HF.
Fixed target area handlers, now they should do dmg near the target, not the caster.
Fixed Path To Tropper quest.
Corrected weaponsAllowed for Burning Chop.
Fixed corpses issue on Sel Mahum Grounds.
Fix for bug where 2 command channels can enter to Frintezza at once Thx Nik.
Added the missing navitadvent packet and updated the others so they can be called. Now we just need to make the fuctions for this. Thanks mochitto.
Fix for it’s possible to take Inspector with only 1 complete sub : take the 2nd sub then delete/change it with another : inspector became available, thanks nik.
Enhance your weapon – base chance for all crystals is 9% and default absorb type is PARTY_ONE_RANDOM.
Soul Crystal Leveling reworked. Now it works like retail: – FULL_PARTY handling is equal to PARTY_RANDOM so we must check having 100 as chance, – LAST HIT handled but doesn’t exists into retail. Rules: – Each player of the party that kill the raid is handled by the level of crystal he has: if in the same party we have a level 10 and a level 13, each one follow his rule, – Party random apply the level chance to all players that has 1 crystal into inventory, has the quest started, is into 1500 range from raid. Party full is the same with chance 100%, Party random one, select by random a player from the party list that has the requirements and try to level using chance. The player that give last hit has more chances to be selected than the other players in party.
Fixed skill 913 Deflect Magic.
Exploit fix for removing party from channel that’s not in yours! (thanks Nik and JIV).
Updated frintezza(halisha skills) to match retail + small improvement in frintezza.
AOE fix for poles.
Updated Insane Crusher and Burning Chop to H5.
There should be no system message about damage while char is under Arcane Shield effect.
Update some skills to match retail skills, mostly traps.
Updated a lot areas to match retail spawns and partial fix for mapregion. Still need some hardcode inside soa. Also some fix in Dualbox htm and some minor fix in subclass skills and queststate javadoc update. Following areas have been updated: * Whole talking island, inclusing Elven Fortress. Eleven Fortress is 21_25(to the right of HB), * Ruins of Agony Area, * Wastelands, * Ant nest, * Forgotten Temple, * Cementary, * Forbidden Gateway.
Updated some raidboss’ teleports and spawns.
Fixed exploit issue in 3 c grade sets giving double stats from what they should give.
Fix for Summon Shadow skill, now should summon the correct npc.
Converted quests to java: DragonFangs, LanoscosSpecialBait, FullesSpecialBait, WilliesSpecialBait, LinnaeusSpecialBait, ShadowFoxPart1, ShadowFoxPart2, ShadowFoxPart3, ASpecialOrder, OnceMoreInTheArmsOfTheMotherTree, IntoTheDarkForest, HelpTheUncle, HelpTheSister, HelpTheSon, CertifiedArbalester, CertifiedBerserker, CertifiedSoulBreaker, PathOfTheTrooper, PathOfTheWarder, SacrificeToSea, ContractCompletion, SealRemuval, NikolasHear, ContractExectuion, NikolasCooperation, ArtOfPersuasion, RelicExploration.
If a skill has no activateRate, is assumed that has 100 as base value (not zero) – example id=12 switch.
Fix for skill Soul Roar, display of correct rate of drops, changes for AdminCache manager due to htmChache init/reload core changes.
Exploit fix now you cannot kick members who are in offline shop from clan.
Fall of the Dragon skill can be felt when you talk to Nevit’s Herald after kill Valakas or Antharas.
Cubic data unhardcoded and parsed into xml file for future use.
Another new L2Pc extension for duel management.
Moved login & custom spawn protection to new L2Pc extension.
Moved cubic handling to a new L2Pc extension.
Changed ip storage from strings to ints using mysql INET_NTOA\ATON.
Updated all item skills and their belonging triggers skills 03200-03299 augment items skills updated to retail values. Almost all were wrong. .
Fix for Major Heal enchanted power and Sword Symphony skills.
Added core support for chance skill triggers from augmentations.
Parsed armor sets from ncsoft files.
Updated Teleport Template System.
Updated trove to 3.0.0rc1.
Fix for Little Wing Adventures quest.
Little optimization in BitSetIdFactory. In my benchmark the time for acquiring 100.000 ids, then acquiring another 10.000 and release them dropped from 600 ms to 240 ms.
Various fixes: XML for server startup, vitality manager for gift of vitality (jack sage no more exists into high five client), wrong clanhalls doors assignment in aden, foreign keys for sql tables etc.
Implemented mail id refactoring (to ID Factory type IDs) in a less error-prone way using transactions.
Updated all 113 Special Abilities to fully retail like Freya, note the hero ones are High Five stats.
Transformation in an xml based form for future use.
You are not suppose to be able to get noblesse tiara when you get noblesse from TW.
The acquisition level for the following skills has been changed: Summon life cubic (Temple Knight): From 40 to 43, Summon vampiric cubic (Shilen Knight): From 40 to 43.
The number of Olympiad Tokens required to purchase Forgotten Scrolls has been changed as follow: * Previously: 52,000 Olympiad token, 1950 Fame and 12,000,000 adena, * Now: 30,000 Olympiad token, 800 Fame and 12,000,000 adena, * The Forgotten Scrolls that can be purchased from the Olympiad Manager can now be traded and exchanged.
Small fix for perfect form quest, in HF Fortune seekers can learn Dual dagger mastery skill.
Updating Hero pole cancel effect with retail values.
EXPERIMENTAL rework of Critical rate, damage, res, vuln.
Implemented Hero History.
Implemented MoS quest, Lost And Found.
Enabling oath quest.
Fix for Control Device Of The Giants quest, adding some extractables, etcitem types update.
Adding new freya quest, The One Who Ends Silence.
Sword Symphony: This skill’s effect was changed from Fear to Silence on a single target. The skill power was increased while MP consumption was decreased.
According to they cost 60 million not 80.
Added missing skilltree for male/female Soulbreaker. In Hi5 they have Expert casting level 2 and 3 and Soul to Empower level 3.
Removed Base64 from core, because it’s not needed.
Small fix for Threat of Removal, you can collect unlimited ammounts of items.
Some small fixes for heal skills.
Adding quest Fade To Black, thanks l2js.
Some fixes for For A Good Cause quest, now quest can be taken and done, but the rewarding system still needs improvement.
Fix for PerfectForm quest.
Adding new HF skill, changing reuse time for the Zaken boat zone anchor so players don’t get stuck after teleporting there.
Journey TO A Settlement update/fix.
Delicious top choice meat small quest fix.
Fix for Testimony of Life (by Ordoban) + format fixes.
Kamaloka exploit fixes.
Fix for daily quests clean up. It should be removed even if not completed, and items should be deleted.
Changed inventory checks for quests – still need new system message.
Oly shouldn’t check for quest inventory, it should check for regular.
New check for combined inventory size.
Fixes sweeper festival so that it works fine on area corpse mobs.
Fix for observer not being removed from arena properly when moving between arenas.
Fix for drop system. Now correctly select chances for Adena, Sealstones, Seeded mobs, Raid and Raid Jewels.
Necromancer summons last 1 hour. Confirmed by freya files.
Fix for drop rate of sealstones. Removed useless drop rates.
Updated Expulsion of evil spirit quest to have retail drop chance and updated some of other quests to use proper dropQuestItem system.
Fixed olympiad multisell.
After Pailaka completion pailaka related buffs should be removed.
LandDragonConqueror and FireDragonDestroyer by malyefik & Gladicek. thanks to them(and l2j).
Ghosts of Batur quest was horribly wrong and broken, updating it to be correct.
Fix for gather the flames quest reward, various fixes/updates to Pailaka Devils Legacy.
Fixed Bleed should not reduce speed.
Fix so that the minions heals the boss with it’s skill they need to be a clan otherwise it won’t work.
Fix path of the wrader it should not remove this quest item.
Changing power to activate rate for the steal divinity.
Updating steal divinity to be H5 like, it is possible to resist it, adding it to cancelVuln calculations.
Semi custom spawns for the Nobless mobs, since their location was changed in HIGH-FIVE.
Crushing strike perma-stun fix.
Added support for Seed of Annihilation controller.
Remade Nobless quest first and third part to be HIGH-FIVE like. Tested all nobless quests, works fine.
Fix for Oren Castle mass teleport.
Fix for wrong quest handling in OlympiadUndefeated.
Fix for baby pets spamming passive skills.
AugmentationMap reworked.
If player logout or disconnects while playing TvT Capture the flag and he has the flag, the flag return to its base.
Added respawn time for steel citadel instance.
According to several sources (the only I can find now is this: Hero skills should not be stalable by steal divinity. Skills Heroic Grandeur and Heroic Dread are already this way so now I make the rest nonstealable.
Updated a lot skills that had guessed values, for example medusa skill is a lot better now .
Little correction for TW points storage.
Fix to allow get olympiad tokens not only 1st of month.
Fix for some pailka mob missing reuse and wrong power.
Olympiad Jewelry now lasts for 60 days instead of 30.
AI improvement, now if you stay out of range for 15 sec mob will lose your aggro and return back to spawn.
Fixed pathtoknight quest.
Missing SSboost for death shot skill.
Updated accessory augmentation skills from off files.
Enchanter Ability – Barrier updated according to off files.
Fix for shield bash and hero weapon dispell.
Updating anchor to H5 values.
Eye or Eye and counterattack update to match retail values.
Adding new H5 skill, dimension spiral.
New Drop System, should do a better work than before.
Fixed up Boss bleed and boss heal.
Power to activateRate changes.
Added retail msg for 3v3 party points.
EffectMinChance added to effect stats to manage the minimum chance of landing.
Little fixes for aggression and aura of hate.
Hot springs zone parsed from off files.
Small counter attack and dodge skill update using information from freya files.
Parsed Den of evil, crypts of disgrace, pavel ruins, archaic library from off files.
EXPERIMENTAL CHANGE !!!! This should change the landing rule for skills and effects. I’m introducing activateRate that is the chance for the skill to land. It is a replacement for power, because power can have other effect than a simple landing rate. To do this, I have changed the success calculation for skills: – activateRate is the base land rate, – effectPower from effects is no more taken into account as base land rate, – if skill lands, all effects without effectPower are considered as 100% land – this means that if skill lands at 43% and has a stun effect, if the skill lands MUST give the effect, – if skill lands, all effects with an effectPower, lands using effectPower as supplementar chance – this means that if skill lands at 43% and has a target remove with effectPower=80 calculates another land rate using 80 as base to see if the effect lands or not, – PvP modifiers are not longer taken into account for skill success calculation.
Crypts of disgrace AI updated to retail, parsed beast farm, some other minor fixes.
Missing condition changes for More Than Meets The Eye quest.
Parsed fields of whispers and fields of silence spawns.
Fixes for beast farm mobs speed.
Fix for wrong level bonus in Matk calculation for summons.
EXPERIMENTAL CHANGE for calcSkillSuccess. In this way the level difference has a bigger impact.
Fix for exShowScreenMessage.
Reparsed PI with missing static spawns.
Few changes in l2clan.
Fix for wondrous cubic issue.
Seekers of the holy grail htm fix + sql update for the pailaka.
Pailaka Injured Dragon complete rework. Quest is completely retail apart the missing Latana animation.
Removed unused Pailaka scripts + xmls.
9th Seven Sign epic quest, Forbidden Book Of The Elmore-Aden Kingdom.
Reworked Elcadia’s Tent a bit.
Fixed issue with subclass certification not working.
Fixed issue with kamaloka raids not giving any exp and no vit.
Move all dtd files in one folder.
Slight logging improvement.
Zone Spawn system changes: Added possibility of zones where spawns may appear in either of them, Added support for minions, Added core support for a max count of monsters inside a specific zone\group, Parsed Primeval Isle & Forge of Gods.
Antharas related few skills updates from freya scripts.
Fixed the issue with players getting stuck at mass gatekeepers.
Flagpoles not being spawned fix.
typo fix in sql.
Moved Quest FindSirWindawood to Java.
Fix for the issue with the Rune CH Doors.
Fix for GV errors.
Fixed clanhall zones in rune.
Few fixes for olympiad observer.
Little fix for highfive sql update – this to avoid errors when updating clan_data.
Fix for oly observer and correct display of arena number.
Fixed Ghost of Batur quest, now it works fine and also it had 2 items that should not be on list.
Small clean in scripts .
Updated Hero weapons element, on High Five they all have Holy 250 element. They also have more patk/matk.
Converted quest SeekersOfTheHolyGrail to java and update htmls to retail. Also added missing keydrops to this quest.
Added manually drops for shards into Isle of Prayer mobs.
Translated MoreThanMeetsTheEye quest to java and did some rework on it.
Shyeed is RB, not L2NPC, this fixes QueenShyeed NPE.
Updated castle warehouse keeper to retail including blood alliance system.
Multiple shot skill fix, adding new skill Death Shot.
Fixed zone parser, change NoHqZone into HqZone.
Added missing pailaka door manually.
Fixed oly instance names.
Moved Quest 124 MeetingTheElroki to Java.
Applied passive skills to pet\summons.
Saved wondrous cubic daily reuse with globalvariables sytem.
Fix for Lightning Barrier.
Update a lot skills to match retail.
Now npcs should be not so overpowered in some cases and not so underpowered in other.
Fully Parsed pet\summon skills.
Some Fixes for sql update and a fix to allow new nobles to get the starting points.
Maguens are pets, not monsters .
A few more additional checks for character data cache.
Made Char Data Cache a bit less error prone (it shouldn’t return null in case of a non existant character specified by char id).
Some changes for Oly default and fix for NPE into recom task.
Pet skill trees fixed.
Sonic mastery & Force master skill fixes.
Support for master\slave doors, no start up errors.
Fix for holy artifacts not spawning.
Piercing skill + trigger fix, now skills works.
Updating buff spirit sharing to have HIGH-FIVE stats.
Adding Resist Earth to prophet skill tree, the skill is already done.
Moved Quests OminousNews to Java.
CoD removing redundant null check.
Updated a lot skills to retail values. mostly stuns and debuffs.
Legacy Login Communication working again.
Mp modifier update it to retail values.
Hp modifier update it to retail values.
Removed the summon 0.7 * dmg in pvp because we have skills for that in skilltree.
Fixed up p/m atk modifier and p/m def modifier to match retail values, aslo removed cuplicate skill in unicorn.
Fix for pet stats.
Pet attributing system fix, 0 summoner, 100% summon.
CastleTeleportZones manually adjusted for all castles.
Transformation update.
Summon should get 100% atk element from it’s owner in hi5 .
Some cleaning in classes, added missing java docs.
Some performance improvements etc.
Fix for hp/mp, tested and retail values.
Fixed range of Crushing Strike.
Updating soul crystals leveling to retail.
Possible fix for Olympiad Observe issue.
Fix for castle door upgrade.
Fix for wrong spawn into oly stadium.
Fix for spawning wrong shyeed.
Piercing attack hitTime is 2seconds, taken from client.
Excessive Loyality activation chance is 30%.
Some little improvements on Olympiad opponent chooser.
Misc changes for Chamber of Delusion.
Delusion chamber update.
Indentation fixes for linux db installer.
Fixed fort door errors.
Fixed herb drops.
2 new pc extensions.
Fix for a wrong multiplier in formulas.
Initial rework of Delusion chamber (NOT FULLY DONE).
Pet\Summon stat fixes.
Small corrections to Crushing strike skill, value taken from client.
Visibility changes, and proper class naming.
Little State fix on Quest BeyondTheHillsOfWinter.
Fix for JourneyToASettlement quest.
Now the magic resistance affect success rate, and influence on damages is reduced by a factor of 10.
Olympiad Forbidden Weapons (retail list) – thx L2j.
Fixes for Bring Up With Love quest.
Fixes for 4s.
Fixed Hydro Blast, Prominence and Hurricane 3rd enchant route, it should decrease attack attribute.
Little fix for Pursuit Clan Ambition.
Fix for unmountable pets crashing client.
Added missing talismans to fortress and castle magician.
Fixed winds of change quest.
SOD + Tiat ai merging to prevent problems when there are more than 2 instances at same time.
Final fix for pets when not summoning.
Pet walk/run speed issue fixed.
Blacksmith of mammon clean up.
It is possible to seal/unseal A grade armor/accessories at normal blacksmiths.
Typo fix in CC.
Fix for pet getting crazy xp and owner getting none at all when summoned.
Doors handling removed from Kratei’s Cube – now are managed by core using timers.
Fixed doors loading, clanhall’s doors, timed doors, etc.
Fixing frenzy even more. Frenzy should always be active for the #all part no matter for what weapon.
Fix for matk/patk beeing same value and pdef/mdef also beeing same value.
Players not losing karma points on death fix.
Fixed all rune Ch coords.
Yiana and Roien clan hall soes fixed they were still porting to roof.
Battle Whisper is suppose to be Target Self not target party.
Fixed archers warping issue.
Spoil Crush: You can now use this skill with a sword or blunt.
Lucky Strike: You can now use this skill with a sword or blunt.
Wild Shot: The skill power is boosted.
New Freya quest, with retail drop, chances etc.
Update Frenzy to High Five Values.
Rabbit Spirit Totem: This skill effect now lasts for 5 minutes and consumes 58 MP.
Punch of Doom: The shock effect is no longer inflicted on you when using this skill. Instead, the skill reuse time is increased.
Fixed errors on siegeable clanhalls sql.
Some etcitems update to make some of them destroyable/tradeable according to client info.
Now path to knight should work correctly.
Fix for hero monument html.
Fix for olympiad multisell.
New HI5 skills.
Fixed name for 1v1 olympiad htm.
Fix for soe issue with bases, also some misc cleanup.
Updating to have retail-like hitTimes.
Fix for issue of getting wrong skills when changing subclass.
Fix for coliseum doors not opening.
Small fix for joining an Oly match.
Fix for clan hall doors not opening.
Fix for OlympiadNoble bypass.
Fix for some skills having 100kk sp cost, and for pet\summon skills not working.
Fix to have the correct spoil drop chances.
Nobless buff should be possible to dispel via alt click.
Fix for Olympiad observer ‘refresh’.
Fix for mobs not moving when having 0 vuln of resists on dagger/rarpier and bow/crossbow.
Fix for door table.
Fix for indexOutOfBound error in L2DoorInstance.
Updates into Recommendation System.
Drop Chance System rework.
Moved Star Stone spawns to scriptspawn.
Updated olympiad htmls.
Fix for new sql tables.
Possible fix for the spawn issues we’ve been having at 4s and rift.
Checks for when trading pet control item.
Oly config fix.
Mass Surrender enchant routes.
When target is self, /olympiadstat should show both points status and match status.
Mass Gloom routes.
Fix for oly multisell.
Updated siegeable clanhalls script : added bandit stronghold hall siege, added competition for the bandit stronghold quest, sql added into the datapack patch.
Small change in PinsAndPouchUnseal.
Fix for SQL table creation.
Check for weekly matches to validate Olympiad registration.
2 fixes for fantasy island npc.
Small fix for Oath quest.
Sel Mahum training camps ai update after npcaidata changes.
Small fix for great wolf’s npc id.
Updated /olympiadstat command to HF.
Olympiad weekly competition counters.
Fixed TW points storage and tiat instance.
Changed extractable product chances to double and not int, and added extractable skill data for olympiad treasure chest.
Monument of Heroes html update.
Fix for NPE when restarting and Oly registered .
Fix for changes into Hero_Diary table structure.
New zone type by lewzer’s request – InstanceZone – it notifies an instance of player entering zone.
Fix for A Powerful Primeval Creature not showing S grade recipes once you got over 450 tissues.
Added missing hit time and reuse delay for Shield Strike.
Grand Olympiad Manager html updates.
Fixed Critical Up and its trigger Obliteration Storm.
Corrected Critical Up trigger.
Incentive manager custom script updated to manage the cases when the player already has the required class.
Removing old 3rd epic py custom quest.
Next part of seven sign epic quest fixes: new 3rd epic quest in java, with retail htmls and without customs, few fixes in another quests, cleanup and html update, corrected quest exp/sp rewards.
Some 73lvl pailaka related skill fixes.
Sel Mahum chefs paths.
Instance templates and doorlists for Oly stadiums.
StaticObjects, DoorTable reworked.
Conquerable halls error fixes.
Castle Holy Artifacts moved from configs to xml.
Fortress flagpoles and combat flags moved from configs to xml.
Castle Control & Flame tower moved from configs to xml.
small update for castledoormen for clanhall sieges.
Updated Siegable clanhalls.
Sod fixes – fixed teleport after DC.
Small bugfix for SOD instance.
Implemented Hi5 method to selecting opponents for olympiads in team mode (based on team points average, for now) and changed point range check to include a ‘no check’ mode.
XML updates for upcoming reworks.
All party kamalokas complete rework, now they are retail.
Fix some npc to startup the server.
New oly observer packet.
Control towers in xml.
Updated npc.sql, missing minions.
Changed minions.sql structure, removed min/max amount and replaced with amount, added respawn time.
Support for minion respawn time inside minions.sql, removed min and max amount and replaced with amount.
Updated Gather The Flames quest to GE droplist.
Deleted all pre-hi5 olympiad doors and added all new olympiad doors from hi5 client.
Doors should be targetable by default.
Doorlist in xml, core support to come in following days alongside new oly doors.
Static objects in xml.
Deleted subclass seperation system.
Fix for fear.
Core part for last, removing a quest config it is handled in quest now instead. Also did some more performance updates in core, added final and switch cases.
Converted 5 quests to java from python: AClansReputation, real name is AClansPrestige, AwlUnderFoot fortress one Reworked, GatherTheFlames, RunawayYouth, AnAgedExAdventurer.
Fixed parser issues, now table should be complete.
Committed missing PTS elpies in droplist.
Now droplist is FULLY parsed.
Updated packet.txt wit hcorrect structure for olly packet.
Updated custom_droplist structure.
Small changes in drop list loading, to introduce category chance straight from db.
Moved CommunityServerThread to main gs folder.
Synched augmentation skillmap from l2j.
Updating all grandbosses respawn times, most of them were correct already. Only updated those which are not instanced.
Removed some Util classes.
Cleaned up GeoData implementation as a preperation for upcoming geoserver release.
Cleaned up a few “throws RemoteException”.
Fix for an exploit where player could send packet with phx to change manufacture shop prices while already in shop.
First part of fixing Arena buff.
Dynasty Staff masterwork should have a passive skill for increasing heal reg.
Fixed a typo in Figuring it Out.
Support for multiply factions.
Updated npcaidata.
If a gameserver tries to register and uses the same server id and hex id of an already registred gameserver, the already registered gameserver will be disconnected.
Small fix after npcaidata parse.
Saga of the Duelist should be retail like now.
Seed Of Destruction rework. New Tiat AI.
Support for new herb group data.
Missing range data for Shield Strike.
Sel Mahum ai update.
Some fixes for Sel Mahum quests. now they all work 100%.
Small npc.sql change.
Fixed path to rogue quest.
Support for new npc_elementals.
Updated manor data.
Summon skill trees updated.
Sel Mahum zone spawn + small rework in core.
New quest in Sel Mahum – Rumble In The Base (daily quest).
New quest completed for Sel Mahums – It Smells Delicious.
Sel Mahum Training Grounds ai updated.
Removed mobs from oren area that aren’t spawned anymore.
Some skill changes from L2j.
Changed multisell.dtd for new enchant attribute. Changed Incentive Manager custom items and multisell.
Changed system messages to display name of custom items too, Fixed custom item display on multisell. Changed multisell xml and management, added a new attribute to production, enchant, to give the ability to have enchanted items into multisells.
Little adjustment on Incentive Manager.
Tar beetle ai in FOG.
Added 6 training camps for Sel Mahum Training Grounds and correct spawning a little.
Small improvement for SelMahumTrainingGrounds.
Htmls for the 3 missing Sel Mahum quests.
Started working on Sel Mahum zone ai.
Added method in L2Npc for broadcasting NpcSay with client string id.
Moved a few String related methods from Util to StringUtil.
Added SSL support for RMI LS <-> GS communication.
Incentive Manager – to give level, class, skills and equipment to new players.
Config options for RMI are better explained now.
Reworked LoginServer to better support Java RMI. now it uses the session pattern to manage multiple game servers.
Seven Sign epic quests rework: corrected desc for all epic quests, little cleanup in scripts, 2nd epic quest written from the begining in java, implemented Priest Cain heal AI, implemented 2 new epic monsters skills, corrected epic quest npcs stats and npcskills.
Small rework on character template loading.
Updated enchant_skill_chances to high five.
Completly rewrote login server <-> game server communication using Java RMI (remote method invocation). This should make the communication 1. faster, 2. more reliable, 3. cleaner to code.
Next part of Seven Sign epic quests reworks: removed one duplicate method in SealOfTheemperor quest, updated first epic quest script, all retail htmls, fixed reward and corrected spawns, .
Changes on SkillTreeTable.
Performance updates.
Syntax error fix.
Last change to setInstanceId, now its finished.
Getter for empty instance destroy time and little tweak in setInstanceId.
Fixes for instance system. Now it should be retail like. Instance end packet is sent only in the last 10, 5 and 1 minute. Also if player leave instance, and its empty, he should get info about time that left to instance destroy. (empty instance destroy time).
More fixes for SkillTreeTable.
Updated Yin and Yang Attribute shop.
Updated GMViewCharInfo packet to High Five.
Fix for pet stats loading.
To the seed of destruction translated to java from python.
Updated packet.txt.
Fixed NpcSay packet to work with high five client. Fixes “Invaild stringidx. Must be greater than 0? as chat text.
Next part of Seven Sign epic quests rework: moved HideoutOfTheDawn instance to separate script. (already used in 2 quests, and will be used in 2 more.), reworked Embryo quest, added Franz AI (he should heal players), reworked GirlOfDoubt quest to fit with the new hideout instnace, removed duplicate code, updated Elcadia Tent instance, added npc faction for Embryo quest monsters.
Fixed full_install to avoid foreign key constraints.
Startup error fix.
Small fix for scripts.cfg.
Fix for the clanhalls cleanup at every restart.
Moved pets_stats.sql to xml.
Moved pets_skills.sql to xml.
Moved skill_trees.sql to xml.
Moved special_skill_trees.sql to xml.
Small improvement on arenabuff.
Added missing packet for quest kill count.
FallenAngelSelect transalted to java from python.
Support for Cubics maxcount (If cubic maxcount is reached, the cubic should go idle until its lifetime ends. Use -1 to disable this feature). Thanks l2j.
ToTheSeedOfInfinity transalted into java from python.
Fix for a dangerous query that clean all clan_data !!!.
Fortress dungeon (Awl Under foot) raids stats and droplist updated. They now drop s grade instead of a grade and also drop KE.
Small update on structure of ExQuestNpcLogList.
Small update on perfect form.
PerfectForm, improved a little. Also HomeSecurity.
Deleted duplicated packet, updated 1 that had wrong order. Also updated packets.txt of missing packets.
Fixed up all packet orders.
Fixed totally wrong packets. At least in order.
Updated some packets and re-checked packets.txt to until when our packets order matches with engine.dll also some small performance improvement in l2attackable.
Some correction for IdFactory query + fix to delete mail when sender doesn’t exists.
Sonic Rage should not have attackAfterCast.
Fix for another startup error.
Added a new L2PcExtension named L2PcTransaction for all item, request and invite related transactions. Examples: private store/manufacture, friend/party invite, active warehouse, recipeshop list.
Fix for NPE in
Fixed a startup error related to static rework and made a few more datatables reloadable.
Fixing startup errors. Adding skilltype to rush and blazing boost, also changing wrong skilltype on another skill.
Fixed all startup errors related to the removal of static methods from the datatables.
Fixed startup errors related to SkillTable initialisation.
Fixed errors in sqls and in windows database installer.
Fix for Anakazel stats and missing skills.
Law Enforcement transalted into java from python. .
Updated a few raid stats/drops/skills/ai.
Pet stat files – fixed converter issue that caused incorrect values, also removed some 0 values.
Added XML containers for pet\summon skill trees.
Probably fixes issue with paralyze and petrification, thanks l2j [l2j4503].
XML containers for pet data.
Hi5 Item auction update.
Small typo in npc updates. Also changed festival sweeper to target area mobs.
Quest Control Device of the Giants. It has 100% retail stats, drops and spawns.
XML containers for skill trees, core support to be added soon.
Some improvements to Spoil.
New hitCondition management, Skills update for Cubic.
Removing comment from Hall of Suffering aobut todo rewards: Update stats for Yehan Klodekus, Yehan Klanikus, Update stats for canibalistic female one, small typo in npcskills, Added some comments in raidboss_spawnlist, Added few @Overrides.
Fix for NPE in LazyCharDataCache.
Fix for Rush and Blazing boost bugs. Players beeing able to attack in town without press ctrl and had to press ctrl to attack mobs and moving backwards automatically.
Some more performance updates in l2attackablai.
Forgot to remove this import.
Added final to a lot places. Also did some performance updates on l2attackableai.
Some performance improvements on all actionhandlers. .
Merged all important commits from freya trunk to high five branch .
Few more changes to match java coding conventions and applied static and final to fitting variables.
Workaround for memleaks and other bugs related to multiple AIs for one mob.
Fix for auto hit bug (character just stops hitting).
Fixed “Tried to polymorph not polymorphable npc” in ant nest.
Fixed NPE in L2AttackableAI and L2Party (Fixes #1649).
Fixed collision for some npcs in FI.
Fixed wrong spawn of Giran Recipe npc.
Fixed up fullinstall.sql it had some tables which do not exist and some missing.
Fixed spawn locations for a npc in FI.
Added missing bypasses to arena manager(for colliseum).
Fix for Fury of Pa’agrio.
Fix for prices in gmshop. Now all prices are 0 again.
Fix for loadhtml admin command.
Implemented support for new Alt + G admin menu.
Changed logging level of “Item xyz is missing material – using paper as default”, because it’s not really a problem. Also changed logger variables to java coding conventions.
Fix for mobs not moving at all.
Fixed min distance for Rush and Rush Impact.
Fixing all warnings of missing material.
Fixed errors on clean install.
Updated UserInfo Packet.
Fixed exp bar in CharacterSelectionInfo packet.
Added some javadocs.
Updated Charactersinfoselected packet.
Fixed error for random initial spawn locations.
Cursed bones are no longer consumed.
Skill_trees are fixed and updated to HF.
Fixed skill_trees.sql.
Fix errors on sql installer.
Fix Found AI Data for undefined npcID 32796 startup error.
Fix startup errors.
Priest Wood Multisell. Seven Sign Epic Quests Reward.
New freya clocks multisells.
Updated ExStartScenePlayer.
New instance names.
Split all class templates, so each template has it’s own file.
Implemented random spawn locations for newly created characters (data from freya scripts).
Added some missing High Five packets to packet.txt.
Finished packet list for High Five .
Dual Blow and Throwing Dagger added.
Critical Sense, Inquistor, Vanguard, Quiver of Arrow: Grade A and Chant of Predator updated their SP and level required to learn to HF.
More Items updated to High Five.
Proper fix for schuttgart npcs.
Removed a spawn which does not exist on retail, also added a missing html to kamael npc.
Shops fixed up and updated to HF in Hardins Private Academy and Floran Village.
Updated all Aden,Goddard and Schuttgart and Rune shops to HF PTS.
Updated all Heine,Oren and Hunters shops to HF PTS. Weapon/armor was missing the common items shop. Also grocery updated like other towns.
Updated all Dion, Gludio and Gludin shops to HF PTS Mostly changes are in Grocery.
Updated all Giran shops to HF PTS and changed some prices which were incorrect.
Updated prices of Armor/weapon in luxury shop.
Changed html to fit retail.
Added some comments to multisell.
Pk System updated to High Five.
Recipes for Soulshot/Spiritshot and recipes for basic materials are now for sale by Recipe Merchants found in Blacksmith shops.
Updated prices of all these items.
Added spawns for all these npcs too.
Updated wondrous cubic, 2 missing items.
Fantasy Isle magic zone done. Now Fantasy Isle is completely done like on PTS.
Another correction for sel mahum quest items.
Sel Mahum quest ‘Threat Removal’.
Sel Mahum ‘No Secrets’ quest.
Support for new quest event type: onFactionRangeEnter – used for sel mahum camp fires.
First draft of PhotoTeleporters and their coords. Also corrected some other teleport scripts.
Added hitTime, coolTime and reusDelay for Multiple shot skill.
Battle whisper magic level added.
Weapon Blockade: This skill is now available from Skill Trainers at level 80.
Fix for Arcane Shield.
Added Arcane Shield skill.
Updated skill tree with Arcane Shield.
Added support for new effect type – transfer damage to mp.
Some L2AttackableAI cleanup.
New archer skill – Multiple Shot.
Mana Pump added to male\female Soul Breaker and in xml.
Small fix for Potential Ability.
Unsummoned pets that carry items in their pet inventories cannot be placed in the Clan Warehouse.
Mass Vitalize skill.
Improved ‘ally’ checking in L2Skill.
Added core support for maximum number of targets for skills.
Added core support for reducing skill power the more targets you have.
Updated skill trees of healers.
Added Mass Purify, Mass Cure Poison.
Added Chain Heal perliminary support + skill handler.
New Hierophant skill, Piercing Attack, added to xml + tree.
Effects from items that maintain or replenish Vitality are now applied instantly.
You can now exchange elemental attribute stones for elemental attribute crystals through the Attribute Master NPC: By exchanging 5 stones of the same attribute and 3,000,000 Adena, you can receive 1 Crystal of the same attribute.
Attribute Master NPCs can be found in Rune Township and Aden.
Added Aegis Stance to DA Skill tree.
Added the new HF skill Shield Strike.
Updated all tank skill trees with the new skills.
Added Fury of Pa’agrio to xml + tree.
Chant of Berserker added in tree + xml.
Fix for Dual Blow.
Added skill tree changes for dagger classes & gladiator.
Added Sonic Mastery & triggered skill as well.
Updated skill enchant cost ‘formula’.
Updated base enchant cost for mages.
Added the missing level 8 of Force Mastery to skill tree.
Fixed logging message.
Skill tree for Monk\Tyrant new skill Force Mastery.
Force Mastery skill + triggered skill.
Core support for more than one chance for the same skill.
Skill tree updates for dwarf race. also added some missing skills for scavenger\bounty hunter\fortune seeker.
Sweeper Festival update.
Added 2 new skills to dwarf: Lucky Blow (level 83): Attacks the target’s vital points, throwing the target into a Spoiled state. Lethal Strike is possible. Half Kill, Critical hit and Over-hit are possible. Requires a dual dagger to be equipped. And Blazing Boost (level 40): Quickly approaches the enemy. Cannot be used when a bow/crossbow is equipped. Dagger Mastery (level 20): Increases P.Atk. and the success rate of deadly attack by 10% while decreasing MP Consumption by 60%. Enchant Skill is possible. Dual Dagger Mastery (level 81): Increases P.Atk. and the success rate of deadly attack by 5%. Obtainable from Forgotten Scrolls. Deadly Blow (level 40): Deals a deadly attack. Enchant Skill is possible. Back Stab (level 40): Deals a deadly attack. Enchant Skill is possible.
Fix for client critical error because of CreatureSay.
Updated party matching system to high five and fixed a few old things.
Fixed spawn issue with synchronized.
Fixed NPE in CharDataCache.
Fixed errors in xmls.
Fixed syntax errors in sqls.
Implemented the new sword singer skills – i don’t know the levels when they can be learned, but the sp are correct.
New starter values for enchant costs.
Finished Pet Manager prices changes.
Fixes for chat not working, pet names and npc names.
Added high five weapon containers with a few data values from client and updated old ones.
Added high five etcitem containers with all available data from client and updated all old etcitem containers (names, stats, etc.).
Added high five armor containers with all available data from client and updated all old armor containers (names, stats, etc.).
Updated skill icons.
Fixed synthax errors in skill xmls.
Seven Arrow updated to High Five.


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