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 Post subject: Ich würde gerne hier Deutsche community sehen!!
PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:18 pm 

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[size=85][b][/b][/size]Ich in auf der Suche nach deutsche Spieler weil ich sehr gute Erfahrung mit denen hab am besten Costum Parties!!

An old school style PVP server with very good community and active Staff!!

Das ist der Server wäre schön wenn ich jemanden von euch sehen würde!



We would like to introduce you to Nobility the descendant of Sublimity, an innovated server running on Interlude, L2OFF.

The world of Legacy is a world in Interlude setting. All features are working but modified, tweaked or taken out to suit our gameplay. Legacy is a server with PvP/PvE balance, focus shifts towards PvP.

Experience: 35x
Adena: 150x
SP: 35x

Skill Auto-Learn
All skills are auto-learn.

Gm shops
Legacy shopping center is available in the Town of Giran.

Occupation Manager
The Occupation Manager will assist you in 1st, 2nd and 3rd occupation changes.

Npc Buffer
The buffer will assist you with 1st, 2nd and some of the 3rd class buffs. You can also create and use presets.

Grand Olympiad
Two-week cycle of the Grand Olympiad starts every first day of the month. Sharpen your swords, tighten the stitchings in your armor and let the battle begin!

Solo Area
Challange yourself aganist the ultimate evil creatures in Elven Fortress.

Party Area
Organize your parties. It is time to explore the jungle of Primeval Isle.

Enchant rate has been increased for the weapons with lower enchantment. The maximum enchantment have been set to +20 for weaponry and +8 for armory.

Melting New
S-Grade can be melted through the blacksmith and used to forge among with other resources the R-Grade.

Expertise New
Introducting the new R-Grade expertise which is acquired at the maximum level, that being 80.

Unidentify New
The unidentified items when identifing them have a chance to give normal or rare items. Rare items will be R-Grade expertise and will have slightly increased stats compared to the normal S-Grade items.

Castle Sieges are held every week: Giran (Saturday) and Aden Castle (Sunday).

An innovative feature that allows you to obtain all kind of information about a character.

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