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Winter season! Interlude x50: Opening October 30!
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Author:  tutanka [ Mon Sep 20, 2021 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Winter season! Interlude x50: Opening October 30!

Opening October 30 at 19:00 (UTC +2)
Open Beta Test from October 25

Hello everyone!
Finally, we are ready to officially announce the start date of Winter season!
Yes, it does not start quite in winter, but very close to it ;)
  • Opening date/time - October 30 19:00 (UTC +2)
  • Open Beta - From October 25
Full server description you can find in this topic (also will be available from game in ALT+B): Full server Description Interlude x50

New features on Winter season server:
  • Talent tree system. Very big update that give a lot of high-end content and variety on end game - Talent Tree system -
  • New class oriented location on Hellhound Steel Citadel - Steel Citadel
  • New group zones on Hellbound
  • New items - charms (its temporary name, can be changed in future). We plan to add it soon on Union server, and it will be on Winter server too
  • New Epic Boss will be added near NY - Freya
  • Also in plans to add other RBs with time - Tiat, Beleth and Ekimus
  • Reworked and rebalanced Hellbound
  • Usability improvement for buff-book
  • Rework castle skills and castle merchant's assortment of goods
  • Big updates for skills - List of Upcoming Changes - Lineage2Dex
  • Will be clan limit (this we will discuss with CLs before server start)
  • A lot of other small changes since the start of the summer season (you can check all changelist in discord news-announcement section)

For new players, who plan join in our big Dex family:
Our servers are the longest-lived among of all free servers with a similar setup - Interlude Craft-PvP. Each time we are trying to bring something new, and more interesting, at the same time with classic Interlude rules and mechanics. Each seasons we bring new content and new features (this season will not be exception).

We have season system on project. Each ~4 month we open New season - where people who are interested in a competitive game mode can start from zero on an equal conditions.
When the time comes, we make merging with our main server - Union. And all characters migrate in Union server with all equipment/skills etc.
With this system, you don't have to worry about the safety of your characters and equipment. We don't make any wipes.

About Union server
- main server that live more than 1.5 year. It's server better for players who like stable, not rush game play. When you can play today, then rest few months, return it any time and continue play with your characters ;)
Usual on such projects, main servers is dead. But its not about us! For example, one of the last movies from our players (September 11)

And I remind you, its x50 and its 1.5 years old! :inlove:
But now we recommend, and it's good time to planing start on fresh new server - October 30. Seasonal server a little easier, so it's good to start. Anyway with time, your characters will migrate on Union.

We will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions on the forum and on our discord channel
- Join discord

Author:  tutanka [ Sat Oct 30, 2021 9:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Winter season! Interlude x50: Opening October 30!

Start TODAY(October 30) at 19:00 (UTC+2) / 20:00 (MSK) / 14:00 (Brazil)

Countdown Clock-
Dear fiends, this topic important! So please take time to read it.
First we want to thank all players who took part in the Open Beta testing. Thanks to all who conducted tests with us and prepared this game world!
You are amazing!

On 16:00 (UTC +2) We allow you to login for create character! To restrict your name and buy starter pack from DexStore (and move it on this created character before opening).
Make it before start! On start, we can have problems with WEB!

Everything you need to start on the server:
It is IMPORTANT to prepare everything for starting the game RIGHT NOW, do not postpone for later, during the opening there may be problems with the web part of the project and you simply can not register.


Author:  tutanka [ Sun Nov 07, 2021 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Winter season! Interlude x50: Opening October 30!

Dear Dexters! of
We want to announce the upcoming dates and important on the server

  • Opening Hellbound - November 13
  • Olympiad: Start 8 November - week without fights. Fights start from November 15. First hero - November 22
  • We remind, now u can learn talents till tier 2 (including)
  • In the next restart, we will speed up the leveling of talents

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