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L2 Wicked Reborn
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Author:  Iwanoff [ Tue Nov 09, 2021 3:26 pm ]
Post subject:  L2 Wicked Reborn

Discord:  L2Wicked


GRAND OPENING: 20.11.2021
BETA: 10.10.2021 TILL 13.10.10

Server Information

Retail gameplay.
All quests working.
GM Shop till B Grade.

Custom Recipe (for the angelic armor & weps)
Retail Epic Raids.
Special Wicked Boss (respawn 1 week with big drop)

No pay to win server.
You can't donate: Armors, Weapons, RB Jews, Premium accounts with bonuses.
All players are equal!
Fair gameplay!

Server Rates

EXP - x75
SP - x75
Adena - x5
Drop - x25
Spoil - x25
Seal Stones - x12
Quest Reward - x2
Raid Boss - x5
Quest Drop - x7
Weight Limit - x100

Enchant Rates 

Safe - +3
Max - +16
Normal Scrolls - 60% till+12
Blessed Scrolls - 66% (Dynamic) till+12
Crystal Scrolls - 50% from +12 till +16
Blessed Scrolls Ability - After fail it goes to +3
Crystal Scroll Ability - After fail remain the same enchant

Game Settings 

Starting level: 1.
Free Class Upgrade.
Max buffs 28+6
Buffs Time: 1h
Auto learn skills
Subclass cost 100kk Adena
Max Subclass: 4
Elfs can learn Dark Elfs classes
Starting Adena: 300 000
Inventory Slot: 200
Inventory Slot Dwarfs: 250
Auto loot
Vote rewards on every 12h


- Automatic get reward from hopzone.

- Automatic get reward from l2jbrasil.

- Ability to go sell offline.

- Set auto recover HP/MP/CP (you need to have potions).

- To check the server time.


Olympiad Period every 7 days

Participants are healed fully on their CP/HP/MP when they enter in the stadium

Skill refresh after the match over.

Olympiad operates daily from 20:00 GMT +2 to 00:00 GMT +2.
Olympiad minimum participants requirement to start is 11.
Olympiad minimum participants requirement for base class to start is 6.
Olympiad competition Time: 5 min.
Olympiad Stadium Preparation: 45 seconds.
Olympiad minimum participants requirement for base class to start is 6.
Olympiad minimum participants requirement for base class to start is 6.

Custom Items

12 Special Agathions


Angelic Weapons
Like S Grade but +2% stats more

Angelic Armor
Like S Grade but +5% stats more


Custom Costumes and Hats

Special Mobs

You can find the Special Monster Buffs in Hellbound zone.
- The buff's last 2 minutes.
- Monsters respawn time 2-3 min random.
- The buffs can't stack.
- If you kill the same monster when you have buff, the effects of the new buff won't be applied.
- Mage buff: Increases casting speed by 10% and Magic attack by 30%
- Fighter buff: Increases the atak speed by 10% and P.attack by 30%

New Npc Slots

Special Slots Game.
You can win random items.


L2 Wicked Daily Event

Everyday at 20:00 (Server Time) the mobs will be spawned.
You can join the event from the global gatekeeper.
Event will end at 21:00 (server time)

From the event, you can earn slots tickets.

L2 Wicked Christmas Event

From 8.12.2021 till 31.12.2021 
We will start special Christmas Event.
The players need to collect special items which the mobs will drop.
After collecting the items, they can exchange for Christmas Trees, Christmas Suits (red and blue) and Special Snow Fall Aura.

Author:  Iwanoff [ Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: L2 Wicked Reborn

Сървъра ще е онлайн утре в 18:00. Очакваме Ви!

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