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 Post subject: High Five part 5 changelog
PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:13 pm 
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Modifications to the Game World

Since the Blood Rain appeared, unidentified fog and plagues are spreading across the world. The following changes have occurred:

Fog of Plague
A mysterious Fog will now appear following the Blood Rain.
The Destruction has begun.
A few towns and villages are starting to crumble due to the fog and monster invasions.
The following locations are affected: Dwarven Village, Gludio, Dion and Giran.
Lords of Destruction invasion.
Some old forgotten monsters have resurfaced more powerful than ever and are threatening the safety of Aden.
These monsters will appear around the Altars of Sacrifice near each of the following locations: Dark Elven Village, Dwarven Village, Orc Village, Schuttgart, Gludin, Gludio, Dion, Heine, Giran, Aden.

Hunting Zone

You will now be returned to Hunter’s Village when you use a Scroll of Escape in Antharas’ Lair.


The acquisition level for the following skills has been changed:
Summon life cubic (Temple Knight): From 40 to 43.
Summon vampiric cubic (Shilen Knight): From 40 to 43.


Changed the following item names:
‘Spellbook – Meteor’ is now ‘Forgotten Scroll – Meteor’
‘Spellbook – Star Fall’ is now ‘Forgotten Scroll – Star Fall’
Refined Black Skeleton Circlet has been replaced with the intended Regular Black Skeleton Circlet at the Rune & Giran Territory Manager shops.
When 2 or more Necklaces of Freya exist in the Player inventory, the lowest enchanted necklace will be used to exchange for a Blessed Necklace of Freya.
Vitality items, including the Revita-Pop and Chocolate Cookie, now share the same 60min re-use timer.


The number of Olympiad Tokens required to purchase Forgotten Scrolls has been changed as follow:
Previously: 52,000 Olympiad token, 1950 Fame and 12,000,000 adena
Now: 30,000 Olympiad token, 800 Fame and 12,000,000 adena
The Forgotten Scrolls that can be purchased from the Olympiad Manager can now be traded and exchanged.

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