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 Post subject: [L2DC] L2-Reunion
PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:28 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:47 pm
Posts: 163
Fresh Restart !!!!

Welcome to L2-Reunion.
We have a small but very friendly and growing community.
We aim to Emulate Hardcore Lineage II Gameplay.
Our moto is "BACK TO THE ROOTS OF L2".
Our Server is running on L2DC Files to provide you
the best stability and functionality.

Lineage II - The 2nd Throne - Freya

Rates :

* Xp - 10x
* Sp - 10x
* Drop - 10x
* Adena - 10x
* Spoil - 10x
* Seal Stone - 10x
* Raid Drop - 5x
* Boss Jewel Drop - 1x
* Party Xp/Sp - 1.3x
* Manor Drop - 5x
* Fishing Drop - 5x
* Quest Drop - 5x
* Quest Reward - 5x


* L2DC Files
* No Donations
* Dual boxing (max. 2 clients)
* All Gracia Epilogue locations
* All Skills functional
* All skill enchant routes
* Retail Buff Times
* Retail skill formulas
* Retail ITem Enchant Rates
* Retail like Newbie Guide Buffs till Lv 75
* Skill Transfer
* Subclass Skill Certifications
* No Auto Learn skills
* No Mana Potions
* Masterwork crafts
* PvP Weapons & Armors
* Vitality System
* Fame Points System
* Working Improved Baby Pets
* Quest needed for Nobless
* Retail Enchant Rates
* Augmentation
* Cursed Weapons
* Improved Baby Pets
* Herbs
* All Seven Sign Epic Quests
* Olympiad
* Territory Wars
* All Castles and Fortresses siegable


* Pailaka
* Kamaloka
* Hellbound
* Dark Cloud Mansion
* Crystal Caverns
* Nornils Garden


* Grand Wedding
* Master of Enchanting
* Gift of Vitality
* Kratei's Cube
* TvT Event
* Cruma Event


* Champion Monsters
* Global Gatekeeper
* AutoLoot
* C4 Style Luxury Shop
* C4 Style Weapon/Armor Traders
* No Quest needed for subclass
* Offline Trading/Crafting
* Ingame droplist with "Shift+left click"
* ".exp" command to enable/disable xp gain
* ".spoilmsg" for Spoil success notify for party
* Trade zones (private stores only on predefined areas)
* Quest Item Seller (1st and 2nd class)
* Accessorie Seller
* Special Tattoes Seller
* No Shadow Weapons buyable
* No Common Items buyable

If you want to learn the game step by step and work for your stuff...this is the place to be.

Come join us , you won't be disappointed!

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 Post subject: Re: [L2DC] L2-Reunion
PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:15 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:47 pm
Posts: 163
Server Updates 04.03.2011

- Fixed many skill cooltimes (animations should be better now)
- Fixed few wrong Raid Boss stats
- Fixed few Monsters inside Cruma Tower
- Fixed Holy Strike skill
- Fixed Race of all Custom Monsters/Raids
- Fixed Alarm Device @Cruma Tower Floor 2
- Tyrannosaurus drops fixed
- Droplist update for Crystal Caverns mobs/bosses
- Fixed few wrong NPC spawns
- Minor fix for Skill : Spirit of Shilen
- Fix for Skill : Mass Curse of the Shade
- Charge AOE skills shot bonus should be applied to all targets
- Fix for summon debuffs
- Fix for augmentation data
- Olympiad NPE Fix
- Update for subclass skills script

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 Post subject: Re: [L2DC] L2-Reunion
PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:42 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:47 pm
Posts: 163
Server Updates 05.03.2011

- Retail like dawn/dusk npc's
- Pets are now re-summoned if player logged out with one
- Pets now share a common inventory
- Fix for effect petrification
- Better view of recipebook,ordered by the recipeId
- Some optimization with system messages.
- Small fix for blessed skill enchant
- friendlist related fixes
- Smart Cubic cancel debuff skill
- Fixes for short/long range skill AI
- Fix for hellbound zone
- Fix for Defender instance
- fix Problem with picking up stackable items
- signets should now affect mobs and npcs as well
- Fix : Raids and Minions CANT be Champion
- Fixed Cruma Tower Teleporters
- Fixed Dion Armor/Weapon seller HTMLS (to prevent client crash)
- Deleted few npc double spawns
- Fixed Aden WH Npcs
- Updating Saving Santa Event
- Fix for War Chant
- Fix for Chant of Spirit
- Update htmls for Hellbound Traitor
- Warrior Ability - Haste : fix for non-ranged weapon activation
- Fix for Benediction
- Fix for Restore Life
- Fix for subclass certification to fit village master rework.
- NPC Skills for Mithril Mines + Reed Field Area
- Territory Wars npc skills.
- Small fix for CrystalCaverns to prevent possible bug
- Added more mobs that can see through silent move.
- Augmentation htmls up to GE.
- Skill Trainers htmls up to GE.
- Forge of Gods Fire \ HP Regeneration zones.
- Apella Armors reduce exp loss to 0 on pvp
- SummonFriend check conditions before cast.
- DP part for NickColorChange
- pets stats sync with GE
- Fix for Quest : Whisper Of Dreams Adena Drop Rate
- New skill handler to add vitality points.
- New AI for Antharas and Valakas
- 1 missing transformation
- All Seven Signs htmls updated
- blueprint\spellbook sellers don't sell anything anymore
- New symbolmaker htmls
- Trader Mila not spawned on retail anymore
- Fixed Aqua Elf Transformation
- Fixed Kadomas Transformation
- Added Skill in Kadomas Transform
- Fix for Equipment penalties
- Zone rework
- Typo fixes on SavingSanta event
- Grade Penalty update to GE
- Hero Debuffs can't be dispelled.
- fix for freeze up in game
- Some Divine Transformation Skills
- Updated SubClass skills
- For the quest Pursuit of Clan Ambition! (GE)
- added doors for HB stage 5+
- 7s debuff/buff stacking to avoid problems with steal divinity
- Updated some Kamael skills
- "Lightning Shock" is a STUN skill
- fix for hero dialogs
- Fix for Quest : Heart In Search Of Power
- Gracia Epilogue Field of Silence / Whispers (Reedfield) Monsters Spawns
- NPC Tweaks for Reedfield and Mithril Mines (increase MDef)
- Reworked "Fishing Zones"
- Added BirthDay Cake
- small fix for .engage
- Added missing Schuttgart Teleports
- Deleted few Npc double spawns

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 Post subject: Re: [L2DC] L2-Reunion
PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 7:49 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:47 pm
Posts: 163
Since first post is UnEditable
Please check server site for the latest changes and updates....

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 Post subject: Re: [L2DC] L2-Reunion
PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2011 10:21 am 

Joined: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:47 pm
Posts: 163
Updates 05.05.2011

- Weapon&Armor Shops are back to retail like (selling D/C Grade and Commons)
- Low A Grade is now buyable at Giran Luxury Hall
- Adjusted few recipe droprates
- Herbs are now dropped everywhere

The following Quests A Grade Recipe Rewards has been
changed from 60% to 100%:

- Giants Exploration - Pre-Gracia (Instance)
- Illegitimate Child Of A Goddess
- Legacy Of Insolence
- Whisper Of Dreams (Part 2)
- Kails Magic Coin
- A Powerful Primeval Creature

Added 2 New Instances

- Bloodshed (Lv83+) Solo
- Giants Cave (Lv56+,for low A Grade Recipes)

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 Post subject: Re: [L2DC] L2-Reunion
PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 12:45 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:47 pm
Posts: 163
Updates 06.05.2011

Core :
- possibly fixes the Anakazel respawn issue
- Fix for castle magician checking wrong inventory limit
- Fix for adding item to offline char
- Added option to send system mail with items
- Fix for dimensional rift issues
- Formula change.This should balance res/vuln relation when calculating skilltype
- Hard March skill mp consumption should be based on player level
- Attempt to fix issue with Healing Potions
- Correcting front\rear angle.. 60 is too wide
- realtime saving for offline stores
- fix various problems with inventory check 80%
- network/serverpackets clean up
- Fix for Signets affecting monsters, and everyone but allies
- EXPERIMENTAL implementation of Debuff Time Reduction
- Some Formula fix for resist/vulnerability
- Fixes herb issue
- Reworked transformations
- Fix sleep effect not working
- Fix for wrong resist calculation on various formulas
- Added Support to show player list on Region Tab
- Fix to allow classmaster helpers
- This should prolly fix the Invul effect issue
- Fix for no mobs beeing able to move
- fixed quest html message
- Fixed formulas for PvP defence
- Fix for defenders being able to bomb fort ballistas
- Updated skill enchant cost formula
- Updated base enchant cost for mages
- attribute exploit fix

DP :
- Fixed Classic Giants Cave Instance Monster respawns
- Fixed Newbie Guide multisell
- Some fix for Chamber of Delusion
- "Path To Dark wizard" converted to java
- "Path To Shillien Oracle" converted to java
- Fixed Skill Emergent Ability - Defense
- Kamaloka mobs, skills and instances updated
- "Path To Assassin" converted to java
- "Path To Palus Knight" converted to java
- corrected "quest condition" for Hall Of Suffering
- Fixed teleporter "Schuttgart -> Mithril Mines"
- Fix for missing html in RequestOfIceMerchant
- Touch of Life should increase cancel res by 100%
- corrected stakato nest cocoon rewards
- "Path To Oracle" converted to java
- "Path To Elven wizard" converted to java
- "Cruma Event" converted to java
- Seeds update
- "Ketra Orc Support" converted to java
- Subclass Seperation Event
- "Outpost Captain" converted to Java
- Young Child transformation
- "Path To Elven Scout" converted to java
- Echo converted to java
- Added missing html for Novice Guide
- Winds of Change transalted to java
- Path To Rogue converted to java
- Traps should be removed when instance ends
- Fix for energy collection skill not working
- little fix for Attack Sailren Quest
- Changed additional effect activation for InstantJump Skills
- Secret Of Buried in the swamp translated into java
- Make a pair of dress shoes translated into java
- Updated all Territory quests
- A powerful primeval creature translated to java
- In search of clothes transalted to java
- All Kamaloka Bosses translated to java
- Fix for "Success or Failure of Business"
- Fixed issue in "Secret Mission" quest
- "Delicious Top Choice Meat" converted to java
- "Grave Robber Member Rescue" converted to java
- Fix for Lematan Followers having very high heal range
- Fix for Collecting In The Air quest
- Converted "Good Day To Fly" to java
- Updated Kamaloka stats of mobs to match retail
- fixes for cancel land rate
- Reworked JumbleTumbleDiamondFuss to java
- Small improvement for bottle of souls skill
- Reworked transformations
- Added Baylor skills
- Added last missing quest in Plains of Lizardmen
- Made Sonic Rage auto-attack skill

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