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Remorse - Classic [x3] - 21.02.2020
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Author:  Remorse [ Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Remorse - Classic [x3] - 21.02.2020



Grand Opening date: 21 February
Grand Opening time:
• 10:00 UTC-8 Pacific Time (US)
• 11:00 UTC-7 Mountain Time (US)
• 15:00 UTC-3 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
• 18:00 UTC (London, United Kingdom)
• 19:00 UTC+1 (Berlin, Germany)
• 21:00 UTC+3 (Moscow, Russian Federation)

• XP x3
• SP x3
• Adena x2
• Spoil x2
• Drop x2
• Epic Boss Drop x1
• Raid Boss Drop x1

Maximum accounts PC : 3.
Adrenaline bot totally prohibited. NO SECOND CHANCE.

Balanced economy.

• One of our goals is to provide you with the most balanced economy.
• So we have reworked certain drop rates and chances to have the most balanced market.


• One of the main features of this chronicle is the confort with provides you with. From character development to a easy to use interface and game mechanics such as Auto-farm, buffer and much more elements wich will be all explained on this wiki.
• The game is designed to not be hard but also not easy to guarantee a long and healthy life time.

ImageRevelation of Limit

The project has a level restriction system, which depends on the degree of evolution of the server - Revelation of Limit. There are three stages of revelation which are regulated directly by players. The Limits impose a restriction only on the maximum level of characters which can be obtained before the next Stage of Revelation of Limit.

Step-By-Step Unlocking Limit Levels

• First Step - Maximum Level 65
• Second Step - Maximum Level 75
• Third Stage - all restrictions for maximum level are completely removed.

All game content is always available, there are no restrictions on it! Except maximum allowable level of the character. We are announcing minimum requirements for disclosing limit steps, so that each player can try their hand at available content and take participate in all global gaming events that affect server life.

Minimum Requirements for Disclosing the Second Stage of the Limit

• Amount of characters who have reached level 65 - 400
• Amount of characters with a second profession - 800
• Amount of B grade items on the server - 500
• Killing the epic boss Queen Ant - 2 times
• Level 1 Clan Arena progress achieved. Arenas 1-5 has been completed and acquired Clan Exuberance lvl.1 Amount of clans - 4

Minimum Requirements for Disclosing the Third Stage of the Limit

• Amount of characters who have reached level 75 - 200
• Amount of characters with completed quest Saga of Legend - 100
• Killing the epic boss Zaken - 2 times
• Level 3 Clan Arena progress achieved. Arenas 11-15 has been completed and acquired Clan Exuberance lvl.3 Amount of clans - 4
• Giran Castle has been captured

ImageAuto-farm system


Auto-use next target (Alt+Z) allows automatic change of target for your character and facilitates auto-hunting.
You can set auto-looting, distance to target and your attacks. The settings allow you to choose comfortable hunting mode.


When polite hunting mode is on, your character doesn't target monsters who are targeted by other players.
Try to set polite hunting mode when you are using auto-use next target function. Choosing this mode you show good sportmanship.


When setting up your auto-hunting you need to register skill and attack in the fast use slot.
After you have set up a skill into the fast use slot, right-click on it to activate
Auto-attack moves sequentially from the first slot, so you can arrange the skills in the preferred order.


Auto-consume supplies allow you to use combat supplies automatically.
You can turn auto-consume on and off.
Read the tooltops to learn if a specific item can be set on auto-consume


Drag your items into the auto-use slots. Right-click on the item you want to use automatically.
Auto-use does not work in peaceful zones.

All features here

ImageTeleport system


Choosing the Gatekeeper's Teleport menu or clicking the Teleport icon on the Notification window opens the teleport window.
The teleport wiondow let you teleport to a town or hunting ground of your choice.
To teleport , you need to pay a certain amount of adena.
Zaken Bridge,Tower of Insolance (5th Floor, 12th Floor , 13th Floor - FREE)


Clicking the Teleport icon on the map or double-clicking the town list of Town Teleport enables you to teleport to the selected town.


Clicking the town in Town Teleport allows you to view the hunting ground teleport list.
Double-click a hunting ground or click the icon on the map to teleport to the chosen hunting ground.

ImageGodess Blessing - Buff System


How does buffer works?

Players receive 14 buffs from Buffer NPC "Goddess Blessing" in every town.
Level of buffs received depending on average character's level of the server.
The average character's level of the server is updated every day at 6:30 AM.

Buffer Fee;

Goddess Blessing is free for characters below level 40.
For characters level 40+ each buff of Goddess of Blessing has an 1320 adena fee up to a maximum of 18480 adena fee (14 buffs). Refill effect time without fee.

Available buff's (60 minutes duration);

Vampiric Rage ,Clarity, Berserker Spirit, Wild Magic, Empower, Acumen, Shield, Might, Magic Barrier, Wind Walk, Haste, Death Whisper, Focus, Recover MP, Recover HP

Display of icons depend on Race but effects are the same (Just visual)
ImageImageImage Kamaels

ImageImageImage Orcs

ImageImageImage Dark Elfs ; Elfs and Humans

ImageImageImage Dwarfs


Author:  Remorse [ Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Remorse - Classic [x3] - 21.02.2020



Author:  Remorse [ Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Remorse - Classic [x3] - 21.02.2020

This sunday 200€ Tournament


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