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 Post subject: New Lineage2-themed DAO and network state is in the cooks
PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2023 12:35 am 

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Welcome, future netizens of Aden Castle Town, to the dawn of an era where gaming, economics, and blockchain technology intertwine in an audacious spectacle of interactivity, strategy, and community. As we embark on this exciting journey, it's time to delve deeper into some of the aspects of L2W3's economy, its mechanics, and its social structure - all designed to provide an immersive, rewarding, and dynamic Web3 gaming experience.

Our journey starts with a nod to our roots, Lineage 2, a game that taught us the complexities of virtual economies, the art of negotiation, and the intricacies of digital currencies long before the cryptocurrencies where even a thing. As lifelong fans of Lineage 2, we decided to combine our passion for this game with the transformative power of DLT to create something truly unique – a living, breathing digital world within the L2W3 universe, governed by its own set of economic rules and powered by blockchain.

At the heart of our digital economy lie its three main components, each adhering to a different Ethereum standard and each playing a distinct role within the L2W3 universe. These tokens – Adena (ADN), Characters (CHAR), and Gear (GEAR) – are the building blocks of our world, each with its own purpose and mechanics.

Adena ($ADN) is the typical gold coin of our economy. Modeled as an ERC-20 token, it serves as the primary medium of exchange within Aden Castle Town. With a total supply of 2.7 billion, Adena is both a tradable asset within our ecosystem and a ticket to various experiences and benefits that L2W3 offers. Adena can be earned, spent, and staked, offering a multitude of possibilities for trade and investment.

Next, there will be 10,000 unique CHARs, each minted with a Twitter handle and a unique profile picture that gives you your visual identity in Aden. The charm here? Your character's name will be forever etched into the annals of Aden, a testament to your legacy. (eg. instead of CHAR#0001 it will be #CHAR:bladedancer) In addition, each CHAR you mint comes with random gear, part of the traits which acts as both your PFP appearance and a source of passive income. The very act of owning a CHAR opens up a world of opportunities and adventures, making it a must-have for any serious L2 and W3 enthusiast.

Last, GEAR tokens, minted as ERC-1155 tokens, are the third pillar of this economic model. They represent various items that your CHAR can equip – from weapons and armor to jewels and grocery items. GEAR is more than just cosmetic additions to your CHAR; the gear your character holds determines the amount of passive Adena ($ADN) you earn. The more valuable the gear, the higher the rewards.

Beyond this triad of tokens, we've woven a rich tapestry of social dynamics into the fabric of Aden. Here, five major guilds exist, each tied to a specific race and class. As a CHAR, you belong to one of these guilds, each offering unique buffs and a dedicated community of players with similar traits. These guilds foster collaboration, strategizing, and a sense of belonging, adding another layer of social dynamics to our game.

For those with leadership aspirations, there will be the ability to create Clans – mini DAOs that exist within the overarching Aden Castle Town DAO. Forming a clan requires three Proof of Blood (POB ERC-1155 tokens) – rare and valuable assets that add an element of intrigue and competition to our world. Clans offer their members exclusive benefits and allow them to influence the universal direction of L2W3, making them an enticing prospect for players who want to leave their mark on-chain.

Our vision for Aden Castle Town is ambitious – we aim to create not just a game, but a living, evolving world, a grand socio-economic experiment where your decisions matter.

More details regarding the cluster of contracts and contract functions, tokenomics, and overall strategy, including g2m model, fundraising, MMs and LPs, marketing, and more will be revealed over time. If you're here early, you'll see the entire thing transforming from text to pragmatism. Thanks for your support and enjoy the adventure

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