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 Post subject: Re: L2Reborn Interlude Retail x1
PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:40 pm 

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asktrol wrote:
Sadly it has come to this, all my messages on the discord are deleted so I guess ill have to bring the discussion to a place where they won't.

For a bit of context, I have been playing on Reborn since March 2020, I do not have any account banned in-game (yet) and I was a pretty active player on the discord/game / helping the staff, most of the people know me as Frozenn.

I have recently brought to light some issues with the server, mainly the fact that a GM has been playing and scammed an entire clan but ofc, all that was deleted, and I was banned from the discord, after which I was insulted and shamed by the staff team to paint me in a bad light to disprove my claims.
Here I leave my reply to those claims, and if need be I will elaborate on the fact that GM Nikita is in fact the player known as Pringo.

So it has come to this, I'm forced to use a third-party program to defend myself from accusations thrown at me because people have gone full censorship mode and delete any comments, which is funny because these same people complain about getting harassed in places where they can't defend themselves, yet are proud to do the same to other.

So let us start by looking at why I was banned, which is a funny case because I didn't break any rule when I made my post, I specifically avoided using any private messages or anything like that to avoid getting banned yet it didn't matter, I was banned alongside all my accounts.

The reason given for my ban was "harassing a staff member" which is a funny thing because it's something I didn't do since the staff team proudly claimed that Nikita wasn't Pringo, so how did I harass Nikita if all I did was say that Pringo scammed Insane alliance? I guess that one is easy to put together.
After came the claims of "Staff members are allowed to keep their privacy" response which, again, if Nikita isn't Pringo, he still kept his privacy? Apparently, people aren't allowed to speculate if GMs play the server, which is completely crazy to me, people aren't even allowed to discuss things now? Not even China has this much censorship.

Going back to the most recent post you accuse me of "Trying to set up doubt in this community" which is pretty funny when all I did was post a public PMFun thread on a private discord server (not even those are safe it seems). Altho this doesn't surprise me since you have no spun that narrative and say that I made that same PMFun post which is just hilarious to me when we have talked privately about this and we both know who made the post!

After this, you claim that I "have been banned several times before for similar things in the past" which is also extremely funny when you know 95% of my bans were always unjustified, especially because it was you that always unbanned me, but again gotta spin that narrative.

You proudly claim that "punishment has been delivered" and that you will "get rid of certain persons (again)we won't doubt it for a minute", which proves that you truly are biased towards certain topics.

And now the end of the post, the biggest gold mine to take away out of this entire situation is you showing your true colors, proudly claiming "Talking about this topic / commenting... will be punished with a permanent ban. No matter if it privately or publicly, in-game or in discord". This has to be the most absurd and out of touch comment I have ever seen in this discord, you are proud to say you will ban anyone that even thinks about this topic, even if they do it in places not even related to you guys, claiming that you will even ban people for private messages (just like you did when people were talking about etina, ironic). You people are so out of touch that you are acting like dictators, and the only thing I have to tell you guys is that dictatorships end at the hands of the people.

Again, I'm sorry I had to make a post on a random website, but if I post on the discord I'm silenced, because that's the way people deal with problems, by silencing the players.

Best regards, Frozenn

You quit playing the server, and now you keep spreading conspiratory information. I don't know if these info are true, but coming from you, I'm inclined not to believe.

Just like you did with Alienated alliance. You quit playing, and seems like you wanted it to die altogether, never did anything to help it rebuild.


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 Post subject: Re: L2Reborn Interlude Retail x1
PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 7:55 am 
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zero471 wrote:
wow are we back in 2007? so much drama

Yeah lol exactly what I was thinking :D


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