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Gracia Evolution x15 - September 20
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Author:  Icarus [ Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gracia Evolution x15 - September 20

tutanka wrote:
Icarus wrote:
GraciaFinal wrote:
just wondering, how much online?

Since the online count on their website isn't showing the number anymore, I'm guessing the server is on its way out.

It's no secret donation-based servers die within a short period of time, I just wish they'd be upfront about it.
I don't yet understand why these types of servers don't use a seasonal system like l2ovc uses. Probably because they're more interested in a quick buck rather than actually providing content.

Before write this, please read about Evolution and check server.
About seasons what you write, we use it, but call it Episodes. Now we have Episode one.
Episode Two will be in next year near February- March.

When I said seasons I meant a system like OvC. Basically once in a few months, the server starts a new 'season' with a full wipe. Everyone starts from scratch, and this way people who are ahead don't get very far ahead.

From what I understand, each of your episodes is like a chronicle. Which is interesting, but not what I meant.

Author:  tutanka [ Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gracia Evolution x15 - September 20


Leprechauns have lost their Lucky Pots around the world, great wealth is hidden in them!

Unfortunately these Pots are affected by a magic seal of Leprechauns, not many creatures know the secret how to unseal.
Fortunately Satyr Skirtos spent a lot of time in the Leprechaun's Company, and staled the secret. For a small fee, he is ready to open the Pot for you.
Hunt monsters from November 12 to November 20 and find Image Lucky Pots!
Skirtos will come to Giran Town on November 13th and will be there till November 25th.

Author:  tutanka [ Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gracia Evolution x15 - September 20

there is hope in l2 community :shock:
first time we see a server population rise after 2 months from start of project .
Players like a stable project afterall

Join DEX Evolution ! Episode 2 update soon

Author:  tutanka [ Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gracia Evolution x15 - September 20

We have great news!
Almost every day in prime time, we take new records online! Yes not big, but the dynamics are positive. I’m sure you also noticed that there are more people in the game now.
Overall, over the past 10 days, online has grown by ~15% (unique players). This is very good result on server that is 8 weeks old, and 2 hero cycles change.

We have a fantastic community, thank you for your support!
Welcome and enjoy the game to everyone who has just joined us. Call your friends, we have good bonuses for beginners: Full equipment D-C gr, Extra Buff, easy way to exp by using Way of Giants!

After server restart:
Halloween Event turn off - all event items will be deleted
Start new Event - Lucky Pots
Add hats from Halloween to Premium Shop (without buff, just visual)
Decrease amount of ppl needed to enter to Tiat and Ecimus (need 2 pt 18 ppl)
Decrease CP potions weight
Decrease some prices in Premium shop (consumable items)
A little changed Loyalty shop (add some consumable items, decrease price for runes)
Now you will see announces before any 76+ RB spawn
Fixed geodata on forts
Fixed ATT in Kamael Hero weapon
Fixed timer on runes
Fixed TP from Gracia (when you can make TP on transform)
Changed some visual in game client (map info, lvl monsters)

After server restart need click Check Updates in updater!

Author:  tutanka [ Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gracia Evolution x15 - September 20

On Gracia Evolution x15 finished the 3rd cycle of the Oly!
Congratulations to the new Heroes!


This week, you can take a break from the fights at the Olympics and prepare for the next cycle, fights begin on Monday, December 2(check graph)!


Call your friends, we have good bonuses for beginners:
- Full equipment D-C gr
- Extra Buff
- Easy way to exp by using Way of Giants!

Join -

Author:  tutanka [ Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gracia Evolution x15 - September 20


Dear Friends!
Last week we launched Team vs Team event in Beta mode.
We did all the necessary checks, and now we are ready to run the event on a regular basis.

  • TvT takes place at the following hours: 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00
  • Registration cost: 100k adena
  • Victory reward: 25% Vitality Potion (The reward will be changed after next server restart)
  • To register, you need to type in chat .menu (after server restart you will see the button near Radar to register on Event)

  • All players register randomly and will be divided into 2 teams - Red and Blue. TVT follows the rules of the Team Deathmatch, so if you Die this is not the end for you
  • After death, you respawn at the base of your team with defense buff (give you a lot of m.def/p.def) for 9 seconds. Each base has NPC Buffer, and you will have Noblesse buff all the time (to respawn with buff)
  • PvP counter is on, loss of experience is disabled
  • Event lasts 8 minutes. When time is gone - the team with the most Kills Wins.
  • After match, you will see total score and list of TOP 5 players
  • You can see your score in your title Image

You need to click in updater "Check Updates" for the correct work of TVT!

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