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 Post subject: L2DC Changelog
PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:46 pm 
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[*]Here you will be updated on L2DC changelog.
[*]Some changesets may be overriden since they offer no useful information to players. Changesets which improve performance or small rewrites won't be posted here.
[*]Some updates may need descent time till they are ported here since writting a changelog needs serious time.
[*]Will be useful for players to see which changesets are coming, especially for servers which do not update frequently.

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 Post subject: Re: L2DC Changelog
PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 11:44 am 
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Update changelog 3052-3777

3772: Throne Root has been changed so that the skill can be acquired by a skill trainer.
3767: Update for Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe.
3764: Counter Critical activates when you receive damage, not when you receive critical attacks.
3759: Added 5th Anniversary Retail Event (disabled by default).
3756: Fixed mobs using SS.
3743: Added message so that players can see by which gm they were chatbanned or which gm lifted their ban.
3741: Fixed up Handy Block Checker event, now people should be able to play it normally.
3725: Fixed Acrobatic Move.
3723: Enchanter Ability – Barrier is damage invul.
3709: Real Multibox Protection Engine.
3706: Little Manor Fix: Fixes that now in Aden manor you get Red Coda fruits for Blue Coda seeds (thanks L2j).
3693: Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe html update
3692: Update forgotten scrolls level 83 a little bit.
3691: Fix for major heal, should not have aggro.
3689: A Powerful Primeval Creature html update to retail (except the rewards one as i don’t have enough bones).
3683: Tateossian masterwork jewels skill assignment fix.
3679: Olympiad manager match announce updated to Gracia Epilogue.
3675: Masterwork Leather Gloves bonus was missing
3671: Fix to disable draining HP from invulnerable characters.
3653: TvT CTF: remove flag from player at the end of the event (untested).
3650: Support for Premium (Vitamin) items / Rewarding players.
3639: Fix for Tifaren spawn in Rune Magic Guild.
3637: Updating Checkmate after Death Mark Rework.
3636: The Other Side Of Truth reward fix.
3624: Death Mark rework.
3623: Fortress teleports (thanks L2j).
3612: Force of Destruction reuseDelay should be 15 seconds.
3608: Correct reuse time for Spring CP Potion, thanks Sandro for info (thanks L2j).
3606: Updated White Talismans (thanks L2j).
3602: Rage of paagrio stack fix.
3601: Confirmed on retail that trigger haste should work also with bows.
3600: Fixed “Mercenary Posting Ticket” price.
3590: Updated Red Talismans (thanks L2j).
3589: Updated Blue Talismans (thanks L2j).
3584: Updated Orange Talismans (thanks L2j).
3566: Fixed Punishments of Splendor 2nd form is out of family monsters range.
3559: Fixed Red Talisman of Maximum Clarity.
3549: KE Exchange tweak + added a check for inventory limit.
3532: Fix for Sonic Blaster “weapons allowed”.
3529: Fixed polearm target numbers (thanks L2j).
3527: Olympiad buff display for observers is back. It was removed because not functioning properly on PTS (thanks L2j).
3521: Fixed Saga quests item drop range.
3520: “A Powerful Primeval Creature” rewards updated to Epilogue.
3519: “Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe” rewards updated to Epilogue.
3516: Activated Giants cave quest now, since we have correct values.
3502: Fixed Quest “For a Good Cause” level restriction.
3499: Fixing Debuffs do not work in party duel.
3495: Fixed “Star of Destiny” not removed on Mimir’s Elixir Quest.
3494: Updated Talisman skills – Yellow (thanks L2j).
3493: Updated Wolf Skills (thanks L2j).
3492: Narsell Fortress teleports. Thanks lion (thanks L2j).
3490: Masterwork Nature skill assignment (thanks L2j).
3481: Reworked random walk and minion spawn coords in more smart way.
Added geodata check for dodge.
Part of attackable AI reworked for reduce number of NPEs.
(thanks L2j)
3476: Fix for “Heals & SS/BSPS Formula”, this is still not 100% perfect but is much better than the old we have, thanks _DS_.
3475: Added missing Landslide (masterwork) skill (thanks L2j).
3468: Updating “Frost Armor” to retail (thanks L2j).
3467: Added Aura Bolt: Duel (thanks L2j).
3464: Craft duals fixed.
3462: Sword Of Solidarity sound fix.
Little Wings quest reward fix.
3461: Quest item, necklace of devotion is not enchantable.
3456: Fixed Quest: Letters of Love.
3455: Fixed Kamael skills with souls.
3453: Fix not consumed potions.
3449: Traps should use owner’s level for correct drop calculations, thanks Gnacik.
3448: Fix for Slashing Blade.
3446: No need to logout already logged-out chars (thanks L2j).
3445: Fort missing owner clan cleanup (thanks L2j).
3442: Fixed varka mage doing 15 dmg on players.
3440: One more fix for TvT CTF, its not allowed to equip weapon when player is holding flag.
3439: Fixed Masterwork Dynasty Jewels.
3437: Fix for spaghetti code into server startup: MercTicketManager was calling siege before siege inizialization. Should fix not working siege and strange siege date behavior.
3435: Shield should never block buff skills.
3434: Fixed Buffs / Recharge reflection.
3432: Fixed Bless the Blood.
3431: Remedy potions now work on summons.
3428: Fixed party duel porting to Orc Village.
3426: Fixed when skill enchanted to max, enchant route cannot be changed.
3418: Fixed Trex AI spawn.
3416: Rework of the cell-based pathfinding (thanks L2j).
3414: Giant cave mobs exp/sp. Edit some mob level on Den of Evil, Crypt of Disgrace and Mithril Mines. About Hp, Patk, Matk and so on some are to come, some need more infos.
3396: Added new TvT mode – Capture the Flag.
3386: Fixed water and fire potions
3359: Fixed Kamael Subclass Change.
3335: Fixed Castle Manufacture.
3262: Fixes wrong bypass for kamalokas since StevenP’s rework.
3260: More fixes to adding clan squad skills (this is still purposely not working, waiting for more core support).
3231: Added support for squad skills, still incomplete but won’t harm any existing things. Also tested that regular clan creation,deletion and skill acquiring is working
3221: Setting enchantCostMultiplier as 9 for cubics with enchant routes.
3220: You cannot gain experience with mercenary transformations.
3219: Updated NPC Self-Damage Shield.
3218: Added missing skill enchant route for Mass Summon Aqua Cubic: Power.
3217: Added missing skill enchant route for Mass Summon Storm Cubic: Power.
3216: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Spark Cubic: Power.
3327: Fixed Castle Chamberlain manor (thanks L2j).
3310: Change in formulas as suggested by Pompinis to have that 100% resist means 100% resist to skills, instead of 100% increment of resist as now.
3306: Avoid mobs and chars stuck near obstacle if pathfinding is on (thanks L2j).
Fixed Cardinal 84 lvl gets raid curse from baium when healing party members (thanks L2j).
3295: HP/MP regeneration for Improved Baby Pets should be the same of normal pets (thanks L2j).
3286: Fixed Schuttgart teleport issue.
3285: Fix for TvT Event Last Man Standing mode.
3281: Support for adding squad skills by clan leaders(custom via htmls until packet is sniffed).
3273: Fixed teleport all party members inside the kamaloka instance together with the party leader.
3263: Fixed Pailaka instant HP potion.
3215: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Aqua Cubic: Power.
3214: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Binding Cubic: Power.
3213: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Attactive Cubic: Power.
3212: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Viper Cubic: Power.
3211: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Life Cubic: Power.
3210: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Vampiric Cubic: Power.
3207: Added missing skill enchant route for Summon Storm Cubic: Power.
3202: Added enchant routes for Phantom Cubic, and skill info for another cubic skills enchant routes
3200: Added support for Cubics enchant routes.
3192: Fixed chests cannot be opened with keys.
3188: Changing colors of Shift click drop/spoil to make it a little esier to read so now red 50%+, yellow 30%+ and light blue -30%.
3183: Update for Decoy Npc Provocation skill.
3182: Added missing enchant route, Decoy – Power.
3181: Support for Decoy Power enchant route, changing skill level hardcoded in core.
3178: Moved group template AI scripts from py to java.
3176: Fixed punishments timer problem, now jail, chatban timers will work fine.
3173: Moved Shadow Weapons script to java.
3171: Added return point for kamaloka instances.
3170: Fixed missing EXP/ SP reward on Quest, The other side of Truth.
3167: Java rework for all Kamaloka instances.
3147: Burning Chop should have fire element.
3146: Wings of Destiny Circlet can be used during oly.
3145: Onslaught of Pa’agrio should have fire element.
3144: Should fix the forced autoattack after skill with attackAfterSkill value set to true.
3138: Sandra now offers the coin collecting book every 4 hours for 60 minutes.
3132: Fixed Quest: Good Work’s Reward.
3131: Fixed exploit not consuming Pailaka Instant Shield, it now consumes.
3130: Fixed Fire/Water Attribute Enchanter it says did not have the correct item to use. Now it should be fine.
3128: Fixed Dynasty Tunic Wizard.
3119: Added Handy’s Block Checker Event (thanks to Bigboss).
3118: Now that TW is partially done, clans can lvl up to 11.
3117: Fixed overpowered Clan Hall buff, Resist Shock.
3112: Added Mercenary Captains AI in Java.
3106: Fixed skill: Deadly Roulette.
3105: Database update for 3104 (too high Raid Boss Cancel).
3104: Fixed too high Raid Boss Cancel (needs database update).
3097: Avoid to check the whole spawnlist when olympiad manager get spawned (thanks L2j forums).
3094: Reflect damage should not be absorbed, it deals damage to target but doesn’t reduce the amount of damage you take.
Also, reflect damage should trigger skills as if “ON_ATTACKED” when you get damage reflected (normal hit received).
3093: Small correction in Trex AI + lowered respawn time a lil bit as it is not correct now at all.
3089: Updated Demon Contract Fragment chance.
3085: Fixed Community Board Menu Buttons.
3084: Fixed Merchant Summon bypass.
3079: Vitality Replenishing Herb – removed stackOrder as there’s not a stackType.
3078: Temp Fix for DoorTable. Players should be able to move now.
3074: Fixed 4 Sepulchers quests.
3073: Fixed Quest “Beyond The Hills of Winter”. Now can be done by all classes, not only by dwarfs.
3072: Fixed Multiple Stack Bug from Iron Shield.
3067: Added skill enchants:
Surrender to Water: Water Vulnerability
Surrender to Wind: Wind Vulnerability
Surrender to Fire: Fire Vulnerability
3065: Removed ItemConsumId from Sound Crystals Skills, because those skills are shared between more than 1 object.
3061: Fixed crashing CB server (thanks L2j).
3057: Reworked DoorTable using Trove/ArrayList. Unhardcoding always opened doors. Reworked to match L2DC’s (thanks L2j).
3053: Updated Transformation Stats (thanks L2j).
3052: Unhardcoding doors (thanks L2j).
Fixed “Song of Silence” power (thanks L2j).

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 Post subject: Re: L2DC Changelog
PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 3:40 pm 
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Update changelog 3778-3862

3846: Soul Gathering reuse enchant fix.

3845: Fixed the problem with front and behind AREA skills causing player to flag.

3840: Final fix for Attack After Cast.

3839: Fix for Dual Dagger Mastery.

3838: Summons are not considered as normal npc ... removing the npc base elemental bonus.

3837: Squad Skills update.

Lethal Blow typo fix.

3833: Stigma of Shilien is not a magic skill and should not consume bss.

3832: Hude can exchange 10 Darion's Badges for 1 random Leonard, Adamantine or Orichalcum.

3830: Added custom Jail Manager, useful for Donations. Jail manager can be enabled and configured, on

3827: Small fix for Restore Life skill.

3826: Small rework of skills with certain target types.

3822: Fixed Battle Roar and Probably other heal skills.

3818: Fix for Restore Life skill.

3817: The chance of removing stun on hit when stunned is too low.

3813: Hero Berserk and Mystic Immunity will now will add full resistance to any debuff.

3811: Small rework of Olympiad Manager.

Fixed errors with Olympiad Match\Diary records.

3808: New Touch of Death ... need tests.

3807: Added effect calculation for CpDamPercent (needed for new version of ToD), need tests.

3806: Missing magicLvl on pvp weapons/armors debuff ... guessing a lvl 80 for those skills.

3804: Little fixes on newbie system.

3801: Reworked Seven Signs storage.
Reset manor when no owner.
Javolution memory leak fix.

3799: New telnet command "del <player> <itemid> <amount>" to delete item from character, command is working no matter if character is online or offline.

3798: Little fix for Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe top A grade weapon pieces reward.

3796: Dynasty Jewels + Resistance.

Missing max cp from Infinity Axe.

Player can't sell baby pet in shop.

Removing monsters spawned inside Bayou Fortress.

(thanks L2j)

3795: Two Red talisman update.

Battlefield items update.

Two "typo fixes" & Missing "Room of Splendor Key" Skill.

Added invincible visual effect to invincible skills.

(thanks L2j)

3793: Saber Tooth Tiger Fear fix (thanks L2j).

3792: Dark Water Dragon AI rework and memory leak fix (thanks L2j).

3791: Missing shield defense power from Maximum Defense.

3790: Fix for "Duelist Spirit" skill.

3787: Caravaner's Remedy can not be dropped on the ground.

3786: Fixed wrong return locs in Oracle Teleport for Necropolis of Sacrifice (thanks L2j).

3785: Fix for friendlist on community board server.

3784: 5th Anniversary Event now works fine.

3782: New Parameter to have Event Announce as Announcement instead of system messages.

3780: Pet Recharge fix.

3778: 5th Anniversary Event rework in java.

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 Post subject: Re: L2DC Changelog
PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 4:07 pm 
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Update changelog 3863-4105

4105: Assigned skill to blue talisman buff steal.

4104: DP side for mountable transformations.

4103: Better handling for mountable transformations and fixing bug "Curenlty mountable transformations other players can see only if you transform near. And if you comming from far or teleporting when transformed, other players will see you without transformation." - DP side required.

4102: Bypass fix for Fortune Teller NPC in Gracia Continent.

4101: Changed formula to have a better PDAM skills critical damage calculation.

4100: Changed wedding price to 125,000,000 because now the money is taken from both players.

4098: Fixed Hude dialogs

4097: Fix for Hellbound lvl 11

4096: Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza can now lvl up a soul crystal till lvl 16, Baylor till 14

4095: Shield Mastery now always add pdef when using an heavy armor with or without a shield

4094: Finally fixed the water zone of Catacomb of the Witch

4092: Fix for Bottle of Souls, now it doesn't stop the char anymore when used and can be used during skills

4091: Fix for quest "Will the Seal be Broken"

4090: Corrected the assignment of Residence Skills to every Castle/Fort

4089: Fix for quest "Testimony of Fate"

4088: Added missing pet weapon vulnerability to Judgment and Tribunal debuff

4087: Judgment and Tribunal enchanted at Cost should increase duration too

4086: Fix for pet not levelling up anymore when 85

4085: Skills can be cast without weapons in hand, Steal Divinity can be used only on players, Missing Attribute Earth in two "Item Skill: Stone"

4083: New and very improved version of "Attack After Cast", now players can avoid to attack with moving, this will allow kiting and a more retail like play style

4082: Fix for blocking cast after being teleported while casting, Aggression effects can be applied on mobs too

4081: Fixed players movement in airships

4079: Dynasty and Icarus equipment spoil/drop update for new Gracia Epilogue zones (more to come)

4076: Wedding rework: Formal Wear now checked for both partners, both partners pays the ceremony

4075: Little fix for enchant transfer skills

4074: Tweaked drop rates for quests: "Success or Failure of the Business", "Won't You Join Us", "Reed Field Maintenance", "Giants Exploration 1 & 2"

4073: Fixed and (re)enabled Expulsion of Evil Spirits, now you can obtain leather and heavy Dynasty armor recipe from it, solo raid still not fixed

4072: Little stats update for Den of Evil mobs

4071: Fixed Kief dialog problem

4065: Fix for Medusa not working well when effected by Subclass Skill Barrier

4062: Fix for Kasha's Eyes (de)buffs values

4057: Iron Shield is now usable only with a shield equipped

4054: Touch of Death can no longer be used on white target without pressing Ctrl

4053: Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe reward is now influenced by quest rates

4052: Added the "levelling (de)buffs" to Kasha's Eyes, still not perfect, need some tweaking

4041: Added the "levelling (de)buffs" script for Hot Springs mobs, now they will cast the (de)buffs when attacked

4039: Added missing teleports to every Castle

4038: Fixed Vitalize not removing bleed and poison

4035: Quest "Fate's Whisper" fixed and updated

4034: Fix for the shops Refund option

4031: After loosing all karma players will no longer have pvp flag

4027: Fixed teleports for Anakim and Lilith

4026: Fix for talismans exchange not correctly checking inventory slots

4022: Added support for Lost Nest MP Recovery Zones (near big trees)

4021: Fix for Olympiad Manager shouts

4017: Blessing of Nobless can now be removed using Alt + Click

4016: Fix for Summon's Physical skills not using soulshots

4013: Holy Resistance and Unholy Resistance Power enchant fix

4012: Readded in/out castle teleport for doormens

4007: Fix for unequipping not correct equip from pets

4006: Some masterwork bonus fix

4005: New talisman: Blue Talisman - Buff Steal

4003: Fix for Provoke debuff

3996: Updated "A Powerful Primeval Creature", now quest items are dropped from correct mobs

3992: Fix for Vengeance. Now effect is applied even with no target in range

3986: Update for "Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe", now quest items are dropped from correct mobs

3983: Fix for not droppable items dropped when inventory full

3982: Fix for inventory slots not updated when changing subclass

3975: Fix for duplicate entry in hero diary (list of raid killed)

3972: Final fix for putting SA on weapons

3960: Fix for "Gather The Flames" quest, now it can be started from npc Hilda

3956: Fix for wrong level of bass cast by staffs (blessed body, mental shield and so on)

3946: Fixed the aggro problem with Raid Boss and Minions

3937: Pet should not take any exp if player is in arena or duel

3936: Fix for "Teleport to Hunting Ground" function of Dusk and Dawn Priests

3934: Final fix for area skills not working well (flagging without Ctrl pressed)

3924: Updated the base stats modifiers, the result is a slight change (increase) of some stats, SHOULD be more retail like

3922: Fixed issue with Snow Fenrir being worse than regular Fenrir, also fixed issue with regular Fenrir having OP pdef and mdef and very low critical rate

3921: Shield Stun, Slam and Bash should force the player to attack after cast

3919: Fix for Supply Boxes giving "incorrect item count" message

3918: Caravan's Remedy can be used during oly

3916: Wings of Destiny Circlet can be used during oly

3914: Mortal Strike skill only increase "Blow Rate" and not "Critical Rate", description in client is wrong

3913: Detect Trap fix: after detecting trap player shouldn't get pvp flag, Fix for enchantable traps, Talismans reuse update

3910: Fix for mana consumption of equipped shadow items

3905: The casting speed for some talisman skills have increased

3904: Update and fix for Sublime Self-Sacrifice

3903: Howl enchant Power fix; Warp, Shadow Step, Blink hit time fix; Infinity Spear and PvP Weapon - Cancel cannot be resisted

3898: Fix for Backstab not weaking up sleeping targets

3895: Fix for some sellable Quest Items

3890: Fix for Sandra NPC

3888: Masterwork Dynasty Stocking fix.

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