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 Post subject: Re: E-global/Shock World Gracia Final x3
PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:22 pm 

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aqdevas wrote:
GraciaFinal wrote:
jesus, can u stop doing this crap again? every year before failrpgclub start, u and few other tards come to decent server threads and post crap about server not knowing shit, just some rumors that you heard somewhere... if u love h5 and failrpgclub, go and waste your money and time there, no one cares. Leave decent servers alone, cause ppl play there for more than 2 months like in your "top servers"

1. Once again, I am playing on c6 server and don't give a damn thing about rpg club.

2. I was played both 1 year ago, and this year on this eglobal server. Last year xside were banned. More than half clan were banned. And what eglobal did? they changed rules to have en excuse to unban them since they paid a lot of money from donations and feared of them taking money back. This year xside again doing whatever they want. Scripting and also bugging baium. I WAS THERE. I SAW IT MYSELF. And admins did not punish a single player.

I don't need rumors to state these things.. I SAW MYSELF. so you can go fck yourself with eglobal and gf chronicle where all you need is zerker and soulhound.

im playing for a month now or smth, and both my clan and many parties ive played with had just few kamaels... many ppl hate them cause they look gay, and like oldschool classes. so just cause they are op a bit, dont mean game is broken, i raped almost all kamaels who challanged my with my spoil in random zones.
i dont give a shit a bout xside, they are clearly nolifer donators clan, they are so ahead of everyone that we didnt even meet them on raids or exp, few times fought in siege/tw, so what? all servers have thier stupid nolife clan or cheaters/boters. at least this server features and international community is one of best this year.

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