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 Post subject: [L2OFF] Asterios H5 x5
PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:49 am 
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This is a x5 H5 highly populated Russian server.

It has some improvements/customizations like for example, you can access both the new and old dragon valley or plains of the lizardmen. Both universes exist on the same server, like instances.

Register new account

If you use the link above you will receive a Gold Coin after changing 2nd class (they sell for around 100kk).
Or you can use their site ( ) and receive nothing at all, your choice.

Also there's an "auction house like" NPC where you can for example search for "Soulshots A" and it will tell you which players are currently selling it ordered by price ascending! You can then select the best price and It will target the player and run to him, you can find the cheapest item in seconds! All items for sale (and buy) are listed on this NPC in Giran.

Main Differences and specifics of Servers (taken from their forums):


-Sub-classes can be leveled till 85

-Prophet possesses Special skill, which enables party buff with cos of additional mana. Also has Vampiric Rage, Improved Critical attack and Improved Shield defence.

-Modified locations(made high level) locations have other channels in which old versions of locations are aviable, in order to get there one must use special gatekeeper, return is aviable trough Scroll of Escape. In these location quests remove by high level modification may work, besides specific location there may be nothing else, Do not try to Travel to other location while in other channel.


-Sacrifice can not be used for self heal.

-Counter Critical replaces Chant of Protection

-Lightning Shock and other skills with paralyse effect can not be inflicted twice

-"Monsters-Champions" immune to skills with paralyse, Fear and lethal effects

-Some Dances and Songs provides additional bonus when used together.

-Prophecy of Fire provides with 20%MP regen instead of HP

-While in instance Party Return affects whole party regarding the distance.

-With command ".cfg" is possible to block Party Recall (System will ask for confirmation same as with summoning).


-On certain ammount of Vitality depletion in non-instanced zones (Rift and chamber of delusion are instance) player receives Magic Gem (Quest item, untradeable)

-Upon entrance of Kamaloka, Labyrinth of the Abyss 81/83 1 magic Gem is required

-Upon entrance of Cavern of the Pirate Captain (daydream) 78+ 3 Magic Gems required.

-Upon entrance of Ice Queen's Castle 4 Magic gems required

-Dimensional Rift / Delusion Chamber: Possible to increase difficulity level (and reward), by talking with room manager.

-Kamaloka,Labyrinth of the Abyss: Increased bonus for Destroying guards, Boss is empowered if guards are skipped, skipping 2nd room - bad idea, boss Magic attack depends on it. Rooms has to be cleared completely in order to weaken boss.


-all quests offered by Newbie guide on lvl 2 are made equal in order to take off pressure from Kamael Village

-All class quest monster respawn time is increased.

-Chain quest from Newbie Helper rewards once in a week

-Don't know, Don't Care - Party with most damage dealt is rewarded instead of kk?

-Legendary Tales - Party with most damage dealt is rewarded instead of Last hitting.

- Tired of waiting - Disabled Large dragon bone acquisition


-Premium pets may use Silver Shilen as food

-Improved baby Buffalo, Improved baby Cougar and White weasel Posess Recharge

-Unable to recharge pets with Recharge abilities

-Turtle Ascetic Summon Bracelet Buff only owner (unaviable on some servers)

-Summons get bonuses from owners Epic jewerly


-Purchases with adena and Crystals are possible in Luxury Shop

-Rare item craft chance depends on Crafters level

-Armour may be rare

-Equiping item with skill initiates 5 sec cooldown.

- Increased effect of Grade penalty on Magic attacks


-Nevit Advent Blessing and Reccomendation Bonus disabled

-Additional commands aviable for players (Further information may follow)

-Some features reffered as bugs are made on purpose (Further information may follow)

Translated by Rafiki

Featurea which may Be considered as Bugs.

Because of reasons these differences will not be changed.End of discussion.

*While crafting (Except private manufacture) recipes from book are being used, not from inventory.

*Sub-class change during 3rd class quests are unaviable.

*During Raid quests not necessary to last hit,it's enough with participation (Except Don't know,don't Care and Legendary Tales in which party with most dmg inflicted is awarded)

*Armour can be rare and provide with additional set bonus

*Unable to recharge pets using recharge (Improved baby kokaburra, improved baby buffalo etc.)

*It's possible to change beneficial cast skill target with Aggression on yourself (Tank can force enemy healer to heal him)

*Counter Critical replaces chant of protection

These are not bugs at all:

*If exp gain stops on 99%, exp block is on, you can turn it off using .cfg menu

*Private stores (Sell/Purchase/Manufacture) are affected by trade tax

*Lightning shock and other skills with paralyse effect can not be affected twice

*Infinity Spear Base chance of cancel is 80%. Administration does not thinks it is wise to make it 100%.

*Clan Hall price

*Changing sub-class and main class does not reset cooldown timers

*Skill burned down on enchanting reflects as Enchanted on hot bar for a while (till relog or restart)

*After Fort capture clan can not register for any other fort siege

*For succesfull character deletion should do it 5 minutes after logging him off (or disable exit delay in .cfg)

*"Monsters-Champions" are immune to skills with effects of paralyse,fear, lethal etc.

*Hat Vizor (and maybe other similar) are not displayed on female characters as it should be equipped by male characters.

*Impossible to wake up your summon, except with special scrools, aka Official Bug

*If monster has 50k HP, Lethal(TU(and analogs for tanks) or arbas roulette) will not work

*Small and large CP potions share Cool-down.

*During siege Knight's Epaulette drops for attacker only

*In "Trade" Giran Harbour Title,Clan tag and Clan name display on Characters is disabled.

*Command "/target" on characters containing russian symbols work only with consideration of rEgIsTeR

*For deletion of character it's neccesary to log in after period of 7 days.Final deletion is made while logging into server. Not actual since 26760

*Song of Elemental and Dance of Alignment highly empowers defencive abilities if combined with analogical defencive songs/dances

*MAYBE, for instance Zaken Command Channel required.

*If player whom you are messaging has blocked you, message of him being offline will pop up.

*Changes of Prophet class

*Counter critical does not stack with Chant of Protection

*Sub-classes can level till 85

*Abscence of character with desired name does not always mean it's aviable.

*Turtle Ascetic Summon Bracelet buffs only Owner

*During trade between 2 characters it is possible to overload inventory by mass and space

*Premium pets drain 15% of exp (incoming I guess)

*Skill Gate chant may activate without party

*Dances and Songs may be rebuffed without penalty 30 sec before effect end.

*Removed limitations for dynasty armour ....? I'm quite new to lineage so I am unable to translate this one

*While offtrade crafting it's possible to leave a pet summoned (upon log in with character or server restart pet is withdrawn)

*If character has no transsfer skills then request to delete them deletes all pomanders and returns base number of them.

*Unified newbies guide quest(mentioned above)

*During sieges Pets can be ressurected, limitations affect only players

*Reduced value of required players in command channel for some instances, for optional farm groups.Final Emperial Tomb - 18 instead of 36, Seed of Destruction - 18 instead of 27, Ice queen's Castle - 9 instead of 10.

*Wind Strike level 1 can not be cast on non-flagged characters

*Flags do not work in Siege zones

*Maximal size of clans reduced to 110 people:
Main - 30
academy - 30
Royal - 20
Knight - 10
If limit has been exceeded spare characters are not erased, but new character recruitment is not possible.

Translated by Rafiki

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