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 Post subject: PlayINERA
PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:09 pm 

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pojdte se podívat na server PlayINERA, Gracia epilogue s raty 18x. Jedna se o velice solidni projekt, s profesionalnim pristupem GM ke hre a jejim hracum. O cemz vypovida jejich motto "We take gaming seriously" :)

Let's begin with a brief introduction:

Hello PMFUN!

Our server is really going to blow your socks off! So glue yourself to your chair, and let's begin.

We've been in hiding for about two years now, busy developing our systems with a few members from this board, quietly testing away into wee hours of the night, toiling, tinkering, and now we're ready to unveil to you something very cool.

Yes, we're not joking, you can check out our forum and you will see posts that date back to 2015. And yes, we're all so much older now; boy oh boy have we been waiting for this day.

We really hope you like our hard work. [Vice]

And let's take a look at the rates:

EXP : 18x
SP : 18x
Adena : 9x
Spoil : x6
AA: x3
Drops : x6
Raids : x6
Raid Jwls : x1
Manor : x1

Here's our server features in brief:

- We've developed a brand new event engine from scratch called PIE, with 10 new events.

- We've developed a progressive system from scratch called the blood engine, unreleased.

- We've added a PVP penalty of currency exchange subsequently giving purpose to PVP.

- Hardcoded the retail beauty engine from retail into our system, hundreds of diff options.

- Hardcoded a unique on-screen damage UI similar to retail (NOT a systemmsg edit).

- Incorporated the L2-Store into action, simplifying the buy process, progressive donations.

- Latest anti-bot software from L2-Scripts with additional algorithms by our own developers.

- Integrated a hall of fame with a museum for various different milestones.

- Integrated a brand new ranking system that tracks every imaginable statistic.

- Created a new community board from scratch, focusing on functionality and ease of use.

- We've put our files through rigorous testing. We have a very stable Epilogue platform.

- We focus on keeping the integrity of the chronicle, no custom cloaks, items, or weapons.

- The server is NOT easy; it will take you time to do well, to accomplish your goals.

- We've made it really fun, all our feedback has been very positive, so definitely check it out.

And let's wrap this post up:

These rates are not exactly correct. Our algorithms are broken up into more complicated configurations than most servers.

So everything is broken down into chance and amount. Visit our website for a more accurate description of the server features.

In conclusion, PlayINERA's Gracia Epilogue project is too big to cover in one post; it may become too confusing. We suggest you browse through our website and forum to see whether this is the right server for you or your clan. If you're skeptical, feel free to drop us a line in this thread and we'll respond accordingly.

We do not provide any black market donations, nor is our donation system unfair, it is, in fact, designed to be very balanced by players from this board.

We have a great team, great content, a great chronicle, and a great staff,

What have you got to lose?

Check us out today!

(Post od hlavního GM Vice)

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