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 Post subject: Official Interlude L2TULGA 40x
PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:20 pm 

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Dear Community,

The Tulga Team once again decided to build a server, in order to meet the strong demand.

Grand opening at : 06.05.2017 20:00 GMT +1

Basic Features
40x Experience
40x Party experience
50x Adena
70x Skill point
10x Spoil

Game Features
Gm shop is up to S grade Armor (S grade weapon drop only) , however you need to farm Special materials to be able to buy S grade and Custom Items
Custom Armors
Custom Dual SA S Grade Weapon
All Interlude skills are working for 100%
We increased the weight of all characters. Also changed the max. inventory slots to a higher amount of slots
Max enchant is +12 for weapons, +8 for Armors
Enchant rate for Mages 40%, Enchant rate for Fighter 50%, Armor enchat is retail like 66%
Auto-Learn Skills
Offline shop avaible
Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah
New chars start with a No grade Helpers pack
1st,2nd,3rd prefessions free
Augmentation skills is disabled
Subclass is 200kk adena
Noblesse is retail

Farming Features
Two farming areas; where you can optain Special materials to create your equipment

1.Cruma Tower (First Floor) : This Zone is designed to farm S grade items, till you are strong enough to step into the next Area
Drops: Adena, Ancient Adena, S Grade Weapon, Tulga Coin Recipe and mats (with spoil), Resist Buff Ticket

2. Cruma Tower (Second Floor) : Our party area, which has huge amounts of drops
Drops: Adena, Ancient Adena , S grade Weapon , Top LS, Resist Buff Ticket, Tulga Coin and mats(no spoil), Dual Sa Token

Buffer Npc / AIO Buffer
Npc's buffs is 1h
AİO's buffs is 2h
You need use to Tulga Ticket for Resist Buffs ( Fire Resist - Water Resist - Elemental Protection Etc.)
AIO buffs ( Blessed to Body and Song of Vitality ) are boosted
Cat and Unicorn buffs are retail like

Olympiad features
We have a 2 weeks Olympiad period

Siege features
Every week we will host Castle Sieges for 1 castles
Sieges for a single castle will last 2 days
Maximum amount of castles siegeable are 2

Thanks a lot for your support, kudos, criticism and helpful suggestions!

l2tulga. com

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