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Prefered chronicle?
C1-C3 Server 4%  4%  [ 14 ]
C4 Server 7%  7%  [ 27 ]
C5 Server 7%  7%  [ 27 ]
C6(Interlude) Server 40%  40%  [ 152 ]
T1(Kamael) Server 1%  1%  [ 3 ]
T1.5(Hellbound) Server 8%  8%  [ 30 ]
T2(Gracia p.1+p.2) Server 2%  2%  [ 6 ]
T2(Gracia final) Server 10%  10%  [ 38 ]
Gracia Epilogue Server 22%  22%  [ 83 ]
Total votes : 380
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 Post subject: Re: [GRT]Which chronicle do you prefer?
PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:46 pm 
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C4 - C6 Favorite

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 Post subject: Re: [GRT]Which chronicle do you prefer?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:27 pm 

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Last chronicle i played was hellbound.

The favorite one for me is Interlude. Not because it is that great, but because its the last chronicle that makes me feel i am playing Lineage. Them kamaels........ in my opinion, they just dont fit in the game. In terms on visuals, they are aliens. Weird skin tone, weird one wing, weird armors, weird weapons. In terms of gameplay and game mechanics, they dont fit either.

L2 wasnt really designed to have any kind of gapcloser in the first place. Zerker got loads of them, with short CD and inbuild long duration stun (GL killing one as caster / archer on smallscale pvp where you get attention to each other). If im not mistaken, daggers got shadowstep there. Problem nr. 2 is lack of any counter mechanic (not sure if it was implemented later on), which would in turn make the game worse for classical melee classes >>> wrong idea from beginning

For the Dagger/mage hybrid variant, perhaps the non-resistable buff lift was a bit over the top, along with teleport and 2k p def increase, but it takes brain to play one i guess.

Also, from this chronicle onward, devs went wrong direction by trying to copy game aspects of other mmos, such as instanced zones for example. In other words, they inserted some sort of copy-pasted content from other games. Which in result cant compete to those other games, because they simply do it better (compare kamaloka to any wow or whatever similar mmo dungeon, or boss fight itself..... )

a bit of offtopic:

Its crazy, but im actually returning to l2, in 2015. Other mmos simply cant pull me in the game. There isnt much to do for me, because most things are instanced and doesnt really motivate me to participate. That being said, id rather have a game of dota/lol then doing battleground or arenas.

Now, what i miss and cant find anywhere but in l2 are the following things:

No predefined factions. Every city (with its castle) can be conquered by players, players themselves are creating "factions" via guilds and alliances. Things change in time, depending on the players who play, giving meaningfull benefits to those who win their fight over castles and clanhalls. Also, politics happen aswell, because well..... you probably experianced yourselves, when allied clan simply betrayed you, joined opposing alliance and screw things up for you. Emotions..... those are things that drive people. Not shiny loot or storytelling or marvelous capital city where you can play at visiting pub - i have better place to go for that next my house.

The PK.... while its pain in *** on low rates, the freedom to kill someone for whatever reason you have is the best experiance i can get out of a game. If someone behaves like ***, i have freedom to kill him (if i win ofc) when i please. Guess what, you cant kill same faction members in most other mmos.

Nonexistent PVE and PVP separation. You want to farm, level up, do quests or do raids? Good for you, but you have to win your right to do so by contest. If you dont stand up for yourselve and dont learn PVP (which is not that difficult in L2 anyway), you dont deserve your spot on sunlight. Fighting over cata rooms, epic bossess, normal bossess (not that common) and putting actuall effort into the game is the rewarding thing.

Class diversity....... while you cant really speak about balance, but every class have it spot. And unique feeling when playing one. Simple things like meaningfull racials, changing names, animations and skillbar looks do the thing, aswell as meaningfull stat differences. Pick a class in other mmo, you play the same class no matter what race you pick. Pick a class archetype in L2, and you have whole different feeling and slight gameplay changes aswell

Do you know any other game, that is at least CLOSE to this?

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 Post subject: Re: [GRT]Which chronicle do you prefer?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:13 pm 

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Well we love Interlude too so feel free to try us :P
L2Pearl team

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 Post subject: Re: [GRT]Which chronicle do you prefer?
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:50 am 

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gracia part 1, basically its gracia final without gracia continent (vespers/300 elements)

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 Post subject: Re: [GRT]Which chronicle do you prefer?
PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:44 pm 
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I think the kamaels are like the only original thing lineage has.On interlude mages and archers dominate all, they could kite and kill you even before you reach in melee range... overall i think interlude is very unbalanced.The kamaels are excellent gap closers and will punish archer/mage classes that had it easy in previous chronicles.
I think the dynasty items and some new hunting grounds are refreshing and interesting.I dislike freya and the chronicles that followed because they introduced too many new armors/weapons , they made instances from too many grand bosses, the oly is a battle of who has better talismans ...

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