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 Post subject: Path to Becoming a Lord - Rune
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:27 am 
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1)Minimal requirements, starter location and benefits:

To proclaim a territory lord you need to:
-have a level 11 clan;
-own a castle;
-have the Castle Lord online;
-have no relation with the fortress adjacent to the castle or contract status.If a fortress lord has claimed his independancy the Castle Lord cannot become a Territory Lord;
-complete the quest maximum 2 hours before the Territory War.

Starter location:
Image Castle of Rune, the Throne Room, ImageFrederick (Chamberlain).

-once the Territory Lord is proclaimed all the NPCs in the affiliated territory will have the Lord's insignia (crest) placed next to their names;
-10% boost to seed sales and crop purchases.

The Truth Beyond the Gate[quest guide to come].
Pack SS/BSS and grab a buffer.

3)Quest process:
1)Talk to ImageFrederick.
2)He will send you to the ImageMysterious Wizard in Forest of the Dead.
3)You have to do the boring chain of quests, starter quest: Hidden Truth[guide to come].
4)Once you are done with the FotD quests, return to Rune and talk to ImageAgripel (High Priest), who is situated in the temple.
5)Go back to ImageFrederick.
6)ImageFrederick will send you to ImageInnocentin (Priest), situated in the mystic guild of Rune.
7)ImageInnocentin sends you to the Pagan's Temple under the Township of Rune. To enter the dungeon you need either someone to open the gates from the inside, either use ImageVisitor's Mark or ImageFaded Visitor's Mark ("The Truth Beyond the Gate" quest required).
8 )Kill pagan mobs until you receive a notification.There is no exact amount of mobs you have to hunt, nor fixed time period.
9)Once you have killed the pagans return to ImageInnocentin.
10)He will send you back to ImageFrederick.
11)The Chamberlain will send you back to ImageAgripel.
12)The High Priest will help you and you will be sent (again) back to ImageFrederick.

Congratulations! You have been proclaimed as the Rune Territory's Lord!

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