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[L2OFF - GF] Van Halter x1 without donation
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Author:  menma [ Fri May 22, 2020 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  [L2OFF - GF] Van Halter x1 without donation

Welcome comrades!
This is a description of the Van Halter server.


The server is a classic Lineage 2 game server and is based on the Gracia Final chronicles.

The server platform is L2OFF, which allows us to use the official game mechanics and the gameplay as close as possible to the original.
Our credo: a classic, long-running server without donation with original mechanics and gameplay, where players themselves manage the world and the economy. Without premium characters, without RMT, without purchased clans, without the crazy trends of these years.

Server rates:

Exp/Sp/Drop/Spoil/Quest/Fame - x1

Changes that have been made:

Opportunity to purchase your first profession from Special Manager for Adena
.offline - offline shop for 24 hours (5,000 adena)
.itemlock - set a password for the character stuf
Reduced energy reduction rate (Vitality)
Possibility to pump sub-class of up to 85 levels.
The ability to use certification skills in the subclass.
Continent Gracia will be closed until the first Beleth is killed
The rewards for the Supply Check quest have been changed, now the magic classes will receive the Devotion set as a reward, and the Wolf Summoning Bracelet (15 days) is also added to the general reward.
Solo Kamaloka - available without a premium account.
Added gift system for reaching a certain level.

Otherwise, the levels of all monsters and bosses, the time of their appearance, the requirements for entering the time zones and epic bosses, as well as rollbacks and rewards correspond to the official ones.

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