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 Post subject: Warlord +?
PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:04 am 

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Hey guys, its been a while i played in a GF server, and im about to start on one with a friend. We are thinking of a warlord + spoiler +boxes SE as a setup, for mostly some aoe. My question is , should we go for wolves? Or a cougar could work? Plus , can this trio go to some xhp mobs or only packs x1/2 hp? Thats because we are in seek of spoil places too :D

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 Post subject: Warlord +?
PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:08 am 

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I played a LOT with WL, mostly on GF/H5 servers.

If you know where and how to level it's one of the best classes to farm. You can easily reach 79+ with just a boxed SE without many problems. You can trio FOTG with BD and SE on 78/79+ with proper gear. On 80+, FOTG can be done with just SE.

Anyway, it's a very fun class imo, but it can be a pain in the ass if not played properly. Soloing mobs is not an option. If you want that, go for another class more versatile, like Destroyer.

With that said, getting wolf with Warlord is useless or any other pet imo, since you have SE to heal (Bless the Blood has no aggro, so you can cast while doing trains) and recharge to refuel mana. So I'd go for SE+Kooka and pole your way till 80+.

Doing duos with spoiler is very good, but on GF you dont have Sweeper Festival, so it's gonna be hard to sweep all mobs once you killed them. It can be very dissapointing for the dorf >.<

I would suggest this minimum setup:

1) SE + Kooka.
2) BH (pole+heavy geared).
3) WL (pole+heavy geared).

For BH you can get any pet you wish, since it's good to level slower to farm mats. You have two options: get kooka or wolf. It will depend on how much you are going to play together. If will be always playing together, dwarf should get kooka to help spamming spoil+AOE. If not, better go for wolf to help killing single mobs when alone.

For WL, you dont really need any pet imo. If you are boxing SE+kooka, mana should not be a problem. Having a pet while doing trains can be annoying, since it may aggro some of them randomly when casting heal/buffs or simply running.

Just some leveling tips:

For fast exp, focus on 1/2 and 1x white to green mobs with herbs. Get everything spamming AOE aggro and bring back to the spot where your SE is, alt tab, use Bless the Blood and then switch back to WL to kill everything with AOE skills.

On the other hand, you can always go for 4x mobs, specially on cata/necro. But EXP/h will be slower, you will need better equipment, but might be easier for BH to spoil.

Some good AOE spots:

25-40: Ant Nest 1x-2x solo mobs
40-48: Alligator Island 1x-2x solo mobs
40-48: Cruma 2x group mobs
43-52: Tanor Canyon 1/2x group mobs
46-54: Garden of Eva 2x group mobs
46-61: Cemetery 1x mobs
49-61: Around Oren 1/2x group mobs
55-64: Frozen Labyrinth 1/2x and 2x group mobs
52-70: Fields of Massacre 1x solo and 2x group mobs
61-72: Ancient Battle Ground on 1/2x group mobs
62-70: Silent Valley 2x solo mobs, Garden of Beasts 1x solo mobs
70-77: Swamp of Screams 1x solo and 2x group mobs
77+: FOTG, Varka, IT and so on.

Of course, everything depends on gear, buffs and your ability, but those are the places I like the most. You can always go for cata to farm AA/Spoil and to relax, OFC :)

Finally, if you really want to farm spoil, I'd go for another class, like destro or similar. WL+BH is OP only H5+ chronicle, because of better end game spots + Mass Sweep skill.

Hope I could help you.

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 Post subject: Re: Warlord +?
PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:59 pm 

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One of the most completed and accurate answers ever in pmfun! Thanks a lot! We both are pretty good in aoeing in IL, and sweeping the hell out of mobs :) I guess we are going for WL + spoiler (maybe +kooka) +boxed SE +kokka.
Thx again

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 Post subject: Re: Warlord +?
PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:37 pm 

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i myself palyed warlord a lot, second post sums up most of it. warlord is so fun to play, aoe exp isnot boring like 1 by 1 mob grind, also it is faster way to exp, and if its newwer chronicle where spoil has mass sweeper it is one of best and fastest ways to get mats, parts and recipes. or just farm random stuff u want, if its newer chronicle, and if u are in endgame or its high rates, try to get as much focus as possible on pole, also after epilogue u can add life stones on juve too, so max your crit rate, , get passive focus etc, from sub class skills also take atk speed focus and ud maybe, crits are so important, not just for killing faster, but for geting back great amount of hp :) i loved c6 times with warlord, vr was pretty op, crits also were insane, i remember farming alone with box buff like 4ever, and it wasnt hard :) after vr crit nerf u obviously need se, and with bless blood invention they became one of best duos in game. gl and keep warlord alive!

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