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 Post subject: L2J H5 L2 Ultimate
PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:40 am 

Joined: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:38 am
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We will not say it is the best server or the worst we will let you decide on it. Come and test it!

Main Page

Forum / Comunity

[url] [/url]

Experience (EXP) 25x
Skill Points (SP) 25x
Adena 50x
Drop for Spoil 25x
General Drop 25x

Safe Enchant +4
Max. Enchant +16
Normal Scroll chance 65%
Blessed Scroll chance 70%
Max donation enchant is +12
Elemental Max. Level Level 7
Elemental Stone chance 60%
Elemental Crystal chance 50%

Buffs, Dances, Songs Duration 2 hours
Buff Slots 30+4/12
Max. Clients per PC 5
Olympiads Max. Enchant +6
Sub-Class Max. Level 85
Off-line Shop mode
Auto Learn Skills
Vitality System
Wedding System
Class Master

Team vs. Team
Last Man Standing
Treasure Hunt
Korean Style
Capture the Flag

There are 3 custom raids in 3 different zones with very good drop
Maximum number of slots for Private Store is 50
The maximum level for subclass is up to level 85
Multiple commands with advanced options, see them in com board
Real number of players is visible using command .online (shops included)
You can view a monster drop rate and list by using shift+click
Olympiad - Heroes are formed every ~ 15 days, on 1 and 15 at 00:15 GMT +2
Advanced Community Board with lots of new features for perfect play
Advanced NPC buffer with almost all skills and up to 5 schemes per character
Special Quiz event every 5 hours with over 200 questions and GCM reward

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 Post subject: Re: L2J H5 L2 Ultimate
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 10:29 pm 

Joined: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:38 am
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Hello guys,

I invite you to Mid rate server, now on beta, on server you
will find after a long work a new server core , a new and better class
balance and much more.

About this project:

What you can find on this new project:
1. A new enchanting system.
2. 3 custom raids with new and better drop
3. Much more on the server, no point to write all here :D

This is a small one man project.
You won’t find thousands of players here. You won’t find faceless crowds.

I’m here.

You can talk to me directly on:

Facebook ->

Website ->

Teamspeak 3
My goal is not to get as many players as possible. They will decide if they will stay.
My goal is to maintain healthy community and provide fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who wants it.

Any ideea, reports please write them on Forum ->

Best regard L2 Ultimate Team

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 Post subject: Re: L2J H5 L2 Ultimate
PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:13 pm 

Joined: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:38 am
Posts: 3
We are glad to announce THE GRAND OPENING of the server will be on 6 DECEMBER (18:00 GMT+ 2) !! More info on forum ->>

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 Post subject: Re: L2J H5 L2 Ultimate
PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:49 am 

Joined: Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:39 pm
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Well, since i got temporary ban for 12 h or so, on this server, seems like a good ideea :D to write a few words of my 15 min experience.

For a high rate server, it's actually... not bad, from the moment you start, you have some automated scripts, that auto equip you with d grade when you reach lvl 20 ( wich is in like 2 min at most), gives you suggestion if you want to teleport to new grinding zone with just 1 click, depening on the level, so you level up .. pretty fast, this beeing the reason i probably got temp banned, needed new weapon and gear, and i made a clan when i was in town, and spent money on that also, so... i made 2 or 3 don;t recall, alt chars so i can trade myself the staring adena, wich is 10kk :D and i got banned... oh well.. :D

But overall, not bad... good suggestion would be, to remove the global chat restriction for 80+ level, nobody will spam the chat anyway, to low populated for that, people that come to a new server, ussually want to say "hi" on global chat to see if they are alone or not. If you are that affraid of spam, you can put a chat delay, but don't restrict it based on level.

That's all :D I`ll prolly give it another go, make new acc, hopefully i can still make them, coz i`m not gonna wait 12 hours after i played 12 min... so i can play again.. :D

(later edit. well this is just sad.. :D i can't make new acc to farm some adena untill the other one gets unbanned.... damn :D )

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