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Searching for a MID rate server.
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Author:  stefanad96 [ Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Searching for a MID rate server.

Ipam wrote:
So ... seems no1 play freya or h5... nice 25x High Five, seems potential
openning 27.03 :) 20:00 gmt+2, go try it ;) , no bot

Author:  KissMeBaby [ Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Searching for a MID rate server.

Guys Really good server Who like a Sub-Stuck 1+1 (race) system coming !!!
Now have a Beta Test coming to try
Old School^^^ Players coming !
Register Your Clan For The Opening! 1 MAY, 2020 ON!
Game Info:
Exp / SP / Adena x30
Interlude Craft Server
Subclass base + 1 (MainClass) (SubStack)
Acumulative Skill Active And Pasive. (Mastery Stacked) Potion+Haste Stacked for fighter !
Third Change Quest.
SubClas Killing Rad.
Safe + 3
Max Armor / Jewelry + 10
Weapon Max + 16
Events: TVT - Survive - All Vs All - Capture the Flag - 1vs1
Greater Swift Attack Potion, does not replace Haste Buff.
Top LS - 15% / High LS - 10% / Mid LS - 5%
Max 1 Active + 1 Passive skill
Auto Learn Skills.
Auto Loot.
No Weight Penalty.
Class Masters Enabled.
Clan Hall System.
25 Second Unstuck Command.
Spawn Protection.
Sieges Working.
Buff NPC information:
Max Buff slot machine: 30 + 4.
Buff Time: Prophet & Overlord & Warcryer -1 hours.
Dance & Songs & CoV and Prophecies - 30 Minutes.
Queen's Blessing + Seraphim - 5 Minutes.

Author:  tutanka [ Mon May 11, 2020 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Searching for a MID rate server.

Today its 1 month since x50 interlude server opened. Pvp fights still with 300 ppl

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help.
You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General Discussion
Add Master work items - When trying to create items of grade B or higher, there is a small (~ 6%) chance of creating a rare item. Rare items give some bonuses compared to ordinary ones.
Start event Medals Collecting - Medals Collecting May 12 - May 20 - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude
Due voting on discord, we back Epics to evening respawn time. Exactly time of respawning next Epic RB we will give after server restart.
Infernal Form (dark Form) - skill back to Tyrants

About new location on HellBound - we still work on it. Will be ready from next Tuesday (May 19).
This is hard location with unique mobs AI, and interesting gameplay. We need be 100% sure all work properly, that's why need more time.
On HB will be few locations:
Port Arean near Harbor - solo player's area without pvp zone, in drop LS, Enchants, Codex
Ancient Temple Remnants - location with undead mobs without pvp zone, in drop LS, Enchants, Codex
Enchanted Megalith - good drop pvp zone, more chances to drop LS, Enchants, Codex
Sand Swept Dunes - good drop pvp zone, more chances to drop LS, Enchants, Codex
Also, on HB will be 2 RB with good drop.

Author:  Kazaks [ Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Searching for a MID rate server.

Any x10-15 IL High Quality L2Off with little P2W opening soon?

Author:  kiba1337 [ Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Searching for a MID rate server. 12x C4 - Grand Opening 14 August 2020

Key features:

Minimum Pay2Win compared to other servers
Nectar obtainable from TVT & voting (uniquely adjusted rewards)
PP, SE - Buffs at NPC Buffer (2H Duration)
Songs, Dances, Pet buffs & Prophecies not available at NPC - retail duration
Max box limit per client: 2
All C grade equips available for crystals at Giran Luxury
B grade armor recs available at GM Shop
Low B grade weapon recs available at GM shop
Sweep Festival added for spoiler, Zealot added for Tyrant & Destro, Trick & Switch adjusted to remove target
Everything else is retail and tested
Experienced software developers & GMs

Author:  LuckyBee [ Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Searching for a MID rate server.

Everyone can try L2 Toxic which is a very stable server.
The main thing is that this server is alive for 10 years at least and players from back then do still play this server. Pvp happens mostly Friday, Saturday during epics and Castle.500 ppl on pvp fights.
Easy to get at the top. Server provides donator's currencies with farming (harder of course and time consuming but still possible).

Gracia Final x50

Vesper Noble Top Armor/weapon

Possible via farm Dynasty +12 and +15(getting harder from +12 to +15)(at +12 dyna is almost equal to vesper +4)

Server just restarted at December of 2019 to change some things and make the Dyna armor easier.

Oly with max S+6 (Oly Sets exists for top Oly armor)

enchant +3 safe

Attribute System

Drop Rate Increased

Spoiler possible but not neccesary, warlord and titan best farming chars.

You will need a good farm for a half a month and then you are good to go for pvp.

Rewarding server.

Just people thinks that server is dead and they don't come there but believe me it's alive and it is balanced. Give it a try. Try being there at Friday's night. People nationalities are going from Eastern Europe to South America.

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