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 Post subject: Lineage Squared - H5 Stackclass Server... Stacksub, Evolved.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:41 pm 

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Quick-Link... Getting Started: How to Connect to Lineage²

This is a completely new and novel Stacksub system. It was created entirely from scratch. Players are allowed to stack 1 + 1 Same-Race, and the stacking begins at level one.

It is the Character Creation Process and the Stackclass System that separates our server from all the other Stacksubs out there. The most important thing to understand about the Character Creation Process is that when you are naming and creating your character, you are ONLY CHOOSING YOUR APPEARANCE!!! If you choose Orc, that does NOT mean that all you can go after that is DE/TY/OL/WC. The only choice you made is that you want your character to be big, green, and smelly. Once you have created your character, you log in and make your first Stackclass combination at the Custom Stackclass NPC.

The best way to think about Stackclass is that it is Stacksub v2.0. It is a new, innovative, and downright better method to achieve the same type of gameplay which is unique to Stacksub servers. Each additional unlock requires a custom item that drops from all normal Raid Bosses.

Domain: Lineage² Main Site
Forum: Lineage² Forums

Here is a video of the Character Creation Process. Remember, just because I chose Dwarf Fighter does NOT mean that I can only stack Dwarf classes... I can choose any Race, any Class... The ONLY requirement is that my 1 + 1 must be of the Same Race!

Character Creation Process Video

As you can see in the picture below, I have selected the Storm Screamer as my PRIMARY class, and the Spectral Dancer as my SECONDARY class. Notice that I can simply click SWAP to set my Spectral Dancer as my PRIMARY and my Storm Screamer as my SECONDARY. Also notice that I can choose any Dark Elf Race as my SECONDARY (This is because my main is Dark Elf... If I instead choose to select Cardinal as my PRIMARY, I will lose the option to choose Dark Elf Races as my SECONDARY, but will be allowed to choose any Human Race as my SECONDARY.

The Class Selection Window In-Game Shortcut is Alt + B, then click on 'Favorite'

Custom Party Matching Window In-Game Shortcut is Alt + B, then click on 'Homepage'


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