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 Post subject: L2 Classic, what is your purpose of playing?
PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 12:18 pm 

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I have just entered again into L2 world for few days and I have leveled my character from 16 to 34.
Using the auto hunt mode was really fun since you could see progression of character without having to grind (new gear, spells class) but now that I am level 34 it takes like 3-4h for next level to ding and I have hoped for more engaging experience...

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Whats the end goal? Why would you bother to sit through weeks of grind, what is giving you satisfaction from playing?

Since this is Korean MMORPG where grind and profit from the game is more important than lore what keeps you interested in the game?

I thought that 'classic' experience will bring people together similar to WOW classic where you group with people to overcome harder obstacles, in here only hard obstacles is the lack of buffs but for few dollars you can get N-coins and buy buff scrolls that ease some of the pain of not having dedicated buffer dual-box alt.

I was hoping for some group ups to do some lower level raid bosses but everyone here seems to be playing on their own and even on private server I saw more interactions to get together into a party to level.

It was mixed couple of days but I cant even justify running my low powered PC to keep auto-hunt on.

Anyone any suggestion what to do to have more engaging experience? (actually to play the game and use tactics instead of auto-hunt)

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