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So what do people do for fun in this game?
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Author:  Herlitz [ Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: So what do people do for fun in this game?

It's kind of hard to explain it... There isn't really anything specific that I could point you to, it's just either you feel it... Or you don't. Closest you get to 'fun' part I guess are the castle sieges or olympiad, but over 90% of the game is just farming, often for hours at the same spot. Huge part of L2 though is making new contacts, too. But in the end the selling pitch is "spend countless hours in farming and then show off in olympiad" or something along the lines.

btw. Classic (version/patch that you play) is mostly targeted at oldschool, hardcore players. It's by far the slowest version of L2. You might be better of trying some other version, e.g. "High Five", though I don't follow the private server scene too much to point you to any specific server :?

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