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 Post subject: [L2 OFF] Euro-PVP x100 "mid" Interlude 16.11.2013 10k online
PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:14 pm 

Joined: Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:37 pm
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Server Rates:

XP: x100
SP: x100
Drop Adena: x100
Drop Items: x30
Spoil: x25
Quest: x15
Raid x10

Ze swojej strony dodam że mają już postawioną x1200 (typowy RU) i mają na niej w godzinach szczytu (około ~20:00 naszego czasu) ponad 4k+ online, teraz stawiają x100 international na którym zakładają około 10k online na starcie, co może się udać, gdyż na open beta mają w szczycie 1k+ online, serwerek jest dość przyjemny, byłem na beta, sprawdzałem typowy interlude z npc-kami, bez farm zone, stuff dobrze ogarnięty, prowadzi cały czas prace nad serwerem, właśnie są w trakcie tłumaczenia npc-ków na angielski gdyż większość będzie mówiła w 2 językach do wyboru (Angielski i Rosyjski). Wybieram sie tam z całym klanem grającym ze sobą ponad rok jeśli ktoś chce do nas dołączyć i zagrać z nami, zapraszam na wypełnij formularz rekrutacyjny i zarejestruj konto na stronie, aktywujemy je po rozpatrzeniu pozytywnie formularza (poszukujemy deska, bp, ol inne klasy pisać w podaniu)


What awaits you at the start :

All characters appearing in the standard locations.
In all places, the appearance arranged all the necessary services .
All the characters appear with TOP NG things.
The character at the start of a invertare a small start-up capital .

What awaits you on the server :

High-quality assembly, which corresponds to the official server Interlude
Unique Auction in the game, the server will make the market more advanced and relevant.
Unique in-game mail between characters , the ability to trade on " the protection (code ) ."
Unique secondary character password protection ! Read more .
Unique Buffer, Shop, Profession.
Unique panel ALT + B.
Unique EVENT "Fight Club ."
Respawn of Raid Boss - by offu !
Drop In all pe added sweets !
Respawn Nouble RaidBoss - 3:00 + - 30 minutes.
Raid Boss respawn on the ally quest - 12-24 hours!
Qualitative Geodata and geo -based platform that will add to the comfort of the game .
Getting a profession or as an NPC in the ALT + B.
Convenience store to B Grade . Recipes for A grade you can get for Euro- coins that fall from above level 78 mobs at 5% probability.
It is also available in the store , " Mamon " with all its functions .
The server is great and convenient buffer to store the profiles and buff pets.
Pacifiers / Boom us endless , you do not need to buy them!
On the server, there are two levels of mobs champions , they have a higher award ( h3/h5 ) and enhanced performance.
Under BUFF 36 slots available , all BUFF lasts 2 hours.
Implemented and available offline sales and craft.
Trip command experience, automatic call , chat.
On our server, you need not worry about the portability of things your character ! Things we did not have the weight! Ditto for things available to you 250 cells in invertare.
Chance sharpening simple scroll'ami - 60 % on all items. Chance sharpening blessed scroll'ami - 65 % on all items.
Maximum sharpening weapons +16, +14 clothing and jewelry .
The maximum number of allowed SUB- classes - 5 without taking the quest !
While using the command / unstuck - only 15 seconds .
The number of recovered MP jar at a time - 500 .
Unique TVT, CTF, and 2 more copyright opening event .
Legendary tournament 1x1 in automatic mode! Read more .
Now you do not need to go noobless fully available in the store a few things.
The best protection against all kinds of programs .
Protection against hacking of your accounts ! Binding system to IP / Hwid.
Period Olympiad server - 1 month , anti- cheat points. Restrictions on the six things !
A chance to get a weapon skill of PM : TOP - 10 %; HIGH - 7 %; MID - 5 %; Life - 3%.
Siege on the server every 2 weeks.
For murder in PVP you get 50,000 , note the bonus system will be available in 3 days after the opening of the server !

Respawn Epic Raid Boss:

Ant Queen - 24 hours (+ / - 2 hours) .
Kore - 36 hours (+ / - 4 hours).
Zaken - 48 hours ( + / - 2 hours).
Orfen - 36 hours (+ / - 4 hours).
Baium - 5 days ( + 0-3 hours) .
Antharas - 8 days ( + 0-3 hours) .
Valakas - 11 days.
Frintezza - 49 hours.
Epik implemented at all AoE / PvP zone.

The game is available for purchase Premium Account, bonuses : XP, SP, Adena - 200x, Items - 60x, Spoil - 50x, Quest - 15x, Raid - 15x.

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 Post subject: Re: [L2 OFF] Euro-PVP x100 "mid" Interlude 16.11.2013 10k on
PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:30 pm 

Joined: Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:37 pm
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Zmiana startu na 15.11.2013 godzina 19:00 GMT+2

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