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 Post subject: TITAN LV 82
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:21 pm 

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I´m a new player and i new some help, i´m playing with titan level 82 on HI5

Need some tips for the dyves, what´s best for PVP/ PVE

Armor: Draconic Light
Weapon : saint spear haste + dragon hunter axe hp drain

I´ve made subs for counter barrier + haste+ defense

What tips can you give for best weapons for S80 and Armor

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 Post subject: Re: TITAN LV 82
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:35 pm 

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pve dyes: -9 con, +5 str, +4 dex
pvp dyes: can be same or -9 dex, +5 str, +4 con (2nd set up is for h5, cause when you have rush/rush impact you don't rly need speed.Plus in pvps you should always use zealot,guts/frenzy, which gives you nice a.speed + speed bonus, otherwise you cant rly kill good players in h5 chronicle).

Best S80 Armor: Moirai heavy masterwork set or normal till you make one.
Best S80 Weapons: Icarus Heavy Arms - Focus/Icarus Trident - Critical Stun.

Best S84 Armor: Vesper noble Heavy Masterwork Set, Elegia Heavy Set.
Best S84 Weapons: Lava Saw - Focus, Demitelum - Haste.

For oly you must also have an overenchanted dynasty crusher - Risk Haste.

For best armor in general it depends what you face each time.The truth is each set from the above is ideal for certain farm places/oponents so you have to test it yourself.For example when farming sel mahum all mobs are stunners or whan facing a good stuner at oly moirai is the best.For non stuners that you kill with normal hits like summoners,sws,bd,healers,dwarfs Elegia is the best (best critical rate).For non stuners that deal a lot damage and you kill them with skills (like daggers that need to be stuned and killed with skills mostly cause of high evasion) best is vesper noble mw, cause it gives nice hp/pdef boost, which is what you need in case guts run out.In any case you got the idea the rest you should test in the server you play...

One important thing, is you must always have in mind that titan power is zealot + frenzy/guts.So you must always use for oly, pvps when possible, and farming hard mobs (like making trains with frenzy-zealot + critical stun pole in hellbound or seed of anihilation).

To achive it you need to equip first only items that lower your max hp (a -2 con armor set + a conversion weapon).Then you buff yourself with bless the body from Staff of Evil Spirits (it gives max lvl of bless the body).Then you equip items that increase your max hp (doom heavy set (better overenchanted) + overenchanted shield + overerenchanted shirt + health weapon).Then you use over the body and you are rdy for zealot + guts/frenzy.

For Subs skills better change counter defence with master critical rate!

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