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 Post subject: Re: Unconventional prophet
PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:25 pm 
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Gloomy wrote:
I got the point of bw+nm, a mechanic I didn't think of. Well here it is then, seems I'll have to just go with the flow and be on BW L. One last thing, what's your suggestion for rune? Do you agree with either super pdef or hp%? I've been also fancying the idea of healing power / aeore.

I'll be shooting out of the dark with that one, but my guess is that the %HP would be a nice all-arounder. The nice thing about this Classic SA system is that you can pull out the rune anytime you want and just re-sell it (sometimes even for higher price than you bought it for if you're skilled and dedicated enough to play the market game), so if you try the %HP rune and find yourself e.g. not getting enough casting speed you can just switch to casting speed Rune without any major losses, given enough time. I'm going to say one hugely important thing though - even though I have some decent hourage on the Classic Club, I've never personally played Prophet there (or on any Classic server for that matter), so all the info you're hearing is mostly based on my fairly limited theoretical knowledge. The optimal way to get absolutely the best information possible is to approach Prophet players directly on Club, e.g. via the Club's Discord.

btw. it's perhaps mostly my curiosity, but... Would you be a good sport and run the test on the Club's test server to give us numbers on Doom Heavy + casting speed rune (Super Iss 13) VS BW light + HP rune (Super Sigel 13)? We already know that based on the numbers you've provided earlier, the HP advantage for rune-less Doom hvy setup is 6.39% whereas rune-less casting speed advantage for BW light setup is 14.89%, I think it'd be quite interesting to see how the differences change with those runes


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