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 Post subject: [L2 Hi5] L2 SouL Unique Features PVP server
PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:32 am 

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www . l2soul . com

=== RATES ===
XP Base = x1000
XP +86 = x300
XP 1st Subclass = x500
XP 2nd Subclass = x250
XP 3rd Subclass = x100
Party Xp = x2
Adena Drop = x100

- Safe Enchant: +7
- Max Enchant: +30
- Enchant Rate: Blessed: 100% Normal: 70%
- Elemental Success Rate: 50%
- Augment Skill Chance: 20%

=== FEATURES ===
- Exclusive Launcher Auto-Updater.
++ Your client will be always updated everytime you connect.
++ 3rd Party Programs like bots or hacks are impossible to use.
- High Five Lineage II.
++ We aren't an emulated Freya L2j server. We are the FIRST High Five server fully functional.
- Newbie items for help new players.
++ Once you create your character, you will get helpful armor and weapon set to begin your adventure.
- Since first visit you can PVP.
++ Our PVP Balance is enough good you can start pvp since first minute you are on server.
- Mana Pots only allowed if you aren't engaged in PvP.
++ They will not work on a PvP, balancing mass pvp with healers.
- Vampiric Rage buff only works if you aren't flagged.
++ It prevents Damage Dealers heal themselves with mobs on farming areas.
- Unique Level CAP system. You can get level 90.
++ We have exclusive farming areas to level once you are 86. The exp rate on those levels will be 300x
- Passive skills each level you reach since 86.
++ You can select your advance skills at levels 87, 88, 89 and 90 which will boost your combat abilities.
- Custom mini-BOSS system, requiered to get noblesse.
++ At Farming Areas you have a little chance to mini-BOSS appears. Defeat 10 and you will be able to get noblesse without quests.
- All In One item (Buffer, GM Shop, Gatekeeper, Warehouse...)
++ Forget use always /unstuck to move any place or rebuff. All you need with one click!
- Exclusive Subclass System. Start them at level 76
++ You can have 3 SubClass, but can't choose the next one until you reach level 85 on last one.
++ The SubClass exp rate is dynamic: x500 on first one, x250 on second and x100 on third one.
++ Once you finish your 3 SubClass you can wear Top-S84 Armor Sets and Weapons and get noblesse without mini-BOSS game requiered.
++ You can use your SubClass Certification Skills even on your SubClasses!
- Balanced Classes
++ No imba tanks or archer tanks.
++ No imba healers or dominators.
++ Support and forgotten classes are useful at PvP, no only at Olympiads.
++ Improved SwordMuses and SpectralDancers
- Balanced Economy
++ Adena in this server worths.
- Scheme Buffer
++ Choose your buffs one time for your different situations and buff yourself with one click.
- Olympiads every week
++ All noblesses have a chance to be hero every week.
- Anti-Box Olympiad/Event System
++ Our anti feed/afk system will punish inactive or cheater players.
- Sieges every week
++ Clans and alliances can fight for two castles every week.
+++ Aden: Classic PvP Siege.
+++ Gludio: Raid Boss Score Based Siege.

+++ Dominate a castle and you and your alliance will recieve great rewards.
- Fully Geo-Data
++ Even new High Five Olympiad Area and Custom Farming Areas has an excellent Geo-Data.
- PvP/PK Row Announces
++ Each 3 PvPs you win without dying will be announced in server.
- Permanent Events:
++ Survive Or Die Event, where you has to kill mobs as much you can in order to get the max score possible.
++ Dragon Ball Event. Find the 7 Dragon Balls around the world and get a wish.
- Voted-Events developed by ourself every hour [not premade ones]:
++ CTF: Capture the Flag.
++ DM: DeathMatch.
++ CTB: Capture the Base.
++ BioHazard: Escape from Zombies.

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