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 Post subject: L2 Drakaris [Review]
PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:52 pm 

Joined: Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:47 pm
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Almost a two weeks playing on this server and unfortunately this is the most stupid wasted two weeks in my life.
Server is headed by Brazilian eunuch who has no clue how to maintain the server.

I strongly recommend not to play here because you will lose time and will spoil the enjoyment of the game.
Do not let the statistics of the server to confuse you because it shows of 60-80 constantly online. Realistically, server has 20-25 players of which 10 are offline buffers and shoppers.
Aside from this fact, which is insignificant compared to the other crap that our administrator works, and they are as follows:

Some of the information in the site is false and deceiving.(Have a mind that can now be changed because of pressure from my side, because the administrator is trying to cover all the bugs, not by removing the problem but by dropping the decision in this case people like me who are trying to improve the relationship manager to players).

Often unnecessary and restarts without warning.(Apparently our beloved administrator does not care about people, and so does literally anything when he wants, though server is his, but when it affects the players so deeply not warranted)
- Just reboot the server without asking whether players fight epic/raidboss or do anything else that will restart break.

Your opinion means nothing, you're lower cockroaches and undeserving opinion it is a dictatorship.(This is the opinion of the administrator to his players, he does not care how you feel and what you think you are here to be in bondage and promote the server for it to earn money from donations)

If you try to suggest or report bug your post will be deleted and admin will tell you that there's an technical problem and all forum data has been lost. For those two weeks I have rewrote my post 3 times because he keep deleting them and not only mine, but this time I give up. Will not continue to deal with his crap I'll just get another server.

Ohhh.... I almost forgot to mention that, there's 15 donators with max enchanted Vorpal sets, Mid S84 Weapons, Epic Jewels and +30 skills and all the time they looking for normal players and killing them. For example: I cannot farm mobs in LOA because these donators are everywhere and they don't give you to farm, they just come to you killing you and if you ask why they are telling you that you are QQ and that's it. I even found 1 of them to botting.

Please do not attempt to play this server unless you are masochists. Thanks.

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