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 Post subject: Lineage 2 Rebirth - Reborn Gracia 2 Server
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:33 pm 

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Lineage ][ Rebirth-Reborn
- Server Status -

Server information:

Experience: 3000x
Spell Points: 3000x
Adena: 5000x
Party rates: 6000x

Enchant Rates:
Safe enchant: +3
Maximum enchantment: +16
Normal Enchant scrolls: 70% Of success.
Crystal Enchant scrolls: 90% Of success.


Skills: Full working lvl 81 skills,balanced for everyone.
Classes are being fully balanced for great PvP.
Non-elementaly mages so the PvP is fair.
Raid bosses are being all customized with special drops,and special levels.
Special inventory item "Scepter of Darkness" that enables you all the custom NPCs. When you use it,it opens an access menu as a GM Menu. GM Shop/Augments/Clan/Symbol Maker/Buffer/Warehouse/Subclasses.
In it you'll be able to buy items 'til B Grade free.Consumables free and many more items that will be free for you.
Special Class Changer.The special class changer will pop-up when you reach a level wich is needed to be made a class change and so on untill S Grade,it won't be necessary to go to town changing the class each time you level up.
Custom olympiad. In it all the matches are made up with +0 gears so the matches are fair for all the participants of all classes.
Schemes buffer is on your side too,you can customize your schemes in the way you want,you can choose from most of the buffs that are in the game.Your buff slots are unlimited for better experience.
We provide our players with a special PvP system.
Q:How the system works?
A:The system is specially made to count PvPs, when you kill a player you will earn a "Nia's Golden Wyvern" a coin with wich you can buy many interesting things from the custom PvP shop,also there is a GODLIKE system for 20 kills without being killed,on each 5 you recieve a reward,if your killing spree is stopped,the one who did will recieve a reward depends on how high PvP count he stopped the player.
Q:What can i get with Nia's Golden Wyvern?
A:By collecting the coins you can buy special made tattoos,bracelets,and a wyvern with which you can fly without having a castle or something,you can buy a Caradinne's letter,wich is the final quest item for noblesse,or by reaching 200 PvP you automatically earns the letter.There are many kind of bonus custom items to buy with coins.Tattoos for attack speed,casting speed,p.atk,m.atk or HP/CP Boosting ones,also bracelet to incrase main stats with +1,like WIT,INT,MEN,CON,DEX,STR etc.

The Team
- Owner of the server.
- Core developer.
- Owner of the server.
- Core developer.
- DP Developer.
- Game Moderator itself.
- DP Developer.
- Skill fixer,changer.
- Head GameModerator.
- Fully accessed GM.
- Fully accessed GM.

What makes us stand out from other PvP Servers

-No Insane Enchants
-No Corrupt GM's
-Active GM's
-Working Skills
-Constant Updates
-Donators cannot get anything that a player cannot get themselves, they just simply get it faster
-Database backups every day.

May the Gods be with you for the next Reborn!

- Guide: How to connect -
Q:How to connect to the server?
A:The connection for the moment is pretty easy to make.
1)You need to have Lineage ][ Gracia 2 Client,if no download it by: [list]
GamersHell Mirror 1
FilePlanet Mirror 2

2)Install the Retail Version and fully update by double klick on "Lineage2.exe" wich is located in Lineage 2 folder.
3)After that you need to go at C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\ (wich is optional for everyone,i mean you might have windows in D:\ So just in the Local Disk where you've installed Windows).There you will find a file named "hosts" (without the quotes) press it with the 2nd mouse button and choose Open With... than you open it with Text Editor program such as "Notepad" and you need to delete the containing and type:

# Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.
# For example:
#          # source server
#              # x client host       localhost

Than exit and save.
4)Go to the folder where you've installed Lineage 2 and open "system" folder you'll find an l2.exe wich is the exe that start the game.Run it and wait to load when loaded just type the account you wish to create and it will automatically start.
5)Enjoy the server and remember to vote!

- Updates -

Updates at 05.04.2009y
-Unflagging upon death in pvp.
-Addition of Geodata.
-Added elemental/magic resistance buffs to GM buffer .
-Passive skills showing up under "active" tab is fixed.
-Raids that were 70+ are now 80 and have special drops.
-While buffing or after death, hp/mp/cp auto fills.
-Added Buff Scrolls to GM Shop for use in Events.
-Any items left on ground will now disappear after 15 minutes.
-Pets will also unflag with their owner after death.
-Scrolls are also now in GM shop and many other things that you could only get from pvp rewards before.

- Modification -

- S80 Items were removed for now because they're inbalancing the server,when the community grows maybe we will put them back ingame,for now we use Gracia 2 without S80 Items and the server is going really well.

- Ventrilo -

Ventrilo Server had been opened for better gaming here is the information:
IP of the Ventrilo server:
Port of the Ventrilo server: 3801

Enjoy talking to the server and remember We are doing all the best for you!!!

- Events -

Events in progess:

Hello everyone,
i am organizing a event called "Media Contest".
Q:What is that event?
A:In the event you need to make Video about our server and upload it in Youtube and post the link here.
Q:What must be in the video?
A:You must show the PvP system and anything you like,the winners will get really unique prizes!
Q:Its only video contest?
A:No you can make amazing screenshots too there will be 6 Winners, 3 for Video and 3 for Screenshots!
Ending date: 04.10.2009y
Note the videos in Youtube will help our population grow!
Please vote for us everyday every 12 and 24 hours for different sites!!!
Sincrecly yours,
GM-Kazumi .

- Updates -
Update 06.04.2009y
- Resist buffs are fixed agains,lowered effect so we nerf mages little so balance is bigger.

The Lineage ][ Rebirth -Reborn Staff [/center]

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