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 Post subject: [L2Off] L2Vampire Server Interlude 500x PvP
PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:47 pm 

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Lineage II Vampire 500x L2oFFiles !!

Custom areas: Varkas Silenos / Primavel Isle
Abandoned Camp zone: CHAOTIC 3 Boss Custom.

Explaining a little about what have on the server.

Only one command ".menu" open a Chat with many functions that can be of good use.

We have only 3 Items Craft:

Code of God | Silver Coin | Gold Bar.

We have 4 Set Customs:

Dark Epic Knight - Beginner | Status Retail Grade S, but the Robe with the same Casting Speed Dark Crystal! Selling in GmShop for Adena.

Oath Armor | Titanium | Dynasty - Craft Items

All 3 sets has the same features an additional bonus a little better than the Dark Knight Epic set.

Weapon Dynasty and S Retail has the same Status.
Enchants Rates: 85%.
Safe Enchant: +6
Max Enchant: +20 using Blesseds and Enchant Normal. Failing the enchant the Weapon | CLOTHES | JEWELS back to the Safe Enchant using Blesseds.
Cyrstal Enchant can only be used in gun de +20 to 21 and +22 Rate: 100%. You can get them by killing the boss that are listed in the Chief Manager Npc in Giran.

All enchant Normal and blessing Selling in gmshop! Crystal enchant dropping for boss!

We Also Have:

Glasses With Additional Status and various attributes for Craft Items.

Jewels Epics - For Items Craft.
Tattoo Fight | Mage | AIOX - For Items Craft.
Npc Buffer Full - Without malarias and Heroic.
Class master and Gmshop in all cityes.
Npc Craft and Aiox npc only in Giran.
Gk Global teleport For all Cityes and Farming Zones.

Marriage system.

Npc Status Pvp / Pk / Boss in Giran.
All guards for registration for sieges in Giran.
Sub and Nobless Add: Need 500 for Sub and 1000 for nobless Silver Coin for ADD.
Events TvT and Last Man Standing and others made by STAFF.


Skills cancellation will be acquired now lvl 76 with custom effect: cancels of 1 to 5 buff during 10 sec to finish the effect, back the buffs.
Right clicking on the potion of Mana and Life in bar be activated Like SS.
Clan lvl 6 7 8 and may Take with 3 new items craft sold in Gm Shop for craft items without need for player and Fame Points.
All the Skills of Clan sold as Scroll in Gmshop required only buy a scroll of each skills. Note: Each scroll of skills must only be used by clan leader and must have at least 100 points of reputation can be bought also in GmShop Scroll of Reputation.
Aiox Craft: Dropping for boss listed in npc "Status" in Giran.

www . l2vampire . com

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