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 Post subject: L2 Appeal 11/12
PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:39 pm 

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Grand Opening 11/12/2015
l2appeal . com

Exp : x50
Adena : x100
Drop : x3
Spoil : x5
Weapon Enchant Rate ;
+3 to +7 : 60%
+8 to +12 : 50%
+13 to +20 : 40%
Max Weapon enchant is +20
Armor Enchant Rate ;
+3 to +6 : 50%
+6 to +10 : 30%
Max Armor enchant is +10

Start-up characters ;
Every newly created character starts on lvl 1 with the following items in his

Full "best" No-Grade gear + basic consumables
A mask that gives passive nobless for 90minutes. (either you wear it or not)
Auto Potions use : MP / CP / Greater CP on -50% missing ; HP -> on -90% missing
Infinity shots to reduce SS lag.
Toogle skill that prevents grief buffing.
Buffs that go through Anti-Buff toogle skill are : Body of Avatar, Blessing of

Noblesse, Heroic Valor .
Offline Shop and Gold Bar system.
Skills that increases weight capacity, inventory, craft, trade and storage.
Advanced Armors
Advanced Weapons
NPCs ;
Armor Shop
Weapon Shop
Misc Shop

Global Gatekeeper
Class Manager
Merchant of Mammon
Exchange Shop (Leolin)

Clan leader name is yellow. Maximum clans in one ally is set to 2 clans
All clan penalties are removed
Npc Buffer, General Gatekeeper and Warehouse are set in all clan halls.
Castle Registration NPC's are available in Main Town.

Olympiad will starts 1 weeks after server launch.
Olympiad period is 1 week.
Olympiad restrictions will be discussed.

Available Siegeble Castles : Aden , Giran , Rune , Goddard.
Crown of Lord and Normal User Crown gives special stats.
Every castle is being sieged every two weeks, every weekend there will be two

sieges on Saturday and Sunday.

Class change;.
First, Second and Third class change information can be found at Class Manager

in the Main Town..
When changing to 1st and 2nd class you will be receiving a reward pack with

help-out gear to match your level..
Third class requires 20kk adena..
When changing to 3rd class you will be receiving a Giants Book that will enchant

your skills...
Subclass quest is auto. (Can be found in the Class Master).
Noblesse Quest.
Noblesse Quest is retail..
Hellfire Oil can be found in the Misc Shop or retail quested..
Moonstone: Pouches unlock items on a x3 amount with 80% chance..

Team vs Team - every 8 hour (06:00-14:00-22:00)

Farm Zones:
Monastery of Silence ( Solo Zone )
The Cemetery ( Solo and Party Zone)

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